Vendo cds originales de westcoast aor / soft rock.


    Picasso 2
    Fallen Angel

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Tauro

    MENSAJES : 48
    EDAD : 49

    Vendo cds originales de westcoast aor / soft rock.

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    52nd STREET Something´s going on (Produced by Lenny White) 5
    ADRIAN GURVITZ Classic songs (Westcoast, Japan cd with OBI) 30
    AIRPLAY Airplay 15
    AL STEWART Year of the cat (with bonus tracks) 4
    ALEX ALDAMA Alex Aldama (Westcoast) 8
    AL JARREAU High crime (Jay Graydon, Robbie Buchanan,..) 5
    AMERICA Harbor (Christian AOR) 4
    AMY GRANT Unguarded (1985, with Dan Huff, Michael Landau, Robbie Buchanan,..) 8
    AMY GRANT Lead me on (1988, Christian AOR) 5
    AMY GRANT My father´s eyes 5
    ART GARFUNKEL Lefty (Japan cd with OBI) 12
    BILL CHAMPLIN Runaway (Japan mini LP - cd with OBI) 40
    BILL CHAMPLIN Burn down the night 6
    BILL CHAMPLIN Burn down the night (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    BILL CHAMPLIN He started to sing 6
    BILL CHAMPLIN Though it all 6
    BILL LaBOUNTY Bill LaBounty 40
    BILL LaBOUNTY The right direction 8
    BILL LaBOUNTY Back to your star (Japan cd with OBI) 40
    BILLY FALCON Pretty blue world (Produced by Jon Bon Jovi. With Robbie Buchanan, Randy Jackson, etc.) 5
    BILLY GRIFFIN Respect (Westcoast, Japan cd with OBI) 15
    BOBBY CALDWELL Stuck on you 6
    BRIAN DALE Sticks and stones (Westcoast) 8
    BRIDGE, THE The Bridge (1997 Westcoast with Michael Sembello - Japan cd) 15
    BUNNY HULL Truth & tenderness (AOR, Japan cd) 15
    CAROLE BAYER SAGER Carole Bayer Sager (Westcoast - Japan cd) 15
    CLAY AIKEN On my way here (Christian AOR) 5
    CLIF MAGNESS Solo (Great AOR / Westcoast) 12
    DAN FOGELBERG The innocent age (2 cds) 9
    DAN FOGELBERG The wild places 6
    DAN SEALS Rebel heart (1983, Westcoast) (2) 25
    DAN PEEK All things are possible (Jap. With OBI) (1984, AOR, ex-America) 18
    DANCE WITH A STRANGER Look what you´ve done 4
    DANCE WITH A STRANGER Fool´s paradise 4
    DANE DONOHUE St (Japan cd with OBI. Westcoast with Jay Graydon, Jay Winding, Larry Carlton,..) 20
    DARYL HALL Soul alone 5
    DAVID ROBERTS All dressed up (Japan cd) 20
    DAVID ROBERTS Better late than never 12
    DAVID SWANSON Reclamation 4
    DEODATO Happy hour (Japan mini LP-cd with OBI) 15
    DEODATO Motion (Japan mini LP-cd with OBI) 15
    DEODATO Night cruiser (Japan mini LP-cd with OBI) 15
    DONALD FAGEN Morph the cat 5
    DOOBIE BROTHERS Farewell tour 30
    EAST TO WEST North of the sky (Lite AOR with Michael Landau, Vinnie Colaiuta, Abraham Laboriel,..) 5
    ERIC TAGG Time for a miracle (2010, Westcoast, Japan cd with OBI) 20
    FIREFALL Undertow (Westcoast - 3 bonus tracks) 8
    FIREFALL Break of dawn / Mirror of the world (Westcoast) 8
    GO WEST Dancing on the couch 5
    GO WEST Futurenow 12
    HENRY GAFFNEY On again off again (Japan mini-LP cd with OBI) 20
    IMPERIALS Let the wind blow (Cover is a copy) 6
    INFIDELS Infidels (AOR, 1991) 4
    IRENE CARA Carasmatic (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    JAN JOHANSEN X my heart 8
    J.D. SOUTHER Home by dawn (with Don Henley, Linda Ronstadt, etc.) 6
    JERZY GRUNWALD So much to say (Great AOR-Westcoast with Bill Champlin, Joseph Williams..) 12
    JIMMY WEBB Ten easy pieces (Westcoast) 12
    JOHN FARNHAM Then again… 5
    JOHN HALL John Hall (1978, with Wilton Felder, Joe Sample, David Hungate..) 8
    JUICE NEWTON Old flame / Dirty looks (Westcoast with Alan Pasqua, Vince Dicola, Fred Tackett, etc.) 9
    JUSTIN HAYWARD The view from the hill (Ex-Moddy Blues) 7
    KARLA BONOFF Wild heart of the young (Westcoast, Japan cd with OBI) 25
    KARLA BONOFF Restless nights (Westcoast, Japan cd with OBI) 25
    KENNY LOGGINS Outside from the redwoods (Lite OAR) 5
    KENNY MARKS Follow him (AOR, 1982, Japan cd with OBI) 20
    KENNY THOMAS Voices (Lite AOR) 3
    KIM BOYCE Time and again (Lite AOR) 5
    KIM CARNES Voyeur 25
    KING OF HEARTS King of hearts (2) 20
    KING OF HEARTS Joy will come 25
