Rebajas de Navidad - Todos los cds a 3 y 4,5 euros.


    Picasso 2
    Fallen Angel

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Tauro

    MENSAJES : 48
    EDAD : 49

    Rebajas de Navidad - Todos los cds a 3 y 4,5 euros.

    Mensaje por Picasso 2 el Jue 20 Dic 2012, 13:15

    Durante unos días vendo los siguientes cds (por supuesto, originales) a 3 y 4,5 euros. Para cualquier cosa, podéis contactarme en: fernandogromanillos@gmail.com

    A 4,5 euros:

    ACCEPT Eat the heat
    ANNIHILATOR Schizo deluxe (3 bonus tracks)
    ANTHONY PAULE Hiding in plain sight (Blues rock)
    ANTHONY PAULE Big guitar (Blues rock)
    ARGENT In deep (1 bonus track)
    ARTENSION Machine
    ARTHEMIS Golden dawn (Power metal)
    ASCENSION THEORY Answers (Progressive Metal)
    AYREON Flight of the migrator
    AYREON The final experiment
    BARBRA STREISAND Timeless - Live in concert (2 cds)
    BARÓN ROJO Perversiones
    BATTLELORE Sword´s song (Epic metal)
    BATTLEROAR Battleroar (Heavy metal)
    BATTLEROAR To death and beyond (Heavy Metal)
    BB AND THE STINGERS B.B. and the stingers (Blues rock)
    BB AND THE STINGERS 1st blues band on Venus (Blues rock)
    BERNARD OATTES Frame by frame
    BILL CHAMPLIN Burn down the night
    BILL CHAMPLIN He started to sing
    BILL CHAMPLIN Though it all
    BONEMACHINE Search and destroy (with Ted Poley)
    BONFIRE Feels like comin´ home
    BRIAN TARQUIN Fretworx (Feat. Steve Morse, Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan,..)
    CARAVAN Waterloo Lily (4 bonus tracks)
    CARL ANDERSON Fantasy hotel (1992)
    CAROL KNAUBER Now you´re talking (Fusion feat. Steve Smith, Steve Tavaglione,..)
    CAROLE KING Love makes the world
    DAN FOGELBERG The wild places
    DARYL HALL Laughing down crying
    DAVID COVERDALE Into the light
    DAYDREAMER Daydreamer (2007, Escape Music)
    DC DRIVE DC Drive (1993, Melodic Rock with Michael Romeo)
    DENIECE WILLIAMS This is niecy
    DENNIS DE YOUNG Desert moon
    DEREK TRUCKS BAND Joyful noise
    DERRINGER BOGERT & APPICE Doin´ business as…
    DONNAS, THE Gold medal (bonus dvd)
    DR. SIN Shadows of light (with Mike Vescera on vocals)
    DREAM THEATER When dream and day unite
    EARGASM DNA (Prog-Metal)
    EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND Edgar Broughton Band (3 bonus tracks)
    EDIN ADAHL Into my soul
    EDIN ADAHL Revival
    EGYPT Hammer
    ELECTRIC SUN Earthquake (Uli Jon Roth)
    EVIDENCE ONE Tattooed heart
    FIREBIRD No. 3
    FISH Suits
    FISH Fellini days
    FISH Yang (Marillion vocalist)
    FISH Yin (Marillion vocalist)
    FOGHAT Last train home (digi-pack)
    FRANK MARINO From the hip (1990)
    FRANK NIMSGERN Feat. Chaka Khan & Billy Cobham
    FROST Out in the cold (with Ted Poley, Jeff Martin,…)
    FULL BLOWN MOSEY Temporal cadence (Hard rock)
    GARY WRIGHT The right place (1981)
    GEORGE BENSON 20/20 (Feat. Michael Sembello, Cliff Magness, Dan Huff,..)
    GLENN HUGHES Songs in the key of rock
    GLENN HUGHES Music for the divine
    GRAND FUNK RAILROAD The collection
    GRANT LYLE Traces (Blues rock)
    GRAVE DIGGER Tunes of war
    GRIFFEN Life - A way to die (Hard melodic rock )
