MÖTLEY CRÜE- country club

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    MÖTLEY CRÜE- country club

    Mensaje por motleyfeelgood el Mar 24 Abr 2012, 15:30

    grabado el 2 de octubre de 1981 en el country club de reseda,california.

    el link lo puso el propio nikki sixx en su facebook.

    Given the year it was recorded, the set list is chock full of songs from the band’s 1981 debut release ‘Too Fast For Love.’ It kicks off with ‘Take Me To The Top’ and runs through almost every track on the disc. They close the show with their classic cover of ‘Helter Skelter’ followed by ‘Jailhouse Rock.’

    In addition, the audio provides a very special treat for Crue fans in the form of a lost track. The second song performed is a tune called ‘Two Timer.’ According to Nikki, it’s “a song we only played live a few times and never recorded.”

    Listen to the full audio below, fully endorsed by Nikki Sixx himself who advises, “It’s obviously a bootleg but doesn’t sound too bad.”

    Take Me to the Top
    Two Timer
    Come on and Dance
    Mick’s Solo
    Piece of Your Action
    Merry go Round
    Too Fast for Love
    Toast of the Town
    Stick to your Guns
    Starry Eyes
    Live Wire
    Helter Skelter
    Jailhouse Rock

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    Re: MÖTLEY CRÜE- country club

    Mensaje por A.K.U. el Jue 26 Abr 2012, 07:08

    Aunque el sonido no es nada del otro mundo no cave duda de que es un documento sonoro histórico.
    cheers cheers cheers

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