COASTLINE - s/t (AOR - 2003)


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    COASTLINE - s/t (AOR - 2003)

    Mensaje por jarryguo el Lun 02 Jul 2012, 23:43

    Otro buen diskiguo de AOR sueco con chica al culili frente que nos dejó la tristemente desaparecida Vinny Records.

    Fallen Angel Diamond

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    Mensaje por pacopuma el Mar 03 Jul 2012, 00:04

    Muy buen disco melodico!!!
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    Mensaje por joakim el Mar 03 Jul 2012, 15:00

    A veces me recuerdan a Abba. Buen disco que compré en Vinny Records
    Fallen Angel Diamond

    SEXO : Masculino
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    Mensaje por Robert el Jue 05 Jul 2012, 01:47

    jarryguo escribió:Otro buen diskiguo de AOR sueco con chica al culili frente que nos dejó la tristemente desaparecida Vinny Records.

    Pero como no e comentado yo este?

    Helena Rosendahl vocals
    Thomas Hansson guitars
    Lars Melin keyboards
    Tomas Munters bass
    Jan Hedlund drums

    1. Restless Heart, Restless Mind
    2. Breaking A Heart Is So Easy
    3. Masterplan
    4. Can't Live Here Without You
    5. Searching For An Answer
    6. Desperate Heartbeats
    7. Innocent Child
    8. Love's Not For Everyone
    9. One Step
    10. Save Your Love
    11. I'll Get Over You
    12. Miracle

    *ojo q tienen tb estas demos:

    Como curiosidad os dejo aki las yamadas:

    Coastline - Restless In One Step - Demos

    Pero son Exactamente los mismos Temas q vienen en el disco debut del 2003!!

    Solo q en vez d 13 temas son 9!!


    STLINE: "Demos"

    You like the Swedish sound with fluffy keyboards and catchy hooks? Look no further as Coastline will supply all your needs of wimpy AOR. This is yet another nice female fronted band from Sweden, with their roots firmly grounded in the 80's.

    Helena Rosendahl (vocals), Thomas Hansson (guitars), Tomas Munters (bass), Lars Melin (keyboards), and Jan Hedlund (drums), are all heavily influenced by bands such as Heart, Survivor & Journey. With songmaterial in the Swedish tradition, they set out to conquer the world... or at least to try and obtain a record deal. I really believe they have a good chance in considing one too!!

    The only problem I have with their material? Almost all of the songs are steped into this mid-tempo formula, without any real rockers. There's nothing remarkably wrong with that maybe, but it would be nice to hear some 'pedal to the metal' tunes, for once. Coastline is definetily something to look out for in the future, if you enjoy Tone Norum, Heart, Alison Avenue, or Witness. Since songs like "Restless Heart, Restless Mind", "One Step", "Masterplan", "Desperate Heartbeats", "Breaking A Heart Is So Easy" etc. are all darn fine and "pure" AOR, in the 80's style. The lovely Helena sings with passion and heart, even though she's dangerously close to sounding like a "dans-bands" vocalist. "Dans-Band" is a very typical Swedish thing and i wont even try to describe it too closely. You could say it's music simular to German Schlager and suitable when middle-aged people, goes dancing at weekend's. Swedish readers may also remember guitarist Hansson from the TV-Show "Sikta Mot Stjärnorna". Where he played the part of 'Agnus Young' in the 'Highway To Hell' cover. He's a real 'dal-mas' from Malung/Sweden, like the rest of the band (Nä, Jag är från Dalarna, ja'). Look out for Coastline in the future and you can contact them at: speedlund@spray.se or: lillflask@hotmail.com

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