Stone Gods -2008- Silver Spoons and Broken Bones

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    Stone Gods -2008- Silver Spoons and Broken Bones

    Mensaje por Keykey el Sáb 21 Jun 2008, 17:22

    Pues estos son los "defenestrados" The Darkness menos el cantante. El bajista ha pasado a loas voces y han cogido nuevo bajista.

    Me gusta el dsico con solo una pasada y vuelven a la senda que nucna debieron dejar. A mí, su segundo disco me pareció una cutrez mayúscula y sin personalidad; sin embargo, me encanta el disco de debút.

    Como es evidente, el disco tiene "mucho ramalazo" The darkness aunque a veces basculan a sonidos más "jeviondos", lo que es de agradecer. Me parece, de momento, un disco muy prometedor.


    Stone Gods Es el nuevo nombre de la banda britanica The Darkness. Esta banda de Hard Rock esta formada por Richie Edwards como frontman (guitarra y voz), Dan Hawkins (guitarra), Ed Graham (batería) y el nuevo componente Toby MacFarlaine (bajo).

    01. 01-stone_gods-burn_the_witch
    02. 02-stone_gods-dont_drink_the_water
    03. 03-stone_gods-defend_or_die
    04. 04-stone_gods-you_brought_a_knife_to_a_gunfight
    05. 05-stone_gods-magdalene_street
    06. 06-stone_gods-where_you_coming_from
    07. 07-stone_gods-lazy_bones
    08. 08-stone_gods-im_with_the_band
    09. 09-stone_gods-start_of_something
    10. 10-stone_gods-making_it_hard
    11. 11-stone_gods-wasting_time
    12. 12-stone_gods-knight_of_the_living_dead
    13. 13-stone_gods-oh_whereo_my_beero
    (13 total)


    When the rollercoaster ride that was The Darkness came to an abrupt and messy end with the departure of Justin Hawkins, the remaining members of the band were staring premature retirement in the face. But when rock ‘n’ roll courses through your veins, surrender is never an option, and so less than an hour after their erstwhile singer jumped ship, plans were already afoot to get the show back on the road.

    “The whole thing had fallen apart,” says former bassist and Stone Gods’ singer/guitarist Richie Edwards. “I got the phone call from Justin and I thought ‘that’s it’, but half an hour later Dan rang me and said, ‘Rich, do you fancy doing a bit of singing?’ We got together and started writing and it’s snowballed from there.”

    An entirely tougher, edgier and heavier beast than their former band, the arrival of Stone Gods represents a scintillating new dawn for British rock music. Fronted by Richie Edwards, whose powerful voice resonates with four decades of classic rock gusto, and with Dan Hawkins assuming lead guitar duties, former Graham Coxon alumnus Toby MacFarlaine on bass guitar and Ed Graham hammering the skins, these road-ravaged pros have spent the last year slaving away over hot guitars, carefully crafting the songs that will comprise their forthcoming debut album titled “Silver spoons and broken bones”. A dazzling and diverse mixture of crunching heavy metal anthems, irresistible radio-rock and sumptuous, ballsy ballads; it’s a glorious celebration of everything that makes loud, blaring rock ‘n’ roll so reliably exhilarating.

    “If your favourite song of all time was ‘Friday Night’ then you’ll hear ‘Burn The Witch’ and you probably won’t like it,” states Dan, “But that’s cool. In a way, that’s exactly what we want! We don’t want people shouting for Darkness songs.”


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    Re: Stone Gods -2008- Silver Spoons and Broken Bones

    Mensaje por Greaser el Sáb 21 Jun 2008, 17:30

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    Re: Stone Gods -2008- Silver Spoons and Broken Bones

    Mensaje por Keykey el Sáb 21 Jun 2008, 17:34

    Lo siento... Que alguien borre el hilo Wink

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