Redline, Metal clásico


    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Aries

    MENSAJES : 1241
    EDAD : 49
    LOCALIZACIÓN : Donosti

    Redline, Metal clásico

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    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Géminis

    MENSAJES : 24180
    EDAD : 51
    LOCALIZACIÓN : www.ciudadanorock.com

    Re: Redline, Metal clásico

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    Suenan bien, su segundo disco salió en septiembre.

    01. Battle Cry
    02. King Of The Mountain
    03. Black Sky
    04. No Limits
    05. Twistin' The Knife
    06. Cold Silence
    07. High Price To Pay
    08. The Edge Of Falling
    09. Some Kinda' Mean
    10. We Came To Rock

    "Formed in 2006 through a desire to write ‘nu-classic rock’ songs and with an addiction to all things motorcycle, the band went through a period of evolution with several line up changes and a series of demo albums, one of which was self-released, and although very well received the band felt that the material would benefit from a different vocal style. Finally the right chemistry was achieved that gives Redline their unique, distinctive, driving hard rock sound led by Kez Taylor on vocals, A.D. on guitar, Mark Biddiscombe, drums, Redvers on bass and Steve Petty, guitar. The band’s new album ‘Vice’ is due to be released in Europe on the Escape Music label.

    Featured on ‘Vice’ is the anthemic ‘King Of The Mountain’. Written as a tribute for the Isle Of Man TT Motorcycle Races it has been adopted as the official soundtrack for the event since 2009. The song plays out all the television broadcasts of what is the most exciting and dangerous road race in the world. The programmes, produced by North One Television, have gone out to over 83 countries worldwide with viewing figures of over 32 million, as well as being featured on Duke Video’s DVD’s and Blu-Ray reviews of the races. This will be the first time that the official version of the song will be available to purchase on CD.

    The album was recorded at Mad Hat Studios who have recorded bands such as Magnum, Diamond Head and Marshall Law. Additional work on a number of tracks also took place at The Old Smithy Studios where Trapeze, and Judas Priest recorded their last 2 albums.

    During recording their power ballad ‘Cold Silence’ for the Vice album, Jimmy Lea from Slade dropped in to the studio and being impressed with the song went on to put down violin and cello parts on the track, whilst Pete Lakin (ex Double Cross/Fatemaker) contributed the haunting piano arrangement.

    Redline have been enthusiastically received at a number of gigs and festivals to date where they have appeared with Saxon, UFO, Tesla, Raven and Argent to name a few. The band are currently rehearsing and planning future dates to promote Vice."

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