Lista actualizada de cds originales a la venta (2ª parte)


    Picasso 2
    Fallen Angel

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Tauro

    MENSAJES : 48
    EDAD : 49

    Lista actualizada de cds originales a la venta (2ª parte)

    Mensaje por Picasso 2 el Miér 21 Dic 2011, 18:36

    Muy buenas,
    Os adjunto la segunda parte de mi lista actualizada de cds originales para venta o cambio. En las últimas semanas he añadido cientos de nuevas entradas. A mayor pedido, mayor descuento en el precio y regalo de singles (al final de la lista).
    Como la lista es demasiado larga, me veo obligado a separarla en dos temas.
    Para cualquier cosa podéis contactarme en: fernandogromanillos@gmail.com
    Muchas gracias y un saludo.
    MacALPINE Eyes of the world 12
    MAD MAX Stormchild 15
    MAD MAX Night of passion 8
    MAGDALLAN Big bang (With Ken Tamplin, Ken Mary, Lanny Cordola, Kim Bullard,..) 6
    MAGNUM The eleventh hour 5
    MAIDEN AMERICA Iron Maiden tribute & American Metal compilation (2 cds) 15
    MALICE License to kill (Japan cd) 8
    MALICE In the beginning 6
    MAMA´S BOYS Relativity (5 bonus tracks) 12
    MAMMOTH The collection (Melodic rock) 8
    MANFRED EHLERT´S AMEN St (With Glenn Hughes, Marc Storece,..) 6
    MANOWAR The triumph of steel 4
    MANTICORE Time to fly (Classic Prog-Rock) 6
    MANTUS The collection (2 albums on 1 cd - Funky) 12
    MARA Poetry & Motion 8
    MARBLE ARCH Another Sunday bright (Prog metal) 5
    MARC JORDAN Live at the Mocambo 30
    MARI HAMADA Tomorrow (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    MARILLION Seasons end 5
    MARILLION Marbles 5
    MARILYN SCOTT Without warning (Japan cd with OBI; Westcoast) 40
    MARK FREE Long way from love 20
    MARK SPIRO The stuff that dreams are made of 6
    MARK WOOD Voodoo violence (1991) 8
    MARSHALL Pages from the past: tome 1 (Heavy metal) 4
    MARSHAL LAW Read em´n´weep 80
    MARSHALL MONROE Lujo y pasion (Spanish Melodic Rock, 1987) 20
    MARTY BALIN Wish I were (AOR) 12
    MASQUERADE Masquerade (1992, hard rock) 30
    MATALEX Proud 15
    MATTADOR Save us from ourselves 20
    MATTSSON Another dimension 5
    MATTSSON Power games (Hard Prog Rock from Sweden) 5
    MAURICE JOHN VAUGHN In the shadow of the city (Blues rock) 8
    MAURICE WHITE Maurice White (Japan cd, 1985, Westcoast with Robbie Buchanan, Paul Jackson Jr., ..) 15
    MAYSA Maysa (GRP, 1995) 6
    M CLAN Coliseum (Spanish southern rock) 8
    MEAT LOAF Dead ringer 4
    MEAT LOAF Rock´n´roll hero 4
    MEAT LOAF Bat out of hell III (cd + dvd) 8
    MEANSTREAK Roadkill (1988, Heavy Metal) 40
    MELISSA MANCHESTER If my heart had wings (Japan cd with OBI) (Lite AOR) 15
    MEN, THE The Men (AOR, 1992, Polydor) 5
    MERCY Mercy (AOR, Broken Records) 5
    MERCYFUL FATE Melissa (cd/dvd special edition) 8
    MESSAGE St (1995, Long Island Records) 15
    MESSANO Messano 8
    METALLICA Some kind of monster 4
    METALLICA Rare double black digi pack cd called Saint Anger with classic tracks of the band 20
    METALLICA Death magnetic (Digi pack) 6
    METROPOLIS The power of the night (AOR - Peter Fredette & Stan Meissner) 20
    MICA PARIS Black angel 3
    MICHAEL BOLTON One world one love (2010) 6
    MICHAEL BOLTON This is the time 4
    MICHAEL BOLTON Timeless: The classics vol. 2 3
    MICHAEL CRAWFORD The Disney album 4
    MICHAEL HARRIS Words collide 4
    MICHAEL HOLLOWAY Ridin´ this train (Blues rock) 8
    MICHAEL KATON Bad machine (Blues rock) 5
    MICHAEL KATON MK (Full promo) 3
    MICHAEL KATON The rage called Rock´n´Roll (Blues rock) 12
    MICHAEL KNIGHT Dreamscapes 15
    MICHAEL HILL´S BLUES MOB Bloodlines (excellent blues rock) 5
    MICHAEL MCDERMOTT Gethsemane (Melodic Rock) 5
    MICHAEL RODGERS I got love (1989) 15
    MICHAEL RUFF Lovesongs + lullabies 12
    MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP Assault attack (Japan cd) 15
    MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP Be aware of scorpions 5
    MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP One night at Budokan 8
    MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP Tales of rock´n´roll 8
    MICHAEL SEMBELLO Caravan of dreams (Japan cd) 50
    MICHAEL SEMBELLO The lost years (promo) 2
    MICHAEL STANLEY Coming up for air 5 x
    MICHAEL ZEE Five seven maybe five eight (AOR, Long Island Records) 8
