THE RADIANT (banda de Mark Mangold), ¿que os parece?


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    THE RADIANT (banda de Mark Mangold), ¿que os parece?

    Mensaje por yo el Dom 15 Nov 2009, 00:25

    Hola, no habia tenido oportunidad de escuchar el disco de esta banda que incluye a Mark Mangold, sin duda el estilo difiere bastante de la epoca de Drive She Said y demas composiciones para diversos musicos (Cher,Michael Bolton, Benny Mardones, etc..), tal vez lleva un rollo un poco Coldplay que a mi no me desagrada aunque creo que pasara tiempo para que vuelva a escucharlo, pego algo de info y sonido, saludos



    ark Mangold is a songwriter, producer, keyboard player and recording artist. His current band is "The Radiant" at myspace.com/theradiantband...a keyboard oriented alternative band fronted by vocalist Christian Yorke (in the vein of Keane, The Fray, The Bravery, Coldplay..). Mark's past collaborations include Michael Bolton “I Found Someone,” a rare entry on two Greatest Hits albums (Cher’s and Michael Bolton's). As a songwriter, Mark’s covers also range from songs by Paul Rogers (Bad Company), Benny Mardones, Laura Branigan, Jennifer Rush, Sisa (and many more), as well as the bands he played in and wrote for (including “Drive, She Said” on CBS and “Touch” on Atlantic, “The Sign” on Frontiers and Marquee and others). The recently completed LYZA WILSON CD, which Mark produced and co-wrote (Lyzawilson.com)..has been described by RockReport as “an awesome pop record, Lyza is fantastic. These well crafted and produced songs unfold before your ears and speak for a generation, and you can’t get them out of your head.” The single “I Will Be There For You” reached ..4 on the AC FMQB chart and the CD has been in rotation on over 150 college stations. The CD is now being RE RELEASED with 5 new songs on it. Mark's keyboard and songwriting styles vary, from his “solo” piano improvisation CD’s, to scathing melodic metal endeavors (having won “Best Keyboardist” on various polls throughout the years and having toured the globe as a multi keyboardist); from his pop, hit songs to his piano based solo CD’s (“Mirror Image” and “Lift” which bear his own ambient personal touch and an emotive and committed voice). Always present is his original approach to melody and a desired precision with lyrics...always trying to create “the moment, looking for new sounds, new ways of saying things...positive and often surprising, with an uncanny knack for writing songs you can’t get out of your head. Please check out THE RADIANT (myspace.com/theradiantband..PREVIEW VIDEO BELOW).

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    Re: THE RADIANT (banda de Mark Mangold), ¿que os parece?

    Mensaje por PeterGriffin el Dom 15 Nov 2009, 00:28

    Los escuché hace tiempo en su myspace y no me gustaron.

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    Re: THE RADIANT (banda de Mark Mangold), ¿que os parece?

    Mensaje por viejoaorero el Dom 15 Nov 2009, 01:02

    Un poco extraño ver ahí metido a Mark Mangold, tiene pinta de loco Very Happy con ese peinado Very Happy Very Happy, no es lo mío pero hay cosas peores la verdad.
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    Re: THE RADIANT (banda de Mark Mangold), ¿que os parece?

    Mensaje por Rubén el Dom 15 Nov 2009, 11:20

    No me va nada ese rollo...

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