Vendo cds originales de hard rock.


    Picasso 2
    Fallen Angel

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Tauro

    MENSAJES : 48
    EDAD : 49

    Vendo cds originales de hard rock.

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    400 HORSES 400 Horses 4
    ALCATRAZZ Live sentence 20
    ANAND A man´s mind 8
    ANGELO PERLEPES MYSTERY St (Like Yngwie Malmsteen Jeff Scott Soto´s era) 15
    BAD 4 GOOD Refugee (Produced by Steve Vai) 8
    BADLANDS Voodoo highway (First pressing) 20
    BAI BANG Attitude (Hard Rock) 30
    BANG CAMARO II (Hard rock) 5
    BARNABAS Feel the fire / Little foxes (Hard rock - 1984/1985) 40
    BARON ROJO Volumen brutal (English + Spanish version) 12
    BARÓN ROJO Perversiones 6
    BEN JACKSON All over you 5
    BIG APPLE Rock area 12
    BIG COUNTRY Under cover (Covers of Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, etc) 4
    BILLY IDOL Whiplash smile (Japan cd) 8
    BILLY IDOL Happy holidays 4
    BLACK´N BLUE Black´n´Blue (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    BLACK´N BLUE Without love (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    BLACK´N BLUE Without love 6
    BLACK´N´BLUE Nasty nasty (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    BLACK SABBATH The Sabbath stones (Tony Martin years) 15
    BLACK SUN Try another world (Very rare - Hard Heavy Rock) 80
    BLUE OYSTER CULT Imaginos 8
    BLUES SARACENO Never look back 15
    BRITTON Until the day we die (1992, Hard Rock) 12
    BUDGIE You´re all living in Cuckooland 12
    CHALICE Digital Bulevard (hard rock) 5
    CLOCKWISE Nostalgia (Hard Rock) 6
    COLD CHISEL Last stand (With Jimmy Barnes) 12
    COMPANY OF WOLVES Shakers and tamborines (Hard rock) 8
    CONQUEST Worlds apart (Hard Rock) 5
    COZY POWELL The best of (with Don Airey, Jeff Beck, Gary Moore,..) 7
    CRIMES OF PASSION Crimes of passion 8
    DAMNED NATION Just what the doctor ordered 9
    DARE FORCE Fire power (Heavy Rock) 8
    DAVE NERGE´S BULLDOG The return of Mr. Nasty (Anders and Jens Johansson, Benny Jansson,..) 40
    DAVID LEE ROTH The best 5
    DEEP PURPLE Shades of Deep Purple (5 bonus tracks) 5
    DEEP PURPLE Deep Purple (5 bonus tracks) 5
    DEF LEPPARD Adrenalize 5
    DEMON Spaced out monkey 4
    DEROSSO Ossimoro 5
    DIAMOND HEAD Borrowed time (1982, Japan cd) 12
    DIAMOND HEAD What´s in your head? 8
    DIO Lock up the wolves 6
    DIO Magica 5
    DIO Dio´s inferno the last in live (2 cds) 8
    DIRTY LOOKS Turn of the screw 8
    DOKKEN Dokken (Jap. With OBI) 30
    DOMAIN One million light years from home 8
    DONNAS, THE Gold medal (bonus dvd) 6
    DONNIE MILLER One of the boys 5
    DON PATROL A wire, a deal and the devil 10
    DORO True at heart 12
    DORO Warrior soul 8
    EGYPT Preserving the dead 8
    EGYPT Hammer 6
    EQUAL LOUDNESS CURVE Let it roll 6
    ETERNAL FLAME Desire (Hard Rock) 8
    EVERY MOTHER´S NIGHTMARE Smokin´ Delta Voodoo 8
    EVIDENCE ONE Tattooed heart 6
    FASTWAY On target reworked 8
    FLESH & BLOOD Blues for daze (Super Bluesy Hard Rock with Danny Vaughn, Al Pitrelli and Mark Mangold) 30
    FOGHAT Last train home (digi-pack) 6
    FORCEFIELD IV Let the wild run free (Graham Bonnet, Cozy Powell, Don Airey,..) 30
    FORTUNE Calling spirits (Hard rock) 15
    FOZZY Happenstance (Heavy Rock) 5
    FRANK MARINO From the hip (1990) 6