    KING OF HEARTS Midnight crossing 40
    KRISTLE I can´t let go (Westcoast, Japan cd with OBI) 40
    LARRY LEE Marooned (Westcoast) 25
    LAURIE ROTH Always best friends 5
    LEON DELRAY I´m still waitin´ (Westcoast) 5
    LITTLE RIVER BAND Monsoon 12
    LITTLE RIVER BAND Test of time 10
    LITTLE RIVER BAND No reins 50
    LITTLE RIVER BAND Get lucky 7
    LITTLE RIVER BAND Playing to win 30
    LITTLE RIVER BAND Worldwide love (Very good australian AOR) 15
    LITTLE RIVER BAND One night in Mississippi (Live) 5
    LITTLE SISTER While no-one was looking 8
    LOREN HARRIET Round up the usual suspects (Michael Landau, Bill Champlin,..) (2) 30
    MARC JORDAN Live at the Mocambo 30
    MARC JORDAN A hole in the wall (AOR Heaven - 2 bonus tracks) 12
    MARC JORDAN A hole in the wall (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    MARILYN SCOTT Without warning (Japan cd with OBI; Westcoast) 40
    MARILYN SCOTT Sky dancing (Westcoast - Japan cd with OBI) 30
    MARTY BALIN Wish I were (AOR) 12
    MELISSA MANCHESTER If my heart had wings (Japan cd with OBI) (Lite AOR) 15
    MICHAEL BOLTON One world one love (2010) 6
    MICHAEL BOLTON This is the time 4
    MICHAEL BOLTON Timeless: The classics vol. 2 3
    MICHAEL CRAWFORD The Disney album 4
    MICHAEL RUFF Lovesongs + lullabies 12
    MICHAEL SEMBELLO Caravan of dreams (Japan cd) 50
    MICHAEL STANLEY Coming up for air 5
    NED DOHENY Hard candy (Westcoast, Japan cd) 15
    NICK HEYWARD I love you avenue (1988, Lite AOR with Peter Beckett) 12
    NITEFLYTE Niteflyte (1979 - Westcoast, Japan mini lp-cd with OBI) (2) 15
    NITEFLYTE Niteflyte (1981 - Westcoast, Japan mini lp-cd with OBI) (2) 16
    NO TWO No Two (1989 Hi tech AOR, Produced by Kevin Gilbert) 8
    O.S.T. One life to live - The best of love 4
    OUTFIELD, THE Bangin´ (AOR) 5
    PAUL ANKA Headlines (Japan mini LP-CD with OBI) 20
    PAUL CLARK Drawn to the light (Mini lp cd with OBI) 30
    PAUL CLARK Out of the shadow (Mini lp cd with OBI) 30
    PAULINE WILSON Only you (Japan cd with OBI) 40
    PETE BELASCO Deeper (Lite AOR - Japan cd with OBI) 12
    PHIL THORNALLEY Swamp (Hi Tech AOR, 1988) 4
    PLAYER Electric shadow (Japan cd) 40
    PSEUDO ECHO Autumnal park 8
    RAKE & THE SURFTONES Surfers drive woodies (Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather, Joseph Williams..) 12
    RANDY CRAWFORD The very best of (Super Westcoast) 4
    RANDY GOODRUM Caretaker of dreams 8
    RANDY GOODRUM Words and music 80
    RANDY NEWMAN Faust (With Don Henley, Bonnie Raitt, Michael Thomson, etc.) 4
    RAY KENNEDY Ray Kennedy (AOR, 1980, Japan cd) 20
    RICHARD GRIECO Waiting for the sky to fall (AOR, Mark Spiro, Tim Pierce..) 12
    RICHARD TORRANCE Bareback (Westcoast) 30
    ROBBIE NEVIL Robbie Nevil (Hi-Tech AOR) 4
    ROBERT LAMM Life id good in my neighborhood 8
    ROSCO MARTINEZ Rosco Martinez (Fantastic AOR) 6
    RUFUS Party ´til you´re broke (Japan cd with OBI) 40
    RUPERT HOLMES Partners in crime (Westcoast) 8
    RUSSELL Wall of love 40
    SAD CAFÉ Every day hurts 8
    SANNE Language of the heart 6
    SANNE Where blue begins 8
    SEAN Matter of pride (Lite AOR) 3
    SERGIO MENDES Arara (Japan cd with OBI. Westcoast with Dan Huff, Alan Pasqua, Robbie Buchanan,..) 40
    SHARI BELAFONTE Eyes of night (Lite AOR) 20
    SHERWOOD BALL´N CHAIN Folis paradyce (AOR) 30
    ST. PAUL Down to the wire (Lite AOR - Hi Tech, 1990) 4
    STEPHEN BISHOP Bish (Mini LP limited edition) 40
    STEVE KIPNER Knock the walls down (Westcoast - Japan cd) 40
    TERENCE BOYLAN Terence Boylan (1979, Westcoast, with Steve Lukather, Jeff Porcaro, Donald Fagen, Don Henley,..) 6
    TOMMY PAGE From the heart (Lite AOR with Bruce Gaitsch, Peter Wolf, etc.) 4
    V.A. Starting of love (Westcoast - Bill Cantos, The Bossa Nova Hotel,..) 20
    VINCENT & PER HÖGLUND 1000 Man (AOR) 12
    VINCENT ROCCO Hell or highwater (AOR) 4
    WAS (NOT WAS) Hello dad…I´m in jail 6
    WAYNE WATSON Living room (2002, Christian lite AOR) 5
    WAYNE WATSON Wayne Watson (2000, Christian lite AOR) 5

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