Lista actualizada de cds a la venta (casi 1.000 cds) (2ª PARTE)


    Picasso 2
    Fallen Angel

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Tauro

    MENSAJES : 48
    EDAD : 49

    Lista actualizada de cds a la venta (casi 1.000 cds) (2ª PARTE)

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    MARIAH Mariah (1990) 12

    MARIAH Somewhere between heaven & earth (1991) 12

    MARI HAMADA Love never turns against (Japan cd with OBI, Michael Landau, David Foster, etc.) 20

    MARILLION Seasons end 5

    MARILLION Radiation 5

    MARILLION Afraid of sunlight 5

    MARILLION This strange engine 5

    MARK FREE Long way from love 20

    MARK SPIRO Now is then, then is now 15

    MARSHAL LAW Read em´n´weep 80

    MASQUERADE Masquerade (Super Hard Rock from Sweden) 25

    MASS Voices in the night 15

    MASTEDON It´s a jungle out there (3 extra tracks) 12

    MATTADOR Save us from ourselves 20

    MATTHEW WILDER I don´t speak the language / Bouncin´ off the walls 5

    MATTSSON Another dimension 5

    MATTSSON Power games (Hard Prog Rock from Sweden) 5

    MEAT LOAF Rock´n´roll hero 4

    MELISSA MANCHESTER If my heart had wings (Japan cd with OBI) (Lite AOR) 15

    MERCYFUL FATE Don´t break the oath / Return of the vampire (2 cds) 8

    MESSAGE Message (original pressing in Long Island Records) 8

    MESSAGE Outside looking in 6

    MICHAEL BOLTON One world one love (2010) 6

    MICHAEL BOLTON This is the time 4


    MICHAEL HARRIS Words collide 4

    MICHAEL KATON MK (Full promo) 3

    MICHAEL HILL´S BLUES MOB Bloodlines (excellent blues rock) 5

    MICHAEL MCDERMOTT Gethsemane (Melodic Rock) 5

    MICHAEL MCDONALD The voice of 5

    MICHAEL SCHENKER Adventures of the imagination 5


    MICHAEL SEMBELLO The lost years (promo) 2

    MICHAEL STANLEY Coming up for air 5

    MICHAEL ZEE Five seven maybe five eight (AOR, Long Island Records) 8

    MIGUEL RIOS La huerta atómica (spanish progressive) 5

    MIGUEL RIOS Al-Andalus (spanish progressive) 5

    MILLENIUM The best of…and more 8

    MIND´S EYE A work of art 6

    MISS BEHAVIOUR Heart of midwinter (Hard Melodic Rock) 6

    MITCH PERRY PROJECT (ST, WITH Paul Shortino) 6

    MOB RULES Ethnolution A.D. 4

    MOB RULES Hollowed by the name 4

    MOLLY HATCHET Warriors of the rainbow bridge 6

    MOTHER´S FINEST Live at Villa Berg (2 cds) 10

    MOTLEY CRUE Carnival of sins (Live - 2 cds) 8

    MR. MISTER Welcome to the real world 5

    NAKED CITY Crawlin (Hard Melodic Rock) 6

    NANCY WILSON Live at McCabes Guitar Shop 5

    NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN The dance of life (1979) 5