    MICK ABRAHAMS´ BLODWYN PIG All tore down - Live 6
    MICK POWELL Long overdue (Melodic rock) 50
    MIGUEL RIOS La huerta atómica (spanish progressive) 5
    MIGUEL RIOS Al-Andalus (spanish progressive) 5
    MIKE OLDFIELD Voyager 5
    MIKE ONESKO´S BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND To the station (Blues rock) 15
    MILES ABOVE Move or be moved (AOR, Escape Music) 4
    MILLENIUM The best of…and more 8
    M.ILL.ION No. 1 6
    MIND´S EYE A work of art 6
    MINORU NIIHARA One (Loudness singer - Japan cd) 30
    MISS B. HAVEN Miss B. Haven (Female AOR) 20
    MOB, THE The Mob (Kip Winger, Reb Beach,…) 6
    MOB RULES Hollowed by the name 4
    MOLLY HATCHET Beatin´ the odds (1980 Epic) 15
    MOLLY HATCHET The deed is done (Remastered - Gott Discs) 8
    MOLLY HATCHET Warriors of the rainbow bridge 6
    MONSTERS OF ROCK USSR Compilation (Kruiz, Black Obelisk, Master, Trizna,…) 40
    MONTE MONTGOMERY 1st and repair (Blues rock) 4
    MONTE MONTGOMERY St (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    MONTREAL Montreal (1987, Melodic Rock) 8
    MONTROSE The very best of 4
    MOTHER´S ARMY Mother´s Army (Japan cd) 15
    MOTHER´S FINEST Live at Villa Berg (2 cds) 10
    MOTLEY CRUE Carnival of sins (Live - 2 cds) 8
    MOTLEY CRUE Girls girls girls (Remastered + bonus tracks) 6
    MOTLEY CRUE Dr. Feelgood (Remastered + bonus tracks) 6
    MOTORHEAD 1916 5
    MOTORHEAD Overnight sensation 5
    MOTORHEAD March or die 5
    MOTORHEAD Bomber (5 bonus tracks) 5
    MOUNTAIN Man´s world 6
    MOXY A tribute to Buzz Shearman 12
    MR. BIG Mr. Big 6
    MR. BIG Lean into it 6
    MURO Grandes ésxitos (Spanish heavy metal) 8
    MUSIC STATION Shaping (Prog rock) 5
    NAKED CITY Crawlin (Hard Melodic Rock) 6
    NANCY WILSON Live at McCabes Guitar Shop 5
    NATION Without remorse (like Yngwie Malmsteen) 8
    NAZARETH Sound elixir (3 bonus tracks) 8
    NAZARETH Rampant (3 bonus tracks) 6
    NAZARETH Razamanaz (Digipack with 2 bonus tracks) 6
    NAZARETH Nazareth (5 bonus tracks) 5
    NEAERA Armamentarium 3
    NEAL MORSE Testimony (2 cds) 12
    NEAL SCHON Piranha blues 5
    NED DOHENY Hard candy (Westcoast, Japan cd) 15
    NEIL ZAZA Staring at the sun (with Steve Smith, Ross Valory, Stu Hamm,..) 8
    NELSON After the rain (AOR) 6
    NELSON NORWOOD Long, loud´n sweaty (Blues rock) 3
    NEW LEGEND Deep colors bleed 15
    NICK HEYWARD I love you avenue (1988, Lite AOR with Peter Beckett) 12
    NIGHTSHADE Dead of night (formerly Q5) 30
    NIGHTVISION Nightvision (Hard Rock) 6
    NITEFLYTE Niteflyte (Westcoast, Japan mini lp-cd with OBI) (2) 15
    NO CREDIT Interrelated (AOR, 1992) 8
    O.S.T. Leaving Las Vegas 3
    O´RYAN Something strong (AOR) 8
    OBSESSION Methods of madness 8
    OLETA ADAMS Evolution (With Michael Landau, Ray Fuller, Tom Scott, ..) 4
    OLIVER WEERS Get ready (Hard Rock) 8
    ORIZ Oriz (Hard Rock) 8
    ORPHANN Don´t say no 6
    ORPHAN PROJECT Orphan found 8
    OSI Office of strategic influence (Jim Matheos, Kevin Moore & Mike Portnoy) 8
    OSTROGOTH Feelings of fury 15
    OSTROGOTH Ecstasy and danger / Full moon´s eyes 15
    OTHER ONES, THE The Other Ones (Lite AOR) 30
    OUTFIELD, THE Bangin´ (AOR) 5
    OUTLAWS Los hombres malo (Digipack) 15
    OUT OF THE BLUE V.A. (Blues rock, Ryko) 5
    OZZ No prisoners (Hard Rock) 6
    OZZY OSBOURNE No more tears (2 bonus tracks) 5
    OZZY OSBOURNE No rest for the wicked (2 bonus tracks) 5
    OZZY OSBOURNE The essential (2 cds) 8
    PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC Are you ready / Pacific Gas & Electric (2 cds) 15
    PAIN OF SALVATION Be (Prog Rock) 6
    PAIN OF SALVATION Scarsick (Promo) 2
    PALADINS, THE The Paladins (Classic Bluesy Rock & Roll) 4
    PANDEMONIUM And the runes begin to pray 20
    PANZER Sábado negro (Spanish heavy metal, 1987) 15
    PARTLAND BROTHERS Electric honey (AOR) 5
    PASSION PLAY Time stands still (AOR) 6
    PAT BENATAR Innamorata - 8/15/80 (2 cds) 9
    PAT BENATAR Love is a battlefield (Live) 6
    PAT BENATAR Gravity´s rainbow 4
    PAT BOONE In a metal mood - No more mr. Nice Guy 5
    PATTI AUSTIN The best of 4
    PATTI LABELLE Be yourself 4
    PAT TRAVERS Hot shot (1984) 8
    PAT TRAVERS Black pearl (1982) 8
    PAUL ANKA Headlines (Japan mini LP-CD with OBI) 20
    PAUL ANKA Rock swings (Classic hits of Bon Jovi, Survivor, Van Halen,..) 5
