CHASING MAGIC / 2011


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    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Tauro

    MENSAJES : 1875
    EDAD : 43

    CHASING MAGIC / 2011

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    Aqui os dejo su dirección de facebook por si quereis escuchar algunos samples ( http://www.facebook.com/ChasingMagic?ref=ts&sk=app_2405167945)

    Hometown: St. Louis, MO
    Genres: Rock / Melodic Rock / AOR
    Label: Kivel Records
    Members: Jason Pawlak- Lead vocals, drums, keys, acoustic guitar. Dennis Pawlak- Lead & rhythm guitar, bass, vocals. Trevor Pawlak- Guitar and vocals.
    Chasing Magic hails from the Midwest of the good ol USA, where they deliver their own special blend of Melodic Rock. The band's self titled debut CD is due August 16th, 2011 via Kivel Records. What the band offers is a set of tunes that will showcase soaring anthemic choruses, melodic guitar work, and hooks upon hooks. This is a band that is unapologetic for the style they play and wear their influences on their sleeve. With a sound reminiscent of such bands as Night Ranger, Winger, and Giant

    Although a new band to the scene, Chasing Magic's front man is not completely an unknown. Since 2007 Jason Pawlak has helped pen and contribute tunes for some of his fellow contemporaries: musical acts such as Goodbye Thrill, Tango Down and Farcry. Now it is time for Jace to show he can command a band and album of his own and not just be a behind the scenes guy. This album was a labor of love for Jace, and has been a long time coming. On it you will hear a unique blend of vocal melodies and guitar work that will leave you wanting more by the end of the album.

    Rob Evans- Powerplay Magazine: "Jason Pawlak is one of the most underrated singer/songwriters in the world of AOR at this current moment."

    Anyone that has been in a band will express how being in a band is sometimes like a family, well Chasing Magic is just that! Jace is joined by Dennis Pawlak (guitars, bass, vocals) and Trevor Pawlak (guitars, vocals), making this power trio. Not just a band playing music, but a family that is CHASING MAGIC!!! So pop in the album, close your eyes, turn up the volume and Enjoy!!

    Order your copy now at www.chasingmagicband.com & www.kivelrecords.com!

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