    NATION Chased by time (Hard rock) 12

    NAZARETH Exercises (3 bonus tracks) 8

    NEAERA Armamentarium 3

    NEAL MORSE ? Live (2 cds) 10

    NEIL ZAZA Sing 12

    NEO A4 The hard way (AOR) 4

    NETWORK Crashin´ Hollywood (Super AOR with Larry Baud from Red Dawn) 15

    NEVERLAND Neverland (AOR) 5

    NEW ENGLAND Explorer suite (Pomp AOR, Japan cd with OBI) 20

    NEW ENGLAND 1978 (Pomp AOR, Japan cd with OBI) 20

    NEW ENGLAND Walking wild (Pomp AOR, Japan cd with OBI) 20

    NIAGARA Now or never (Spanish AOR) (2) 15

    NIAGARA III /Spanish AOR) 20

    NIAGARA Fall higher (2 cds) 20

    NIGHT RANGER Rock in Japan 6

    NIKOLO KOTZEV Nostradamus (2 cds) 8

    NO-MAN Together we´re stranger (cd+DVD) (With Mr. Wilson from Porcupine Tree) 9

    O.S.T. Leaving Las Vegas 3

    OPETH The roundhouse tapes (2 cds) 8

    OZZY OSBOURNE The essential (2 cds) 10

    PAIN OF SALVATION Be (Prog Rock) 6

    PALLAS The dreams of men (promo in cardboard sleeve - trade 2 of mine for 1 of yours) 2

    PASSION RISK Passion Risk (Hard Rock USA) 4

    PAT BENATAR Innamorata - 8/15/80 (2 cds) 9

    PAT METHENY GROUP We live here 6

    PAT METHENY GROUP The road to you 6

    PATTI AUSTIN The best of 4

    PATTI LABELLE Be yourself 4

    PAT TRAVERS The best of 6

    PAUL JONES & DAVE KELLY Live at the Ram Jam Club (vol. 2) (Blues Rock) 8

    PAUL LAINE Can´t get enuff 20

    PAUL SHORTINO´S THE CUTT Sacred place 8

    PAUL SIMON One trick pony (with Tony Levin, Hiram Bullock, Steve Gadd, etc.) 4

    PETER COX Peter Cox (With Peter John-Vetesse, Jeff Pescetto, James Harrah, etc.) 4

    PETER FRAMPTON When all the pieces fit 6

    PETER GABRIEL Shaking the tree 4

    PETER WOLF Come as you are (1987) 4

    PETE TOWNSHEND Anthology (2 cds) 9

    PETE TOWNSHEND Chinesse eyes (2006 deluxe edition remastered with bonus tracks) 6

    PETE TOWNSHEND Scoop 3 (2 cds) 9

    PETE TOWNSHEND The iron man (2006 deluxe edition remastered with bonus tracks) 6

    PETER STEVENS BAND Taken by the light (AOR) 5

    PETRA Petra 25

    PETRA Unseen power 5

    PHIL LYNOTT´S GRAND SLAM Twiligiht´s last gleaming 8

    PHILLIPS, CRAIG & DEAN Top of my lungs (Christian Lite AOR) 4

    PHILLIPS, CRAIG & DEAN Let the workshippers arise (Christian lite AOR) 4

    PHILLIPS, CRAIG & DEAN let my words be few (Chrsitian lite AOR) 4

    PHOENIX DOWN Under a wild sky (Kane Roberts) 5

    PIPER Piper / Can´t wait (2 cds, with Billy Squier) 6

    PLANET ALLIANCE Planet Alliance (Magnus Karlsson, Bob Daisley, Anders Johansson, etc.) 6

    PM Street of dreams 40

    POCO The forgotten trail (1969-74) (Country Rock, 2 cds) 8

    POINT OF GRACE Point of Grace (Christian AOR) 5

    POISON Open up and say…Ahh! (2 bonus tracks) 5

    POLE POSITION Pole Position (Super Hard Rock from Sweden) 30

    PRETTY BOY FLOYD A tale of sex, designer drugs and the death of R´n´R (Glam-Sleazy) 10