    PAUL BRADY Trick or treat (Michael Landau, Jeff Porcaro, etc.) 5
    PAUL CARRACK Beautiful world 5
    PAUL CLARK Drawn to the light (Mini lp cd with OBI) 30
    PAUL CLARK Out of the shadow (Mini lp cd with OBI) 30
    PAUL DIANNO & KILLERS South American Assault - Live 6
    PAUL GILBERT & JIMI KIDD Raw blues power (Full promo) 2
    PAUL JANZ High strung (AOR) 8
    PAUL JONES & DAVE KELLY Live at the Ram Jam Club (vol. 2) (Blues Rock) 8
    PAUL LAINE Can´t get enuff 20
    PAUL SHORTINO Back on track 12
    PAUL SIMON One trick pony (with Tony Levin, Hiram Bullock, Steve Gadd, etc.) 4
    PAUL YOUNG No parlez 4
    PAULINE WILSON Only you (Japan cd with OBI) 40
    PAVLOV´S DOG Pampered menial 4
    PETE BELASCO Deeper (Lite AOR - Japan cd with OBI) 12
    PETER COX Peter Cox (With Peter John-Vetesse, Jeff Pescetto, James Harrah, etc.) 4
    PETER FRAMPTON Premonition (1986) 10
    PETER FRAMPTON Now (2003) 5
    PETER GABRIEL Shaking the tree 4
    PETER HOFMANN Wild and lonely heart (AOR - 1990) 5
    PETER WOLF Come as you are (1987) 4
    PETE TOWNSHEND Anthology (2 cds) 9
    PETE TOWNSHEND Chinesse eyes (2006 deluxe edition remastered with bonus tracks) 6
    PETE TOWNSHEND Scoop 3 (2 cds) 9
    PETE TOWNSHEND The iron man (2006 deluxe edition remastered with bonus tracks) 6
    PETER STEVENS BAND Taken by the light (AOR) 5
    PETE SANDBERG Back in business 8
    PETRA Petra 25
    PHANTOM The best of the rest (All 3 Phantom albums in 2 cds, Heavy Metal like Judas Priest) 25
    PHENOMENA Innervision 6
    PHENOMENA Psychofantasy 5
    PHENOMENA Blind faith 8
    PHIL THORNALLEY Swamp (Hi Tech AOR, 1988) 4
    PHOENIX DOWN Under a wild sky (Kane Roberts) 5
    PINK CREAM 69 One size fits all 12
    PINK CREAM 69 Thunderdome (promo) 2
    PLACE VENDOME Place Vendome 8
    PLANET ALLIANCE Planet Alliance (Magnus Karlsson, Bob Daisley, Anders Johansson, etc.) 6
    PLANET THIRTEEN One way ticket 8
    PLATENS Between two horizons 8
    PLAYER Electric shadow (Japan cd) 40
    PLOT, THE Schenker - Way 12 x
    POCO The forgotten trail (1969-74) (Country Rock, 2 cds) 8
    POISON Open up and say…Ahh! (2 bonus tracks) 5
    POLE POSITION Pole Position (Super Hard Rock from Sweden) (2) 30
    POPPY & THE USUAL SUSPECTS Celestial love jones (hard rock) 6
    PORCUPINE TREE Stupid dream (cd + dvd) 8
    PORCUPINE TREE In absentia (Full promo) 5
    POVERTY´S NO CRIME Synbiosis (Prog metal) 15
    POWERGLIDE Where do we go from here 20
    PRAGMA Enpleinair 5
    PRAYING MANTIS The journey goes on 8
    PRETTY BOY FLOYD A tale of sex, designer drugs and the death of R´n´R (Glam-Sleazy) 10
    PRIDE Another fine mess 20
    PRIME TIME The miracle (Hard Rock) 5
    PROBLEM CHILD Problem Child (1985) 8
    PROCOL HARUM A salty dog 5
    PROPHET Cycle of the moon (Super Melodic Rock) 20
    PTS Campaign (progressive) 5
    PUMP Breakdown to breakthrough 5
    PUSH 4 the love of the game 5
    PUSH UK Strange world (AOR) 8
    PUSHKING Village songs 8
    PYRAMID Hieroglyphics (Hard Rock USA) 6
    QUEEN Queen (Japan mini LP-cd) 8
    QUEENSRYCHE Empire 5
    QUILL, THE In triumph 5
    QUIREBOYS Bitter sweet & twisted 8
    R.A.W. First (first pressing) (Hard Rock from Sweden) 15
    RACER X Snowball of doom - Live at the Whisky 6
    RADIO ACTIVE CATS Radio Active Cats (Hard Rock) 4
    RAFA MARTÍN La pasión de ganar (Spanish AOR) 8
    RAGE Black in mind 6
    RAGE Welcome to the other side 20
    RAIN Stronger (With Michael Bormann) 6
    RAINBOW The very best of 5
    RAM JAM Portrait of the artist as a young ram (Hard Rock) 8
    RAMOS Living in the light 12
    RANDY CRAWFORD The very best of (Super Westcoast) 4
    RANDY GOODRUM Caretaker of dreams 8
    RANDY GOODRUM Words and music 80
    RANDY NEWMAN Faust (With Don Henley, Bonnie Raitt, Michael Thomson, etc.) 4
    RANSOM Trouble in paradise (AOR) 8 x
    RATT Ratt & Roll 81/91 5
    RAVEN Mind over metal 4
    RAVEN Nothing exceeds like excess 5
    RAVEN Glow 5
    RAY KENNEDY Ray Kennedy (AOR, 1980, Japan cd) 20
    REBELENE In the middle of nowhere 5
    RECKLESS No frills (Hard Rock, 1987) 6
    RECKLESS Reckless (MTM Classix) 5
    RED RIDER As far as Siam (AOR from Canada) 5
    REINCARNATION VOL. 1 NWOBHM Compilation 20
    REISSUE Unstoppable (Hard rock) 12
    RENAISSANCE Camera camera 4
    RENAISSANCE The other woman 4
