The Popular Music Band “Eagles”


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    The Popular Music Band “Eagles”

    Mensaje por Mari el Jue 20 Mayo 2010, 13:42

    The popular music band “Eagles” reunion has been in full motion for over a decade now. This is almost twice as long as the band’s existence in the first place. This venture is much about reliving-the-good-old-days for the band members as it is a treat for the Eagle fans all across the globe. In fact not many of u must know that back when this band existed, being an Eagle band member meant that a single royalty cheque could buy them a well furnished six-bedroom rancher in the Bel Air locality.

    The Eagles band leader had been the very talented Don Henley, who had once told the media that the band Eagles will get back together only "when hell freezes over."
    This legendary group had flown from the HP Pavilion that is situated in San Jose. They flew on Friday, for the first half of their two day stand at the venue. Not only were they looking tired but they also sounded as if they were dead tired. An eagle fan would have more appropriately put it as “the spark was missing.” Although they sang almost half a dozen of the band's singles that had been big hits in their time, it is still at best rated as nothing but a mediocre performance.

    Without any doubt Eagles are one of the biggest selling music bands of all time. Their music belonged to the rock genre. Their influence can be seen on many big names of the music industry such as the likes of Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban to name a few. Get your cheap the eagles tickets before they sold out.

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