    FREAK KITCHEN Appetizer 15
    FREAK KITCHEN Freak Kitchen 12
    FROM BEHIND Game over (with Nicky Moore, Manny Charlton,..) 5
    FROST Out in the cold (with Ted Poley, Jeff Martin,…) 6
    FULL BLOWN MOSEY Temporal cadence (Hard rock) 6
    GILLAN Future shock (10 bonus tracks) 7
    GIRLSCHOOL Nightmare at Maple Cross 15
    GIRLSCHOOL Legacy (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    GLENN HUGHES From now on.. 20
    GLENN HUGHES Songs in the key of rock 6
    GLENN HUGHES Blues (with John Norum, Warren DeMartini, Richie Kotzen, Mick Mars,..) 20
    GLENN HUGHES Building the machine 6
    GLENN HUGHES The way it is 6
    GLENN HUGHES Music for the divine 6
    GRAHAM BONNET Here comes the night 15
    GRAHAM BONNET The day I went mad (with Vivian Campbell, Bruce Kulick, Danny Johnson,..) 10
    GRAND PRIX Samurai 40
    GRAND SLAM (PHIL LYNOTT) Twilight´s last gleaming (2 cds) (2) 8
    GREAT WHITE The final cuts 8
    GREAT WHITE Stick it (5 bonus tracks) 8
    GREAT WHITE Live in London (Jap. Cd with OBI) 20
    GREAT WHITE Recovery: Live! 5
    GREEN BULLFROG, THE Sessions (1971, Ritchie Blackmore and Ian Paice) 12
    GRIFFEN Life - A way to die (Hard melodic rock ) 6
    GRIFFIN Lifeforce (Hard Rock) 5
    GUNHILL Nightheat (John Lawton) 8
    HAMMER OF THE GODS Two nights in North America (2 cds, Tribute to Led Zeppelin) 15
    HEAVEN & HELL Radio City Music Hall Live 2007 (2 cds) 9
    HEAVEN´S FIRE The outside (Hard Rock from Canada) 7
    HEAVY PETTIN Rock ain´t dead (Polydor first pressing) 12
    HELIX Back for another taste 8
    HELLFUELED Born II Rock (Heavy Metal, like Black Sabbath) 4
    HELLOISE Polarity 40
    HELLOISE Cosmogony 40
    HOLLY WOODS Live it up! (Hard rock) 8
    HOWE II High gear 15
    HUNDRED YEARS Hundred Years 4
    IAIN ASHLEY HERSEY Fallen Angel (Hard Rock) 5
    IAN GILLAN Toolbox 5
    INFERNOPHONIC Spark it up (Hard Rock) 5
    INMACULATE MARY Through the eyes of youth (Hard Rock - 1989) 8
    INSANIA Insania (Hard Rock, 1992) 8
    JAILHOUSE Jailhouse (Hard Rock) 9
    JAKE E LEE A fine pink mist 25
    JAMES BYRD Atlantis Rising 20
    JANCREE The solitary dream (Hard rock) 50
    JEFF KOLLMAN Into the unknown 6
    JOANNA DEAN Misbehavin´ (Hard rock) 20
    JOE LYNN TURNER Undercover 2 20
    JOE PERRY PROJECT Once a rocker always a rocker 20
    JOE SATRIANI Time machine (2 cds) 10
    JOE SATRIANI Crystal planet 5
    JOE SATRIANI Joe Satriani 5
    JOE SATRIANI Strange beautiful music 5
    JOHANSSON BROTHERS, THE The last viking 12
    JOHN LAWTON & STEVE DUNNING Steppin´ it up 20
    JOHN LAWTON BAND Sting in the tale 20
    JULLIET Julliet (Hard Rock produced by Frankie Sullivan, 1990) 15
    JUNKHOUSE Strays 3
    KEN HENSLEY The anthology 8
    KEN HENSLEY Blood on the highway (promo) 2
    KING JAMES King James (with Robert Sweet, Tim Gaines, Rex Carroll,..) 15
    KING JAMES The fall 8
    KING KARMA King Karma (Z Records) 6
    KING OF DARKNESS Triple Whammy 5
    KISS Sonic boom (Special edition - 2 cds + dvd, Live in Buenos Aires) 15
    KORITNI Red live joint (cd + dvd) 15
    KROKUS Stampede 8
    LAST CALL Rockin´ in my limousine 6
    LED ZEPPELIN Boxed set 2 (2 cds) 20
    LEGS DIAMOND Diamonds are forever 8
    LEGS DIAMOND Uncut diamond 8
    LEGS DIAMOND A diamond is a hard rock (bonus track) 9
    LEGS DIAMOND Fire power (2 bonus tracks) 9