    HAGEN Corridors of time (Prog rock-metal from Sweden)
    HEADLINE Heartstream (Melodic rock)
    HEART A lovemongers´ Christmas
    HELLOWEEN Keeper of the seven keys - Part I
    HELSTAR Remmants of war
    HIGHEST DREAM Far away from here (AOR)
    HIRSH GARDNER Wasteland for broken hearts (AOR)
    HURTSMILE Hurtsmile (Feat. Gary Cherone of Extreme)
    IN FLAMES Come clarity
    IN FLAMES Whoracle
    INDECENT OBSESSION Relativity (Lite AOR)
    IRON MAIDEN Seventh son of a seventh son
    JACKAL A safe look in mirrors (Heavy metal)
    JACK BRUCE A question of time
    JACK STARR´S GUARDIANS OF THE FLAME Under a savage sky (Classic Heavy Metal)
    JACK WAGNER Alone in a crowd
    JAMES CHRISTIAN Meet the man
    JANATA Janata (1990)
    J.D. SOUTHER Home by dawn (with Don Henley, Linda Ronstadt, etc.)
    JEFF BECK Truth & Beck-ola
    JEFF KOLLMAN Into the unknown
    JOHNNY MATHIS Because you loved me (The songs of Diane Warren with Michael Landau, Dean Parks, ..)
    JOHNNY MATHIS Better together - The duets album
    JOHN PARR Running the endless mile
    JORDAN RUDESS Feeding the wheel (with Steve Morse, John Petrucci, Billy Seehan, etc.)
    JOURNEY Red 13
    JULIAN SAS Where will it end? (Blues Rock)
    KANSAS King Biscuit (Live with Steve Morse)
    KAYAK Eyewitness
    KAYAK Periscope life (2 bonus tracks)
    KICKHUNTER All in (Hard Rock feat. Markus Grosskopf)
    KILLING TOUCH One of a king (Heavy rock)
    KING KARMA King Karma (Z Records)
    L.A. Unfinished business (2 cds)
    LARRY CORYELL I´ll be over you (Feat. Peabo Bryson, Will Lee, Chuck Loeb, Grover Washington Jr,..)
    LARRY CORYELL Fallen angel (Feat. Richard Elliot, Don Sebesky,..)
    LAST CALL Rockin´ in my limousine
    LEE SANKEY My day is just beginning (Blues Rock, 2 cds)
    LIGHTSPEED Waves (Pomp AOR)
    LOCOMOTIVE BREATH Heavy machinery (Hard Rock from Sweden)
    LOTUS Fruitage (Hard rock)
    LUCKY PETERSON Ridin (Blues rock)
    METALLICA Death magnetic (Digi pack)
    MICHAEL BOLTON One world one love (2010)
    MICK ABRAHAMS´ BLODWYN PIG All tore down - Live
    MICKEY THOMAS Marauder
    MIDLAKE The courage of others (Prog)
    M.ILL.ION No. 1
    MIND´S EYE A work of art
    MOLLY HATCHET Warriors of the rainbow bridge
    MOON DOG MANE Turn it up (Hard Southern Rock feat. Frank Hannon of Tesla)
    MOTLEY CRUE Girls girls girls (Remastered + bonus tracks)
    MOTLEY CRUE Dr. Feelgood (Remastered + bonus tracks)
    MOUNTAIN Man´s world
    MUNCHENER FREIHEIT Liebe auf den ersten blick (AOR)
    NAKED CITY Crawlin (Hard Melodic Rock)
    NAZARETH Move me (3 bonus tracks)
    NIGHT HORSE Perdition hymns (Southern Hard Rock)
    NIGHTVISION Nightvision (Hard Rock)
    ORPHANN Don´t say no
    OZRIC TENTACLES Swirly termination
    OZRIC TENTACLES Waterfall cities
    OZRIC TENTACLES Strangeitude
    PASSION PLAY Time stands still (AOR)
    PATTI AUSTIN Street of dreams
    PAUL DIANNO & KILLERS South American Assault - Live
    PAUL JANZ Renegade romantic
    PEGAZUS Breaking the chains (Heavy metal)
    PEGAZUS Wings of destiny
    PHENOMENA Innervision
    POPA CHUBBY Flashed back (Blues rock)
