Vendo cds originales de blues rock.


    Picasso 2
    Fallen Angel

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Tauro

    MENSAJES : 48
    EDAD : 49

    Vendo cds originales de blues rock.

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    ANTHONY PAULE Hiding in plain sight (Blues rock) 6
    ANTHONY PAULE Big guitar (Blues rock) 6
    BACKBONE Backbone (Grateful Dead´s drummer, Blues-rock) 4
    BACKSTREET CRAWLER The band plays on (1975, Blues rock with Paul Kossoff) 4
    BB AND THE STINGERS B.B. and the stingers (Blues rock) 6
    BB AND THE STINGERS 1st blues band on Venus (Blues rock) 6
    BENNY VALERIO AND TEXAS THUNDER Sorrounded by the blues (Blues rock) 4
    BERLIN BLUES En la estación (spanish blues rock) 5
    BLUE LAW Gonna getcha (feat. Andy Powell of Wishbone Ash) 5
    BOBBY MACK & NIGHT TRAIN Red hot and humid (Blues rock) 8
    BONNIE RAITT Collection (Blues rock) 3
    BRITISH LIONS Trouble with women (8 bonus tracks) (1982, British hard blues rock) 8
    BUGS HENDERSON Blue music (Blues Rock) 12
    CADILLAC BLUES BAND Starting out 8
    CADILLAC BLUES BAND Poison booze 20
    CANNED HEAT Human condition revisited / Henry Vestine (2 cds) 8
    CANNED HEAT Burnin´ live (Classic blues-rock) 4
    CANNED HEAT Boogie 2000 (Classic blues-rock) 4
    CANNED HEAT Internal combustion (classic blues-rock) 4
    CANNED HEAT Reheated (classic blues-rock) 4
    COASTLINE BAND The Coastline Band (Blues-rock) 5
    COCO MONTOYA Ya think I´d know better (blues-rock) 5
    COLIN JAMES Then again (Blues-rock) 5
    COMMANDER CODY AND HIS LOST PLANET AIRMEN The early years 1967-1970 (Digipack 2 cds) (Blues Rock) 10
    DOYLE BRAMHALL II Welcome (Blues rock) 5
    ELIZABETH LEE You got that right (Blues rock) 8
    ERIC JERARDI BAND Restless (Blues rock) 12
    FERROBLUES Mondongo (Spanish blues rock) 5
    GRANT LYLE Traces (Blues rock) 6
    GREG KOCH 4 days in the south (full promo) 3
    HAMILTON Just gimme one night (Blues rock) 20
    IAN MOORE Ian Moore (Blues rock) 5
    INNES SIBUN Stardust (Blues rock) 8
    JAY HOOKS Jay Hooks (blues rock. Full promo) 3
    JAY HOOKS Red line (Blues Rock) 3
    JEFF CHAZ Tired of being lonely (Blues rock) 20
    JEFF PITCHELL Heavy hitter (Blues rock) 5
    JOE TURNER Live: Shake, rattle and roll (with Mike Bloomfield on guitar) 3
    JUICY LUCY Juicy Lucy / Lie back and enjoy it (Blues rock) 10
    JULIAN SAS Where will it end? (Blues Rock) 6
    KEITH SCOTT Heavy blues (Blues rock) 30
    KID JONNY LANG & THE BIG BAND St (Blues rock) 3
    KIN PING MEH Kin Ping Meh (1972, Hard Blues Rock - Digi pack) 18
    LAZY POKER BLUES BAND Halsted sessions (Blues rock) 8
    LEE SANKEY My day is just beginning (Blues Rock, 2 cds) 6
    LUCKY PETERSON Lucky strikes (Blues rock) 5
    LUCKY PETERSON Ridin (Blues rock) 6
    MAURICE JOHN VAUGHN In the shadow of the city (Blues rock) 8
    MICHAEL HOLLOWAY Ridin´ this train (Blues rock) 8