    LELE LAINA / JOSE L. JIMENEZ Canciones básicas 8
    LEMON BIRD Rara avis (Hard rock) 15
    LOCOMOTIVE BREATH Heavy machinery (Hard Rock from Sweden) 6
    LOS SUAVES Un paso atrás en el tiempo (2 cds, Spanish Hard Rock) 8
    LOTUS Fruitage (Hard rock) 6
    MAGO DE OZ Gaia (cd + dvd) 8
    MARC RIZZO The ultimate devotion (digi pack) 4
    MARK WOOD Voodoo violence (1991) 8
    MASQUERADE Masquerade (1992, hard rock) 30
    METAL MAJESTY 2005 (Hard Rock like Whitesnake, Blue Murder,..) 8
    MICHAEL KNIGHT Dreamscapes 15
    MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP Assault attack (Japan cd) 15
    MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP Be aware of scorpions 5
    MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP One night at Budokan 8
    MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP Tales of rock´n´roll 8
    MSG - SCHENKER / BARDEN In the midst of beauty 7
    MONSTER Through the eyes of the world (Hard Rock) 15
    MONTROSE The very best of 4
    MOTHER´S ARMY Mother´s Army (Japan cd) 15
    MOTHER´S FINEST Live at Villa Berg (2 cds) 10
    MOTLEY CRUE Carnival of sins (Live - 2 cds) 8
    MOTLEY CRUE Girls girls girls (Remastered + bonus tracks) 6
    MOTLEY CRUE Dr. Feelgood (Remastered + bonus tracks) 6
    MOUNTAIN Man´s world 6
    MOXY A tribute to Buzz Shearman 12
    NATION Without remorse (like Yngwie Malmsteen) 8
    NAZARETH Sound elixir (3 bonus tracks) 8
    NAZARETH Rampant (3 bonus tracks) 6
    NAZARETH Razamanaz (Digipack with 2 bonus tracks) 6
    NAZARETH Nazareth (5 bonus tracks) 5
    NEW LEGEND Deep colors bleed 15
    NIGHTSHADE Dead of night (formerly Q5) 30
    NIGHTVISION Nightvision (Hard Rock) 6
    NOISY MAMA Everybody has one (Hard Rock) 8
    ORIZ Oriz (Hard Rock) 8
    ORPHANN Don´t say no 6
    OSTROGOTH Feelings of fury 15
    OSTROGOTH Ecstasy and danger / Full moon´s eyes 15
    OZZY OSBOURNE No more tears (2 bonus tracks) 5
    OZZY OSBOURNE No rest for the wicked (2 bonus tracks) 5
    OZZY OSBOURNE The essential (2 cds) 8
    PAT TRAVERS Hot shot (1984) 8
    PAT TRAVERS Black pearl (1982) 8
    PLANET THIRTEEN One way ticket 8
    PRETTY MAIDS Sin decade 8
    PUMP Breakdown to breakthrough 5
    PUSH 4 the love of the game 5
    PYRAMID Hieroglyphics (Hard Rock USA) 6
    QUILL, THE In triumph 5
    QUIET RIOT Quiet Riot (1988, with Paul Shortino - First pressing) 12
    R.A.W. First (first pressing) (Hard Rock from Sweden) 15
    RAM JAM Portrait of the artist as a young ram (Hard Rock) 8
    REBELENE In the middle of nowhere 5
    RECKLESS No frills (Hard Rock, 1987) 6
    RECKLESS Reckless (MTM Classix) 5
    REISSUE Unstoppable (Hard rock) 12
    RENEGADE Ravages of time (Hard Rock) 12
    REST IN PEACE Thanks to Cozy (Japan cd) 20
    RICHIE KOTZEN Into the black (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    RICHIE KOTZEN Mother Head´s Family Reunion 20
    RICHIE KOTZEN Fever dream 8
    ROBIN TROWER In the line of fire 8
    ROBIN TROWER Passion 8
    ROCKHEAD Rockhead (Hard Rock, Produced by Bob Rock) 6
    RONDINELLI Wardance (with Ray Gillen) 12
    RUMBLEDOG Rumbledog (Like Dirty Looks) 20
    SABBTAIL Otherworlds (Hard Rock, like Rainbow or Balck Sabbatah with Dio) 5
    SAMMY HAGAR Street machine 8
    SCORPIONS Born to touch your feeling 5
    SEVEN TEN Love and war (Hard Rock USA) 6