    RENAISSANCE Time - Line 4
    RENÉ AND ANGELA Street called desire… and more 5
    RENEGADE Ravages of time (Hard Rock) 12
    REO SPEEDWAGON Hi Infedility 5
    REO SPEEDWAGON Good trouble 5
    REO SPEEDWAGON Wheels are turning 5
    REO SPEEDWAGON Life as we know it 5
    REO SPEEDWAGON Live plus 5
    REST IN PEACE Thanks to Cozy (Japan cd) 20
    RESTLESS HEART Matters of the heart (AOR - Country) 4
    RETURN Return 8
    RETURN The best of.. 15
    REX CARROLL BAND, THE That was then, this is now 8
    RICHIE KOTZEN Fever dream 8
    RICHIE SAMBORA Undiscovered soul 6
    RICK CUA Midnight sun (AOR) 5
    RICK DERRINGER Spring fever / Sweet evil 8
    RICK MOORE AND MR. LUCKY Satisfied (Blues rock) 5
    RICK SPRINGFIELD Rock of life (first pressing) (2) 12
    RICK SPRINGFIELD Tao (first pressing) 12
    RICOCHET Among the elements 15
    RISE TO ADDICTION A new shade of black for the soul 6
    ROBERT MURDOCK Don´t quit your day job (AOR) 20
    ROBERT PALMER Some people can do what they like 20
    ROBERT PALMER Pressure drop 3
    ROBERT PALMER Double fun 3
    ROBERT PALMER Riptide 3
    ROBERT PLANT Mighty rearranger (Digi pack) 6
    ROBERTA FLACK Set the night to music 3
    ROBIN TROWER In the line of fire 8
    ROBIN ZANDER Robin Zander 5
    ROCK STAR O.S.T. 5
    ROCK THE BLUES AWAY Sampler with Glenn Hughes, Pat Travers, Craig Erickson… 5
    ROCK THE NATIONS Z Records sampler 3
    ROCK THE NATIONS 2 Z Records sampler (2 cds) 6
    ROCKHEAD Rockhead (Hard Rock, Produced by Bob Rock) 6
    ROD STEWART Blondes have more fun 4
    ROD STEWART Out of order 4
    ROD STEWART If we fall in love tonight 3
    ROD STEWART Camouflage 4
    ROGER WATERS Another brick in the wall (Bootleg, Quebec 1987) 8 x
    ROM Read only memory 25
    ROMEO´S DAUGHTER Romeo´s Daughter (first pressing) (1988, Female fronted AOR) 18
    RORY GALLAGHER Irish Tour´74 5
    ROSE HILL DRIVE Rose Hill Drive (Hard Blues Rock) 6
    ROSE TATTOO Rose tattoo (Limited edition plus 8 bonus tracks) 8
    ROSE TATTOO Southern stars (1984) 6
    ROUGH First cut (1988) 30
    ROUGH CUTT Rough Cutt (Japan cd with OBI) 30
    ROXANNE Roxanne (First press, Scotti Bros, 1986) 20
    ROXY BLUE Want some? 8
    RTZ (RETURN TO ZERO) Lost 30
    RUBICON Rubicon / America dreams (AOR with Jack Blades) 8
    RUFUS Party ´til you´re broke (Japan cd with OBI) 40
    RUMBLEDOG Rumbledog (Like Dirty Looks) 20
    RUPERT HOLMES Partners in crime (Westcoast) 8
    SABBTAIL Otherworlds (Hard Rock, like Rainbow or Balck Sabbatah with Dio) 5
    SACRED Beyond the end of the world (Spanish melodic rock) 5
    SADE The best of 3
    SAGA De Tours (2 cds) 8
    SAGA 10.000 days (promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    SAGITTARIUS Voice of doom / Loahpa jienat (2cds) (Prog - Rock) 6
    SAHARA The seventh house (Female fronted Hard Rock like Queensryche) 6
    SAHARA SNOW Sahara Snow (Rick Springfield - Bob Marlette - Tim Pierce) 12
    SAKER Saker (Melodic hard Rock - Retrospect Records) 8
    SALLY OLDFIELD Instincts 15
    SALLY OLDFIELD Strange day in Berlin 15
    SAMANTHA SIVA Identity (Fussion - Pop) 3
    SAMMY HAGAR Street machine 8
    SAMSON Joint forces 6
    SAMURAI METAL Volume 1 (Heavy Metal bands from Japan - Japan cd) 30
    SAMURAI METAL Volume 2 (Heavy Metal bands from Japan - Japan cd) 30
    SARAYA Saraya (first pressing) 12
    SARGANT FURY Little fish 15
    SATELLITE A street between sunrise and sunset (Prog rock) 6
    SAVALLION DAWN The charge (Heavy Metal) 5
    SAVATAGE Ghost in the ruins 5
    SAVATAGE From the gutter to the stage (2 cds) 12
    SAXON BBC sessions / Live at reading Festival ´86 40
    SAXON Strong arm of the law / denim and leather (2 cds - The back to black collection) 12
    SAXON The eagle has landed III (2 cds) 12
    SAXON Strong arm of the law (5 bonus tracks) 5
    SAXON Crusader (First EMI pressing) 8
    SAXON A collection of metal 5
    SAXON Anthology 5
    SAXON Hevay metal thunder (2 cds) 8
    SAXON The eagle has landed - Live (First pressing) 8
    SAXON Saxon 5
    SAXON Wheels of steel / Strong arm of the law (11 bonus tracks) 8
    SCANNER Terminal earth 30
    SCANNER Mental reservation 20
    SCARLET ROSE Prime (Melodic rock) 30
    SCAVENGER Madness to our method 5
    SCORPIONS Tokyo tapes 5
    SCORPIONS Hurricane rock 5
    SCORPIONS Born to touch your feeling 5