    POPPY & THE USUAL SUSPECTS Celestial love jones (hard rock)
    PORCUPINE TREE Stupid dream
    POWERGOD Bleed for the gods (Heavy rock)
    PYRAMAZE Immortal (Heavy metal)
    PYRAMID Hieroglyphics (Hard Rock USA)
    RAIL Adio (1984, Heavy rock)
    RAIN Stronger (With Michael Bormann)
    RAY WILSON Stiltskin
    RECKLESS No frills (Hard Rock, 1987)
    REECE KRONLUND Solid (Melodic hard rock)
    RICK MONROE Legends diner
    RISE TO ADDICTION A new shade of black for the soul
    RIVERSIDE Voices in my head
    ROBIN BECK Do you miss me
    ROCK THE NATIONS 2 Z Records sampler (2 cds)
    ROCKHEAD Rockhead (Hard Rock, Produced by Bob Rock)
    ROSE HILL DRIVE Rose Hill Drive (Hard Blues Rock)
    SAGA Heads or tales
    SAGITTARIUS Voice of doom / Loahpa jienat (2cds) (Prog - Rock)
    SARAH JANE MORRIS Sarah Jane Morris (Zomba. 1988)
    SATELLITE A street between sunrise and sunset (Prog rock)
    SAVOY BROWN Steel (Blues rock)
    SAXON Strong arm of the law (5 bonus tracks)
    SCOTT ELLISON Bad case of the blues (Blues rock)
    SEAN COSTELLO Sean Costello (Blues rock)
    SEVEN TEN Love and war (Hard Rock USA)
    SEX MUSEUM Sonic (Spanish hard rock)
    SHADOW GALLERY Carved in stone (Prog Rock Metal)
    SHADOWLAND Mad as a hatter (Prog Rock)
    SHAMAN Ritual (Digipack)
    SHEREE JEACOCKE Miss my love
    SILVER Dream machines (Gary Barden, Don Airey,..)
    SILVER MOUNTAIN Breakin´ chains (Feat. Jens and Anders Johansson)
    SIMON CHASE The witch doctor (Melodic rock)
    SKYRON ORCHESTRA Skyron Orchestra (psychedelic with huge organ sound)
    SMOKERS, THE Giving up (Sleazy hard rock from Spain - Digipack)
    SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN Double your pleasure (David T. Chastain)
    STARZ Coliseum rock (Hard rock)
    STEFAN ELMGREN´S FULL STRIKE We will rise (Heavy rock)
    STEVE HACKETT Defector
    STEVE THOMSON Steve Thomson (AOR)
    STEVE VAI The elusive light and soul vol. 1
    STONEWALL WEEKEND Hungry for more (melodic rock)
    STORMHAMMER Lord of darkness
    ST. PARADISE St. Paradise (Hard melodic rock - 1979)
    STRAY Dangerous games (Blues rock, 2 cds)
    SUGAR MOUNTAIN In the raw (Spanish classic southern rock)
    SUPPER´S READY A Magna Carta tribute to Genesis
    SWEET Live at the Marquee
    TAZ TAYLOR BAND Straight up
    TERENCE BOYLAN Terence Boylan (1979, Westcoast, with Steve Lukather, Jeff Porcaro, Donald Fagen, Don Henley,..)
    THE MARS VOLTA De-loused in the comatorium
    THERION Theli
    THUNDER BLOOZE EXPRESS, THE Smoke um project (Blues Jazz Rock)
    TODD RUNGREN Hello, it´s me and my friends (Steve Lukather, Vivian Campbell,..)
    TRACIE SPENCER Tracie Spencer (1988)
    TRUTH INC. Truth Inc. (Japan cd)
    TWISTED SISTER Love is for suckers
    UFO Force it
    UFO Lights out
    UNCHAIN Unchain (Hard Rock)
    UNREST Cold steel whisper (Heavy metal like Accept)
    URIAH HEEP Sea of light
    V.A. Área reservada - 10 años Go Jazz
    V.A. Kings of Sunset Strip vol. 1 (Angora, Tommi Gunn, Young Gunns, Jailhouse)
    V.A. Progressive & Melodic Rock - The SI Music sampler vol. 1
    V.A. The history of Punk Rock (2 cds)
    VICTOR URIS De lado a lado (Spanish blues rock)