    SEX MUSEUM Fly by night (2 cds live - Spanish hard rock) 8
    SEX MUSEUM Sonic (Spanish hard rock) 6
    SHAKIN STREET Axe Killer Warrior´s set deluxe (2 cds, 2 classic albums + 1 live album bonus) 15
    SHARK ISLAND Law of the order 12
    SIMPLE SERVICE Life is dog food (Melodic Hard Rock) 40
    SINNER Danger zone 8
    SNAKES IN PARADISE Yesterday & today 8
    SOLAR PROJECT The final-solution (Hard Rock) 6
    SOUL KITCHEN Soul Kitchen (Hard rock) 5
    SOUL SIRKUS World play (bonus DVD) 8
    SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN Double your pleasure (David T. Chastain) 6
    SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN Exotic dancer blues 8
    SOUTHGANG Tainted angel 20
    SOUTHGANG Group therapy 12
    SPREAD EAGLE Spread Eagle (Hard Rock, 1990) 8
    STARZ Starz 15
    STARZ Coliseum rock (Hard rock) 6
    STATETROOPER Statetrooper (6 bonus tracks - 1986, Gary Barden) 20
    STEALIN HORSES Stealin Horses (1988) 5
    STEELHEART Wait (Japan cd with OBI) 30
    STEVE VAI The elusive light and soul vol. 1 6
    STREAM Chasin´ the dragon (Heavy Rock with David Glenn Easley, Erci Singer, Bob Daisley) 5
    THE MAGIC FREAK SOCIETY s.t. (with Mark Mangold) 5
    THIN LIZZY Killers on the loose again - A tribute 5
    THIN LIZZY Track from the vaults - More John Peel sessions 12
    THUNDER Shooting at the sun 8
    THUNDER Live (2 cds) 12
    TOPO Pret a porter (Spanish hard rock) 8
    TOSS´N´TURN Freestyle (Hard melodic rock) 8
    TOX Prince of darkness 20
    TRAPEZE Hot wire 8
    TRASH BROADWAY Trash Broadway (Hard rock) 40
    TRIBUTE TO ZZ TOP Gimme all your top 4
    TRIUMPH Live at the US Festival (cd + dvd) 8
    TROOPER Thick as thieves (Hard rock) 5
    UFO Force it 6
    UFO No heavy pettin / Lights out 12
    UFO Obsession 8
    UFO Mechanix (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    UFO Misdemeanor 8
    UFO The will the willing and the innocent (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    UFO No place to run (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    UFO Strangers in the night (Expanded edition) 8
    UFO Lights out 6
    UFO One of these nights. 2 cds: High stakes & dangerous men + Live 9
    UFO Champions of rock (autographed) 4
    UFO TNT - Live in Texas´n´Live in Tokyo (2 cds) 12
    URIAH HEEP The golden palace 4
    URN, THE The Urn (Hard rock) 8
    V.A. Jeffology (Vivian Campbell, Warren DeMartini, Steve Lukather,..) 15
    V.A. Kings of Sunset Strip vol. 1 (Angora, Tommi Gunn, Young Gunns, Jailhouse) 6
    V.A. Metal guitars - High voltage instrumentals 4
    V.A. Révolution Hard-Rock (80´s hard rock from France) 5
    V.A. Spacewalk - A tribute to Ace Frehley 4
    VENGEANCE Rock´n´roll shower (1984-1998) 15
    VENGEANCE Back from flight 19 12
    VIVIAN CAMPBELL Two sides of if 8
    WAYSTED Vices (2) 12
    WHITESNAKE Ready an´ willing 5
    WHITESNAKE Come an´get it 5
    WHITESNAKE Lovehunter 5
    WILLOW Lost in love 30
    WRECKS MONDAY Work (Hard rock) 30
    X-SINNER Get it (1989) 15
    X-SINNER Peace treaty (1991) 20
    X-SINNER Fire it up 8
    YESTERDAY AND TODAY Ten (Booklet lacks some pages) 3
    YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Magnum Opus (Signed by Yngwie himself) 8
    ZERO NINE Headline 12
    ZERO NINE Visions, scenes and dreams 12
    ZERO NINE Freakshow 20

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