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    sergio el kiss
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    Desde Suecia : EYE

    Mensaje por sergio el kiss el Lun 31 Mayo 2010, 17:42

    De momento solo tienen dos EPs, el último se acaba de publicar, y este año tocan en el Sweden. A ver si tienen suerte y pronto graban su debut, que esto pinta muy bien.


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    Re: Desde Suecia : EYE

    Mensaje por two_fires el Lun 31 Mayo 2010, 20:38

    la musica no ta mal,el vocalista no me gusta nada de nada...necesitan mejorar...

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    Mensaje por PeterGriffin el Jue 21 Abr 2011, 16:53

    No son nada del otro mundo, son el exgrupo del guitarrista de Osukaru.

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    Re: Desde Suecia : EYE

    Mensaje por WACKY el Jue 21 Abr 2011, 17:03

    Confirmed to play SRF.
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    Re: Desde Suecia : EYE

    Mensaje por Robert el Jue 21 Abr 2011, 17:37


    With last year's biggest AOR-sensation H.E.A.T in mind I have to say that Sweden is back on the melodic music map with some great AOR/MHR releases such as Danger Avenue, Optimystical, Coldspell and now Eye.
    Eye is a 5-piece AOR act from Gothenburg that has released their debut 7-track AOR album.
    Eye delivers great fluffy 80s AOR with strong melodies and songs filled with great hooklines but with an up-dated production.

    I think they have managed to create a sound with both some Scandi AOR mixed with a spoon of American sound over the top.
    2 Hearts is a good mid-tempo rocker with Journey feel over the guitars and keyboards, could have been on the latest Journey album.
    Without You starts off with brilliant dut-dut keyboards and that’s not a bad thing and the rest of the song is great with a strong catchy melodic chorus.

    Restless Dreams is filled with a great keyboard sound and its filled with nice riffs that builds up this song to a fantastic chorus. These Tears takes you back to late 80s and reminds of Bad English with great harmonies and the keyboards in the background is just perfect. How Many Roads (demo version) is a fantastic up-tempo AOR-rocker that sounds so much Europe meets Da Vinci. The chorus is catchy with layers of keyboards. The album ends with an acoustic version of Without You that’s an amazing ballad version with piano and strings, great stuff.
    EYE is a new AOR sensation from Sweden that can’t be missed if you're into Heat, Europe, Da Vinci and some Bad English and Journey influences. The production is clean and sounds great. So give these guys a chance because they do it good. AOR by numbers.

    1. Lovers apart (Intro)
    2. 2 hearts (Lovers apart)
    3. Without you
    4. Restless dreams
    5. These tears
    6. How many roads (Demo)
    7. Without you (Acoustic version)

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