MYON - After It's Gone


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    MYON - After It's Gone

    Mensaje por PeterGriffin el Mar 10 Mayo 2011, 23:34

    Fallen Angel Diamond

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    Re: MYON - After It's Gone

    Mensaje por jarryguo el Miér 11 Mayo 2011, 00:49

    De esta peñigua con pintas de haber salido de una bolera para grabar, sólo conozco el "Slideshow" y un poco alubias, AOR prog a lo Saga que no me llegó a enganchar "salsa blanca extraña del McDonaldsmente" en ningún momentiguo... Este va por ese camino... Neutral alien
    Fallen Angel Diamond

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    Re: MYON - After It's Gone

    Mensaje por Robert el Miér 11 Mayo 2011, 16:28


    como bien dice Jarry, Sacaron su Slideshow (2005)

    Jukka Nummi vocals
    Risto Silenius guitar
    Matti Torro drums
    Keijo Koivikko bass
    Mika Pohola keyboards

    por si alguien le kiere exar un vistazo: http://www.rockreport.be/review.asp?id=1125

    When we reviewed the last (second) album from this Finnish band, it wasn’t clear whether Jukka Nummi would stay as the band’s permanent vocalist or not. So, one of the first things I checked when I got a copy of this album was the position of the vocalist. And indeed, it’s Jukka Nummi who rules the roost on “Slideshow”. Compared with his predecessor Sami Huotari, it’s obvious that he sings better (read: less monotonous).
    After the “Ghost In Paradise” tour the band started to write material for this third album and this time it was quickly agreed that keyboard player Mika Pohjola would record, produce, mix and master the album at Soundmix in Oulu, Finland. He introduced some new musical ideas and asked Nummi to write appropriate lyrics. This worked out so well for the first song “Before Or Too Late”, that Nummi got a lot more responsibility and leaves an important mark on the material. The result is a pleasant album that sounds less metal than “Ghost In Paradise” and maybe a little more progressive. With important key roles for the guitars and the keyboards, it’s a joy listening to tracks such as “Died For The Moment”, “Before Or Too Late” and “Fire/Water”.
    Although “Slideshow” brings Myon on the right track, I’m sure the best of them has yet to come…

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