    PRETTY MAIDS In Santa´s claws 5

    PRIME TIME The miracle (Hard Rock) 5

    PRINCESS PRINCESS Let´s get crazy (AOR from Japan) 6

    PROBLEM CHILD Problem Child (1985) 8

    PROPHET Cycle of the moon (Super Melodic Rock) 20

    PTS Campaign (progressive) 5

    PUMP Breakdown to breakthrough 5

    PUSH 4 the love of the game 5

    PYRAMID Hieroglyphics (Hard Rock USA) 6


    QUIREBOYS Bitter sweet & twisted 8

    QUIREBOYS Well oiled 4

    R.A.W. First (first pressing) (Hard Rock from Sweden) 15

    RAGE Unity 6

    RAILWAY Climax (4 extra tracks) 8

    RAIN Stronger (With Michael Bormann) 6

    RAINBOW On stage 5

    RAINBOW Live in Munich 1977 (2 cds) 8

    RAM JAM Portrait of the artist as a young ram (Hard Rock) 8

    RAMOS Living in the light 12

    RANDY CRAWFORD The very best of (Super Westcoast) 4

    RANDY GOODRUM Caretaker of dreams 8

    RANDY GOODRUM Collection (Super Lite AOR - Westcoast) 30

    RANDY NEWMAN Faust (With Don Henley, Bonnie Raitt, Michael Thomson, etc.) 4

    RATT Ratt & Roll 81/91 5

    RAVEN Mind over metal 4

    RAW SILK Silk under the skin (AOR) 7

    REBELENE In the middle of nowhere 5

    RENAISSANCE Camera camera 4

    RENÉ AND ANGELA Street called desire… and more 5

    RENEGADE Ravages of time (Hard Rock) 12

    REO SPEEDWAGON Building the bridge 5

    REO SPEEDWAGON Live plus 5

    RESTLESS Alone in the dark (Melodic Rock, MTM) 5

    RESTLESS HEART Matters of the heart (AOR - Country) 4

    RETURN V 8

    RETURN Return 8

    RICK DERRINGER Blues deluxe (full promo) 3

    RICK DERRINGER Jackhammer blues (full promo) 3

    RICK SANTERS Revitalize (Ex - Santers) 12

    RICK SPRINGFIELD Rock of life (first pressing) 12

    RICK SPRINGFIELD Tao (first pressing) 12

    RICK SPRINGFIELD Working class dog (first pressing) 12

    RICK SPRINGFIELD Shock denial anger acceptance 4

    RICK WAKEMAN Return to the centre of the earth 4

    RINGLEADER If licks coulf kill (2) (Classic AOR, 1989) 15

    RIOT Army of one 6

    ROBERT PALMER Riptide 3

    ROBERT TEPPER No easy way out 50

    ROCK THE BLUES AWAY Sampler with Glenn Hughes, Pat Travers, Craig Erickson… 5

    ROCK THE NATIONS Z Records sampler 3

    ROCK THE NATIONS 2 Z Records sampler (2 cds) 6

    ROD STEWART If we fall in love tonight 3

    ROGER WATERS In the flesh - Live (2 cds) 8

    ROGER WATERS Another brick in the wall (Bootleg, Quebec 1987) 8

    ROINE STOLT Wall Street Voodoo (2 cds) 8

    ROMEO´S DAUGHTER Romeo´s Daughter (first pressing) (1988, Female fronted AOR) 18

    ROXY BLUE Want some? 8

    ROYAL HUNT Moving target 6

    RUMBLEDOG Rumbledog (Like Dirty Looks) 20

    RUNNING WILD Under Jolly Roger 8

    RUSH Test for echo 4

    RUSH Feedback 4

    RUSS TAFF Right here right now (Christian AOR) 3

    RY COODER River rescue - the very best of 4

    SABBTAIL Otherworlds (Hard Rock, like Rainbow or Balck Sabbatah with Dio) 5

    SADE The best of 3

    SAGA De Tours (2 cds) 8

    SAGA Defining moments (volume one) 6

    SAGA Networks 5

    SAGITTARIUS Voice of doom / Loahpa jienat (2cds) (Prog - Rock) 6

    SAHARA The seventh house (Female fronted Hard Rock like Queensryche) (2) 6

    SALLY OLDFIELD Instincts 15

