Arti Tisi - Arti tisi (Unreleased) 1997

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    Arti Tisi - Arti tisi (Unreleased) 1997

    Mensaje por XaviFCB el Dom 10 Ago 2008, 18:55

    Menudo discazo; tremendo ese ' I cant face another night' 'Love finds you guilty' 'Ill be there'; el disco en general es una maravilla. Si lo hubieran sacado en los 80s... otro gallo hubiera cantado. Que os parece? farao

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    Re: Arti Tisi - Arti tisi (Unreleased) 1997

    Mensaje por Hardrockwarrior el Dom 10 Ago 2008, 22:16

    ese disco tenia versiones de otras canciones, el disco entero me lo se de memoria y no tiene tema malo, lo que no se, es si esto ha salido en cd o en que, porque por mucho que busco no encuentro nada

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    Re: Arti Tisi - Arti tisi (Unreleased) 1997

    Mensaje por two_fires el Jue 17 Nov 2011, 19:06

    nose como se hablo tampoco de esta maravilla,es un discazo de principio a fin...temazo tras temazo...aqui dejo algunos para disfrute del personal...

    si hubieran salido en los 80 hubieran sido la ostia...

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    Re: Arti Tisi - Arti tisi (Unreleased) 1997

    Mensaje por Robert el Lun 21 Nov 2011, 01:16

    joder, ara veo este post!!

    ARTI TISI - The Definitive Collection

    One of the biggest myths in the Melodic Hard Rock / AOR ground.
    Does ARTI TISI exist?
    Some people argue that this band was actually a well known group of musicians who never revealed their names.
    ARTI TISI (born Arthur Tisi Jr.) it's alive 'n kickin' and lives in NY.
    Songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, has been writing and recording music since the 80's.

    Around 1988, join forces with keyboardist Al Greenwood (FOREIGNER, SPYS, J. L. TURNER, HOLY WATER) to write & record songs for a MHR/AOR album.
    Most tracks were penned by the team Arthur Tisi Jr. / Jordan Stanley / Al Greenwood (check it Here).
    With the skilled Dave Amato (DANGER DANGER, ALICE COOPER) on guitars, the result was this impressive collection of songs, superb melodic rockers with punch and melody.
    Gossips of mainstream bands members (Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Deep Purple) participating in the studio sessions are uncertain.
    In example, seems JR Blackmore (Ritchie's son) play guitar on 'A Little Too Early', or Joe Lynn Turner did backing vocals on 'Knock Knock' (this one was co-written and recorded by himself later), but I'm not sure.

    Believe it or not, the album remains unreleased, incredible due the remarkable quality and production-wise.

    The file containing this bunch of songs floating the web only has 11 tracks, known as 'Unreleased second demo'.
    But there's much, much more recorded.
    I have added 8 extra tracks from these recording sessions plus a mid nineties song ('Alone Forever').
    In fact, Arthur Tisi Jr. has done tons of demos (I have 5), covering different styles like funk rock, modern rock, etc.
    But what I offer here is the rockin', awesome kick ass stuff from 89/90.

    01 - Guilty Heart
    02 - A Little Too Early
    03 - Can't Face Another Night
    04 - Limits Of Love #
    05 - Love You Too Much
    06 - I' ll Be There
    07 - She Lights Dynamite #
    08 - One Bad Habit
    09 - Momma Sweet Evil #
    10 - Love Finds You Guilty
    11 - Responsible
    12 - Change Of Heart #
    13 - The Cut & Run
    14 - Can't Live Without You
    15 - New York City
    16 - Can't Stop Breaking Down #
    17 - When It's Over # (awesome!)
    18 - Joanne #
    19 - Knock Knock #
    20 - Alone Forever #

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