    SCRAM Scram (Classic AOR) 8
    SCREAM IN EDEN Original sin 8
    SEAN Matter of pride (Lite AOR) 3
    SECTION A The seventh sign (Prog metal) 5
    SEDUCE Too much ain´t enough 12
    SEQUEL Back (Full promo) 5
    SERGIO MENDES Arara (Japan cd with OBI. Westcoast with Dan Huff, Alan Pasqua, Robbie Buchanan,..) 40
    SEVEN GATES Unreality (Power metal) 20
    SEVEN TEN Love and war (Hard Rock USA) 6
    SEVEN WISHES Destination: Alive (Melodic Hard Rock, MTM) 5
    SEVEN WITCHES Xiled to infinity and one 5
    SEX MUSEUM Fly by night (2 cds live - Spanish hard rock) 8
    SEX MUSEUM Sonic (Spanish hard rock) 6
    SHADOW GALLERY Carved in stone (Prog Rock Metal) 6
    SHADOWLAND Mad as a hatter (Prog Rock) 6
    SHAKIN STREET Axe Killer Warrior´s set deluxe (2 cds, 2 classic albums + 1 live album bonus) 15
    SHAKRA Power ride (Melodic Hard Rock) 8
    SHANIA TWAIN (with Paul Sabu) The complete limelight sessions 5
    SHANNON Shannon (AOR) 6
    SHARI BELAFONTE Eyes of night (Lite AOR) 20
    SHARK ISLAND Law of the order 12
    SHAW BLADES Hallucination 5
    SHAWN MULLINS Beneath the velvet 3
    SHEENA EASTON The singles collection 4
    SHUGGIE OTIS Here comes / Freedom flight (Classic Blues Rock) 8
    SHY Welcome to the madhouse 15
    SHY Reflections (The anthology 1983-2005 - 2 cds) 15
    SI MUSIC LABEL INTRODUCTION A matter of perspective (2 cds) (Prog Rock) 9
    SIGNAL Loud & clear (First pressing) 15
    SILENCE Utopia (AOR, MTM) 5
    SILVER FIST Tears of blood (Spanish Heavy Metal) 20
    SIMON PHILLIPS Symbiosis (Toto´s drummer) 5
    SIMPLE SERVICE Life is dog food (Melodic Hard Rock) 40
    SINNER Bottom line (Hard rock, Japan cd) 8
    SINNER Touch of sin 8
    SINNER Danger zone 8
    SKIN DEEP On the rampage (Melodic rock) 15
    SKY LARK Gate of hell - Divine gates part I (Power metal) 12
    SKY LARK Gate of heaven - Divine gates part II (Power metal) 12
    SLADE Till deaf do us part (remastered + 1 bonus track) 8
    SLADE The amazing kamikaze syndrome (remastered + 6 bonus tracks) 8
    SLADE In flame 8
    SKIN DEEP Painful day 12
    SNAKEGOD Invitation 5
    SNAKES IN PARADISE Yesterday & today 8
    SO Horseshoe in the glove (Pop - AOR) 3
    SOJOURN Lookin´ for more (AOR - 10 bonus tracks) 8
    SOLAR PROJECT The final-solution (Hard Rock) 6
    SOLEMNITY Reign in hell (Heavy metal) 5
    SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON Bye bye Sonny (Digipack deluxe 2 cds) 15
    SOULBREACH My dividing line 3
    SOUL DOCTOR Soul Doctor 8
    SOUL DOCTOR Blood runs cold 6 x
    SOUL KITCHEN Soul Kitchen (Hard rock) 5
    SOUL SIRKUS World play (bonus DVD) 8
    SOUTHGANG Tainted angel 20
    SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY The best of 5
    SPEARFISH Affected by time (Prog Rock from Sweden) 5
    SPEEDWAY BLVD. Speedway Blvd. (Classic Pomp AOR) 20
    SPIKE & TYLA´S HOT KNIVES Flagrantly yours 20
    SPIRALSEA Essence 5
    SPREAD EAGLE Spread Eagle (Hard Rock, 1990) 8
    ST. CLAIR St. Clair 5
    ST. PAUL Down to the wire (Lite AOR - Hi Tech, 1990) 4
    STAN BUSH Language of the heart (AOR) 8
    STARCASTLE Citadel (Prog rock) 12
    STAR COLLECTOR Rock of ages (Melodic rock) 20
    STAR ONE Space metal (Limited edition - 2 cds) 8
    STARZ Starz 15
    STATETROOPER Statetrooper (6 bonus tracks - 1986, Gary Barden) 20
    STATUS QUO Perfect remedy (6 bonus tracks) 5
    STEALIN HORSES Stealin Horses (1988) 5
    STEELHEART Wait (Japan cd with OBI) 30
    STEEL PROPHET Unseen 3
    STEFAN ANDERSSON Walk right on (AOR) 5
    STEFAN ELMGREN´S FULL STRIKE We will rise (Heavy rock) 6
    STEINHARDT-MOON Moonshot (2 cds) 10
    ST. ELMOS´S FIRE O.S.T. (1985, John Parr, David Foster..) 4
    STEVE KIPNER Knock the walls down (Westcoast - Japan cd) 40
    STEVE MARRIOTT 30 seconds to midnite 4
    STEVE PERRY For the love of strange medicine 5
    STEVE THOMSON Steve Thomson (AOR) 6
    STEVE VAI The elusive light and soul vol. 1 6
    STEVIE WONDER Fulfillingness first finale 4
    STONE SOUP Spooge (AOR) 6
    STONE THE CROWS Stone The Crows (Classic Blues Rock, 1969) 15
    STONE THE CROWS Ode to John law (Classic Blues Rock, 1970) 15
    STONE THE CROWS Teenage licks (Classic Blues Rock, 1971) 15
    STONEWALL WEEKEND Hungry for more (melodic rock) 6
    STORMHAMMER Lord of darkness 6
    STORMWITCH Witchcraft 8
    STORMWITCH Dance with the witches 50
