Fallen Angel Platinum

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Cáncer

    MENSAJES : 2362
    EDAD : 43
    LOCALIZACIÓN : la coruña


    Mensaje por motleyfeelgood el Jue 24 Mayo 2012, 21:16

    Fronted by Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd — former Playboy TV and radio personalities that are rarely seen wearing more than strategically placed electrical tape and a gallon or so of blood — and backed by Henry Flury (AMEN) on lead guitar, Jason Klein (AZDACHAO) on bass, and Chris Warner (SCARS OF TOMORROW) on drums, the BUTCHER BABIES describe their sound as "heavy fucking metal co-fronted by two girls that don't give a shit, and backed by three guys with writing techniques so different that they complement each other. Between our combined influences of thrash, punk, experimental, death, and nu-metal, we've managed to create our own sound that, in a nutshell, is pure sex, blood, and rock and roll."

    When asked by Revolver magazine why the BUTCHER BABIES refer to themselves as "slut metal" and what the hell "slut metal" exactly is, Shepherd said, "We can't go balls out — so we go tits out! When girls are perceived as sexual or outspoken, they get labeled sluts, but we embrace those qualities and bring them to our music as well. BUTCHER BABIES is true slut metal: We're doing what we want, how we want."

    On the topic of BUTCHER BABIES' goals, Harvey told Revolver, "To bring slut metal to the masses — duh! In all seriousness, we feel like we are just touching on what we are capable of, and we want to continue to grow, get our music out there, and get on the road! There are so many repressed people out there that need to see a show like ours. Hopefully they will take home with them the message that they are able to do everything they want to do regardless of who they are told they are supposed to be."

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