    MICHAEL KATON Bad machine (Blues rock) 5
    MICHAEL KATON MK (Full promo) 3
    MICHAEL KATON The rage called Rock´n´Roll (Blues rock) 12
    MICHAEL KATON Live & on the prowl! (Blues rock - Full promo) 3
    MICHAEL HILL´S BLUES MOB Bloodlines (excellent blues rock) 5
    MICK ABRAHAMS´ BLODWYN PIG All tore down - Live 6
    MIKE ONESKO´S BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND To the station (Blues rock) 15
    MONTE MONTGOMERY 1st and repair (Blues rock) 4
    MONTE MONTGOMERY St (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    MUDDY WATERS / RORY GALLAGHER The Muddy Waters London sessions 5
    NEAL SCHON Piranha blues 5
    NELSON NORWOOD Long, loud´n sweaty (Blues rock) 3
    OUT OF THE BLUE V.A. (Blues rock, Ryko) 5
    PAPPO WITH DEACON JONES July 93 Los Angeles (Blues rock) 5
    PAUL GILBERT & JIMI KIDD Raw blues power (Full promo) 2
    PAUL JONES & DAVE KELLY Live at the Ram Jam Club (vol. 2) (Blues Rock) 8
    POPA CHUBBY Flashed back (Blues rock) 6
    POPPY & THE USUAL SUSPECTS Celestial love jones (hard rock) 6
    REX CARROLL BAND, THE That was then, this is now 8
    RICK MOORE AND MR. LUCKY Satisfied (Blues rock) 5
    ROCK THE BLUES AWAY Sampler with Glenn Hughes, Pat Travers, Craig Erickson… 5
    SAVOY BROWN Steel (Blues rock) 6
    SAVOY BROWN Bring it home (Blues rock) 5
    SHUGGIE OTIS Here comes / Freedom flight (Classic Blues Rock) 8
    SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON Bye bye Sonny (Digipack deluxe 2 cds) 12
    STONE THE CROWS Stone The Crows (Classic Blues Rock, 1969) 15
    STONE THE CROWS Ode to John law (Classic Blues Rock, 1970) 15
    STONE THE CROWS Teenage licks (Classic Blues Rock, 1971) 15
    STRAY Dangerous games (Blues rock, 2 cds) 6
    SUNNYLAND BLUESBAND Soul storm comming 5
    SUNSET HEIGHTS Sunset Heights (Blues Rock) 4
    THE AYNSLEY DUNBAR RETALIATION The Aynsley Dunbar Retliation / Doctor Dunbar´s Prescription (2 cds digipack) (Classic Blues Rock) 9
    THE AYNSLEY DUNBAR RETALIATION To mum from Aynsley and the boys / Remains to be heard (2 cds digipack) (Classic Blues Rock) 9
    THE GRAPES High or low (Blues Rock) 3
    THE GREASE BAND The Grease Band / Amazing grease 8
    THE SAM LAY BLUES BAND Feelin´ good (Blues Rock) 4
    TINSLEY ELLIS The hard way (Hard Blues) 5
    TONY MONTANA Tombstone shuffle (Hard Blues Rock) 4
    V.A. Crossfire - A tribute to Stevie Ray 5
    V.A. Genuine Houserockin´Music V (Alligator) 5
    V.A. L.A. Blues Authority volume V - Cream of the crop 15
    V.A. The Alligator Records - 20th Anniversary Collection (2 cds) (Fantastic Blues-Rock) 8
    V.A. Where blues meets rock V (Provogue) 4
    VARGAS BLUES BAND Lost & found (Bonus live DVD) 8
    WALTER TROUT BAND Prisoner of a dream (Blues rock) 8
    WHOLE LOTTA BLUES Songs of Led Zeppelin 4
    WIDE MOUTH MASON Wide Mouth Mason (Blues Rock) 4
    WILD TURKEY Stealer of years (Blues rock) 3

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