    STORYTELLER´S RAIN A rock musical by Ferdy Doernberg 5
    STRANDED Long way to heaven (Classic AOR) 6
    STRANGEWAYS Strangeways 6
    STRAY Dangerous games (Blues rock, 2 cds) 6
    STRAY CATS Back to the alley 3
    STREAM Chasin´ the dragon (Heavy Rock with David Glenn Easley, Erci Singer, Bob Daisley) 5
    STREETHEART Over 60 minutes with.. (AOR from Canada) 8
    STREETS Shakedown 5
    STUN LEER Once (Melodic rock) 8
    STYX Boat on the river 5
    STYX One with everything (with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra) 5
    SUN´N´STEEL Wicked world 12
    SUNNYLAND BLUESBAND Soul storm comming 5
    SUNSET HEIGHTS Sunset Heights (Blues Rock) 4
    SUPER DRUMMING III Jon Lord, Brian Auger, Ian Paice, Hermann Rarebell,…) 12
    SUPERTRAMP Indelibly stamped 4
    SUPERTRAMP Free as a bird 4
    SUPPER´S READY A Magna Carta tribute to Genesis 6
    SURVEILLANCE Angelstation (Melodic rock) 5
    SURVIVOR Reach 8
    SWEET F.A. Temptation 10
    SWEET F.A. Stick to your guns 10
    SYLVAIN STABILE Carte blanche 8
    TAD CAMPBELL & IDLE EYES Land of the midnight sun 15
    TAMARA CHAMPLIN You won´t get to heaven alive (AOR, with Bruce Gaitsch, Bill Champlin, Randy Cantor,etc.) 8
    TAMPLIN Tamplin (1993, Hard Rock) 6
    TARAXACUM Spirit of freedom 5
    TATTOO RODEO Rode hard put away wet 5
    TAYLOR DAYNE Tell it to my heart (1987) 4
    TED NUGENT Love grenade 5
    TED POLEY Smile 8
    TEMPESTT Bring´em on 5
    TEN Return to evermore 6
    TEN The twilight chronicles 6
    TEN YEARS AFTER A space in time 5
    TEN YEARS AFTER About time (1989) 8
    TERENCE BOYLAN Terence Boylan (1979, Westcoast, with Steve Lukather, Jeff Porcaro, Donald Fagen, Don Henley,..) 6
    TERI TIMS Whole lotta trouble (AOR, produced by Paul Sabu) 20
    TERRY GANN If you´re listenin 8
    TESLA Real to reel 2 5
    THE AYNSLEY DUNBAR RETALIATION The Aynsley Dunbar Retliation / Doctor Dunbar´s Prescription (2 cds digipack) (Classic Blues Rock) 9
    THE AYNSLEY DUNBAR RETALIATION To mum from Aynsley and the boys / Remains to be heard (2 cds digipack) (Classic Blues Rock) 9
    THE BABYS Anthology 4
    THE BELIEVERS Extraordinary life (1992, AOR) 5
    THE BLACK CROWES The southern harmony and musical companion 5
    THE BLACK VELVET BAND King of myself (Bluesy Rock) 4
    THE BOX The pleasure and the pain (AOR) 6
    THE BROKEN HOMES Wing and a prayer (1990) 5
    THE CASBAH CLUB Eastworld 4
    THE CHIEFTAINS Tears of stone 4
    THE CHRISTIANS The Christians 3
    THE CREEK The Creek / Storm the gate (2 cd´s) (Classic Melodic Rock, 1986-1989) 8
    THE CULT Ceremony 5
    THE DOGMA A good day to die (cardboard sleeve promo. I would trade 2 for 1) 2
    THE DOOBIE BROTHERS Takin´ it to the street 4
    THE FLOWER KINGS The sum of no evil (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    THE GRAPES High or low (Blues Rock) 3
    THE GREASE BAND The Grease Band / Amazing grease 8
    THE HOOTERS Hooterization: A retrospective 3
    THE JACKSONS 2300 Jackson Street (Michael Omartian, Paul jackson Jr., Jeff Lorber, etc.) 4 x
    THE JACKSONS Victory (Jeff Porcaro, David Paich, Steve Lukather, etc.) 4
    THE JONESES Hard (Like Bad Company) 5
    THE KEY The world is watching (Melodic Rock, with Billy Sherwood) 4
    THE MAGIC FREAK SOCIETY s.t. (with Mark Mangold) 5
    THE MARS VOLTA De-loused in the comatorium 6
    THE MARSHALL TUCKER BAND Tenth (Southern Country Rock) 5
    THE MEETING Update (Fusion, with Alphonso Johnson, Patrice Rushen, Ernie Watts,..) 3
    THE POWER STATION The Power Station 5
    THE SAM LAY BLUES BAND Feelin´ good (Blues Rock) 4
    THE TANGENT A place in the queue (promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    THE WHO Tommy 4
    THEN JERICO The big area 5
    THERION Theli 6
    THINK OUT LOUD Shelf life 35
    THIN LIZZY Killers on the loose again - A tribute 5
    THIN LIZZY Track from the vaults - More John Peel sessions 12
    THOMAS DOLBY Aliens ate my Buick 4
    THRESHOLD Psychedelicatessen 5
    THRESHOLD Wounded land 5
    THRUSTOR Night of fire (Heavy metal) 8
    THUNDER Shooting at the sun 8
    THUNDER Live (2 cds) 12
    TIME MACHINE Reviviscence 5
    TIM FEEHAN Pray for rain (AOR) 20
    TINSLEY ELLIS The hard way (Hard Blues) 5
    TISHAMINGO Wear n´ tear (Southern Rock) 5
    TITAN FORCE Titan Force 20
    TITAN FORCE Winner looser 8
    TNA Branded (Good Hard Rock) 5