    SALTY DOG Every dog has its day (Great Hard Rock) 20

    SAMANTHA SIVA Identity (Fussion - Pop) 3

    SAMMY HAGAR The anthology 5

    SANGRE AZUL Cuerpo a cuerpo 12

    SANTANA Welcome (1 bonus track) 5

    SANTANA III (3 bonus tracks) 5

    SANTANA Havana moon 5

    SANTANA Zebop! 5

    SANTANA Caravanserai 5

    SARGANT FURY Little fish 15

    SASS JORDAN Racine 8

    SATERIA Crash bang boom (Sleazy Glam, 1994) 20

    SAVANNAH Forever´s come & gone (Prod. By Michael Sweet) 6

    SAXON Metalhead 6

    SAXON Killing ground 6

    SAXON Lionheart (limited edition) 7

    SAXON A collection of metal 5

    SAXON Anthology 5

    SCORPIONS Tokyo tapes 5

    SCORPIONS Born to touch your feeling 5

    SCORPIONS Hurricane rock 5

    SCORPIONS Wind of change 5

    SECTION A The seventh sign (Prog metal) 5

    SEALS & CROFTS Diamond girl (westcoast) 4

    SEVEN TEN Love and war (Hard Rock USA) 6

    SEVEN WISHES Destination: Alive (Melodic Hard Rock, MTM) 5

    SEVEN WITCHES Xiled to infinity and one 5

    SHADE One way line (female fronted AOR) 8

    SHADOW GALLERY Carved in stone (Prog Rock Metal) 6

    SHADOWLAND Mad as a hatter (Prog Rock) 6

    SHAKE THE FAITH America the violent (Jap. With OBI) (Sleaze Rock) 40

    SHANGAI Take another bite (Japan cd. Produced by James Christian) 30

    SHANIA TWAIN (with Paul Sabu) The complete limelight sessions 5

    SHANNON Shannon (AOR) 6

    SHARI BELAFONTE Eyes of night (Lite AOR) 20

    SHARK ISLAND Alive at the Whiskey - Bastille Day 30

    SHAW BLADES Hallucination 5

    SHAWN MULLINS Beneath the velvet 3

    SHAYLE Standing in the shadows (AOR) 30

    SHOOTING STAR Touch me tonight (Great AOR) 15

    SHORTINO/NORTHRUP Afterlife (Hard Rock) 6

    SHOTGUN MESSIAH Second coming 20

    SIEGES EVEN Paramount (promo in cardboard sleeve) 2

    SIGN OF FOUR Dancing with St. Peter (Hard Rock with Phil Mogg and Jeff Kollman) 8

    SI MUSIC LABEL INTRODUCTION A matter of perspective (2 cds) (Prog Rock) 9

    SILENCE Utopia (AOR, MTM) 5

    SILENT MOBIUS - OST Joseph Williams, Jason Scheff, Marc Ferrari, Tom Keane,…) 12

    SILVER FIST Tears of blood (Spanish Heavy Metal) 20

    SIMON PHILLIPS Symbiosis (Toto´s drummer) 5

    SING LIKE TALKING Humanity (Japan cd, Japanesse Westcoast with Randy Jackson, Tris Imboden, Gerald Albright…) 30

    SKIN DEEP Painful day 12

    SLAUGHTER The best of 4

    SLAV SIMANIC Let it go + water of life (2 cds) 8

    SNAKES IN PARADISE Yesterday & today 8

    SO Horseshoe in the glove (Pop - AOR) 3

    SOLAR PROJECT The final-solution (Hard Rock) 6


    SOULBREACH My dividing line 3

    SOUL SIRKUS World play (bonus DVD) 8

    SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY The best of 5

    SPEARFISH Affected by time (Prog Rock from Sweden) 5

    SPINA & SULLIVAN 12 by 8 by 2 (AOR) 5

    SPIRALSEA Essence 5

    SPOCK´S BEARD St (promo in cardboard sleeve) 2

    SPOCK´S BEARD Octane (promo in cardboard sleeve) 2

    SPOCK´S BEARD Snow (Full promo in digipack) 6

    SPREAD EAGLE Spread Eagle (Hard Rock, 1990) 8

    ST. CLAIR St. Clair 5

    STAN BUSH Language of the heart (AOR) 8


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