TOMMY DENANDER y DAN REED en Paris 10 Noviembre


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    TOMMY DENANDER y DAN REED en Paris 10 Noviembre

    Mensaje por yo el Sáb 31 Oct 2009, 18:58

    Hola, me encontrado con esta noticia que pego por si alguien le interesa, saludos

    Tommy Demander with Dan Reed in concert in Paris

    Kristoffer Lagerström and Tommy Denander release a new Spin Gallery album titled "Embrace" featuring as guests 2 legendary voices who sing duet with Kristoffer on the new album: Dan Reed on the song "You Do The Things You Do" and Robin Beck on the radio friendly "Just A Momentary Why". "Embrace" also features the great L.A. session master Glen Marks on drums and Swedish sensation Marika Willstedt on cello.

    Tommy and Dan will share the stage at Café de la Danse (PARIS), on nov. 10th, 2009.

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