    TO CRY YOU A SONG V.A. A collection of Tull songs 5
    TOKEN Tomorrowland (Melodic rock) 5
    TOKYO BLADE No remorse 10
    TOMMY BOLIN Private eyes 5
    TOMMY DENANDER Less is more - Part one (With Jeff Porcaro, Mike Procaro, David Paich, etc.) 40
    TOMMY PAGE From the heart (Lite AOR with Bruce Gaitsch, Peter Wolf, etc.) 4
    TONY MONTANA Tombstone shuffle (Hard Blues Rock) 4
    TOPÒ Pret a porter (Spanish hard rock) 8
    TOSS´N´TURN Freestyle (Hard melodic rock) 8
    TOTAL STRANGER Total Stranger (2 bonus tracks, Japan cd with OBI) 20
    TOTO Live in Amsterdam (2003) 5
    TOUCH The complete works (2 cds) (Classic AOR, with Mark Mangold) 25
    TOWER OF POWER Ain´t nothin´ stoppin´ us now (1976) 5
    TOWER OF POWER Souled out (1995) 5
    TOWER OF POWER Tower of Power (1973) 5
    TOWER OF POWER Bump city (1972) 5
    TOX Prince of darkness 20
    TOYZ House of cards (AOR) 8
    TRADE MARK Fatal blues (Melodic Hard Rock from Greece) 30
    TRAFFIC Shoot out at the fantasy factory 4
    TRAMPLED UNDERFOOT Trampled Underfoot (Hard Heavy Rock) 8
    TRANCE Victory (Classic Heavy Metal) 20
    TRANCEMISSION Back in trance (Formerly Trance) 20
    TRANSATLANTIC Live in America (2 cds) 8
    TRANSATLANTIC Live in Europe (2 cds) 8
    TRAPEZE Medusa (Glenn Hughes) 5
    TRASH BROADWAY Trash Broadway (Hard rock) 40
    TREASURE SEEKER A tribute to the past 35
    TREAT Treat (1992) 12
    TREVOR RABIN 90124 8
    TRIBUTE TO YES Tales from yesterday (Magna Carta) 5
    TRIBUTE TO ZZ TOP Gimme all your top 4
    TRIUMPH Live at the US Festival (cd + dvd) 8
    TROOPER Thick as thieves (Hard rock) 5
    TROX NEWMAN It´s like this (AOR) 4
    TROY NEWMAN Gypsy moon (AOR) 3
    TRUST Trust (1979) 5
    TRUST Marche ou creve (1981) 5
    TUBES Of America 5
    TUFF What comes around goes around (Sleazy - Glam) 20
    TWELFTH NIGHT Collectors item (Prog Rock) 5
    TWIN AGE Month of the year (prog rock from Sweden) 15
    TYKETTO Shine 20
    TYLA & SPIKE Hagrantly Electrically Acoustically yours (2 cds) 35
    TYRAN PACE Long live metal / Watching you (2 lps in 1 cd - Classic Heavy Metal with Ralf Scheepers) 35
    TYSONDOG Painted heroes (2 cds: Beware of the dog + Crimes of insanity) 25
    U2 The unforgettable fire (Deluxe edition 2 cds + dvd) 15
    UFO Phenomenon 6
    UFO Force it 6
    UFO Lights out 6
    UFO No heavy pettin / Lights out 12
    UFO Obsession 8
    UFO Mechanix (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    UFO Misdemeanor 8
    UFO The will the willing and the innocent (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    UFO No place to run (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    UFO Strangers in the night (Expanded edition) 8
    UFO Lights out 6
    UFO One of these nights. 2 cds: High stakes & dangerous men + Live 9
    UFO You are here (2) 6
    UFO Champions of rock (autographed) 4
    UFO TNT - Live in Texas´n´Live in Tokyo (2 cds) 12
    UK PLAYERS No way out (Produced by Allan Gorrie) 6
    ULI JON ROTH Transcendental sky guitar (2 cds) (Scorpions´ first lead guitar) 9
    ULI JON ROTH Metamorphosis 8
    UMPHREY´S McGEE Safety in numbers (cardboard sleeve) 3
    UNITED No IQ 3
    URBAN TALE Signs of times (AOR) 6
    URIAH HEEP Raging silence (6 bonus tracks) 6
    URIAH HEEP Sonic Origami 6
    URIAH HEEP Spellbinder 5
    URIAH HEEP The golden palace 4
    URN, THE The Urn (Hard rock) 8
    V.A. Album Network - Unsigned bands 8
    V.A. Área reservada - 10 años Go Jazz 6
    V.A. Coast to coast - FM Records (1987) 15
    V.A. Crossfire - A tribute to Stevie Ray 5
    V.A. Genuine Houserockin´Music V (Alligator) 5
    V.A. Grandes baladas heavy vol. 1 5
    V.A. Grandes baladas heavy vol. 2 5
    V.A. Heavy Attack (Gravestone, Veto, Killer, Stormwitch, Tox, Tyran Pace,…) 8
    V.A. Hot night in the city (Bystander, Allien Nation,…) 8
    V.A. Jeffology (Vivian Campbell, Warren DeMartini, Steve Lukather,..) 15
    V.A. Kings of Sunset Strip vol. 1 (Angora, Tommi Gunn, Young Gunns, Jailhouse) 6
    V.A. L.A. Blues Authority volume V - Cream of the crop 15
    V.A. Melodic Mayhem - volume 3 (Alien, Bad Habit, GTS, etc.) 15
    V.A. Metal guitars - High voltage instrumentals 4
    V.A. New american music (Vince Gill, Reba McEntire, etc.) 3
    V.A. Révolution Hard-Rock (80´s hard rock from France) 5
    V.A. Rock out! (NWOBHM groups, 2 cds) 8
    V.A. Rock the bones - Frontiers (2 cds) 8
    V.A. Rock the bones - volume 2 5
    V.A. Spacewalk - A tribute to Ace Frehley 4
    V.A. The Alligator Records - 20th Anniversary Collection (2 cds) (Fantastic Blues-Rock) 8
    V.A. The awakening volume 1 - Now & Then 4
    V.A. The Now generation - The legendary Spar recordings 4
    V.A. The history of Punk Rock (2 cds) 6
    V.A. ¡Viva el rollo! Toda la bronca de los 70 (2 cds, 41 spanish bands of the 70´s) 10
    V.A. Where blues meets rock V (Provogue) 4
    VALENSIA Gaia (Japan cd) 8
    VALIENT THORR Inmortalizer 5
    VANDEN PLAS Far off grace (limited edition) 8
    VANILLA NINJA Love is war 12
    VARGAS BLUES BAND Lost & found (Bonus live DVD) 8
    VENGEANCE Rock´n´roll shower (1984-1998) 15
    VENGEANCE Back from flight 19 12
    VENOM Cast in stone 5
    VENOM Resurrection 5
    VERTIGO 2 (Joseph Williams´ Project) 6
    VETO Carthago 8
    VICE Made for pleasure (Melodic Hard Rock, 1988) 12
    VICIOUS RUMORS Word of mouth 4
    VICTORY Hungry hearts (1987) 20
    VINCENT & PER HÖGLUND 1000 Man (AOR) 12
    VINCENT ROCCO Hell or highwater (AOR) 4
    VIRGIN STEELE The book of burning 4
    VIRGIN STEELE Noble savage (Russian edition with OBI) 8
    VIRGIN STEELE The house of Atreus - Act II (2 cds) 9
    VISION Lars Eric Mattsson´s Vision 5
    VITALIJ KUPRIJ Promised land (instrumental, Neo-Classical) 5
    VIVA Apocalypse (Hard rock) 12
    VIVIAN CAMPBELL Two sides of if 8
    VOLCANO Violent 3
    VONDA SHEPARD Heart and soul 4
    VONDA SHEPARD Songs from Ally McBeal 4
    VONDA SHEPARD Vonda Shepard 4
    WALK THE WIRE ST (Super AOR) (2) 20
    WALTER TROUT BAND Prisoner of a dream (Blues rock) 8
    WANG CHUNG Mosaic 5
    WARHEAD Speedway / The day after (Heavy metal) 25
    WARLORD Rising out of the ashes (Heavy metal) 6
    WARPIPES Holes in the heavens (Billy Trudel, Guy Babylon, Davey Johnstone, ..) 4
    WAYNE WATSON Living room (2002, Christian lite AOR) 5
    WAYNE WATSON Wayne Watson (2000, Christian lite AOR) 5
    WAYSTED Vices 12
    WHITE White (Alan White & Geoff Downes) 5
    WHITECROSS All their best 6
    WHITE HEART Nothing but the best - Rock classics (Classic AOR) 5
    WHITE LION Fight to survive (Music for Nations) 15
    WHITE LION Last roar 8
    WHITE LION Return of the pride 5
    WHITESNAKE Trouble 5
    WHITESNAKE Lovehunter 5
    WHITESNAKE Restless heart 6
    WHOLE LOTTA BLUES Songs of Led Zeppelin 4
    WIDE MOUTH MASON Wide Mouth Mason (Blues Rock) 4
    WIDESPREAD PANIC Don´t tell the band 4
    WILD BLUE No more jinx (AOR) 8
    WILD FORCE Jungle of love (1990, Hard Rock from Finland) 12
    WILD FRONTIER Bite the bullet (melodic rock) 6
    WILDHORSES Dead ahead (Hard Rock with John Levesque, Jeff Pilson, James Kottak..) 6
    WILDKARD Megalomania 5
    WILD TURKEY Stealer of years (Blues rock) 3
    WILLOW Lost in love 30
    WILLY DeVILLE Live 3
    WITCHFYNDE Lords of sin / Anthems (Heavy rock) 12
    WITHOUT WARNING Making time 15
    WITHOUT WARNING Step beyond (Prog Metal) 5
    WIZ Shattered-mind-theraphy 3
    WIZARDS The kingdom 6
    WOLFSPRING Wolfspring (Prog metal) 8
    WOODENHEAD Perseverance (Jam Band) 4
    WRECKS MONDAY Work (Hard rock) 30
    X-SINNER Get it (1989) 15
    X-SINNER Peace treaty (1991) 20
    X-SINNER Fire it up 8
    XT XT (AOR) 4
    YARBIRDS, THE For your love (Autographed) 4
    YARBIRDS, THE The Yarbirds (Autographed) 4
    Y & T Endangered species 6
    YESTERDAY AND TODAY Ten (Booklet lacks some pages) 3
    YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Magnum Opus (Signed by Yngwie himself) 8
    ZEBRA Live 6
    ZERO Zero (1997, Jam Band) 3
    ZERO NINE Headline 12
    ZERO NINE Visions, scenes and dreams 12
    ZERO NINE Freakshow 20
    ZOLDAR & CLARK Zoldar & Clark (with Jeff Cannata) 8
    ZZ TOP Eliminator 5
    ZZ TOP Afterburner 5

    SINGLES (Regalo uno por cada 50 euros pedidos)

    ANGRA Lisbon (3 tracks, autografiado)
    KOTIPELTO Beginning (3 tracks)
    MOTORHEAD Whorehouse blues (still sealed)
    PRIMAL FEAR Seven seals (autografiado)
    RHAPSODY OF FIRE Triumph or agony
    SAVATAGE Comissar (3 tracks, autografiado)
    SONATA ARTICA don´t say a word (4 tracks)
    VENGEANCE Planet zilch (4 tracks)
    VENGEANCE Crazy horses (4 tracks)
    WHITESNAKE All I want is you (2 tracks)

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