    VIRGO Virgo (Matos / Paeth)
    WARLORD Rising out of the ashes (Heavy metal)
    WAS (NOT WAS) Hello dad…I´m in jail
    WINTER PARADE Midnight in paradise (AOR)
    WIZARDS The kingdom (2)
    Y&T Endangered species
    AL DI MEOLA The infinite desire
    AMY GRANT Lead me on (1988, Christian AOR)
    AMY GRANT My father´s eyes
    ANCARA Beyond the dark (hard Heavy Rock)
    ANGEL HOUSE The gun, the love & the cross (Melodic Rock)
    ARMORED SAINT Symbol of salvation
    ASIA Live in Mockba
    AS I LAY DYING An ocean between us
    ATTRACTION 65 Attraction 65
    BEE GEES Main course (1975)
    BEN JACKSON All over you
    BILLY FALCON Pretty blue world (Produced by Jon Bon Jovi. With Robbie Buchanan, Randy Jackson, etc.)
    BILLY SQUIER Tell the truth (1993, AOR)
    BLUE LAW Gonna getcha (feat. Andy Powell of Wishbone Ash)
    BRAINSTORM Metus mortis
    BRIAN AUGER Here and now
    BRYAN ADAMS Live! Live! Live!
    CHALICE Digital Bulevard (hard rock)
    CHARLIE Here comes trouble
    CHEAP TRICK Rockford (digipack)
    CHRIS CATENA Discovery (Melodic Rock)
    CLASSIC ROCK SOCIETY Unprogged (John Wetton, Ezra, Clive Nolan,..)
    COCO MONTOYA Ya think I´d know better (blues-rock)
    COHEED AND CAMBRIA Good Apollo Burning Star IV
    COLIN JAMES Then again (Blues-rock)
    COLOSSEUM The Reunion concerts 1994
    CONDITION RED II (Prog-metal)
    CONQUEST Worlds apart (Hard Rock)
    DANIELE LIVERANI Daily trauma
    DAVID + DAVID Boomtown
    DAVID MULLEN Revival (1989)
    DEAD TO FALL Everything I touch falls to pieces
    DEEP PURPLE Shades of Deep Purple (5 bonus tracks)
    DEEP PURPLE Deep Purple (5 bonus tracks)
    DEEP PURPLE Concerto for group and orchestra
    DEF LEPPARD Adrenalize
    DEMON DRIVE Heroes
    DEROSSO Ossimoro
    DESTRUCTION Mad butcher + Eternal devastation
    DIO Magica
    DONALD FAGEN Morph the cat
    DONNIE MILLER One of the boys
    DOUBLE DEALER Moving target
    DOYLE BRAMHALL II Welcome (Blues rock) (2)
    ECHOPARK Pretty lies (Ex-Eloy, with Herman Frank and Zeno Roth)
    EDEN Open minds (Hard melodic rock)
    ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA A new world record
    ELKIE BROOKS No more the fool
    ESCAPE MUSIC Millenium collection 2 (2 cds sampler)
    FISH Suits
    FOZZY Happenstance (Heavy Rock)
    FREE Highway (remastered + 6 bonus tracks)
    FREEFALL Rebel hard
    FROM BEHIND Game over (with Nicky Moore, Manny Charlton,..)
    FROM THE INSIDE Visions (With Danny Vaughn)
    GALLAHAD Celtic Rock
    GENESIS Wind & Wuthering
    GREAT WHITE Recovery: Live!
    GREG LONG Jesus saves (Christian AOR)
    GREY LADY DOWN Forces (Prog-Rock)
    GRIFFIN Lifeforce (Hard Rock)
    HAVEN Haven (Female fronted melodic rock)
    HIGH ON FIRE Death is this communion
    HOME Paude for a hoarse horse / Home (Classic Rock)
    IAIN ASHLEY HERSEY Fallen Angel (Hard Rock)
    IAN GILLAN Toolbox
    IAN MOORE Ian Moore (Blues rock)
    INFERNOPHONIC Spark it up (Hard Rock)
    IRON FIRE On the edge
    IRON MAIDEN Brave new world
    JEFF BERLIN Crossroads (with Jeff Porcaro, Frank Gambale, Neil Peart,..)
    JEFF PITCHELL Heavy hitter (Blues rock)
    JESSE DAMON The hand that rocks
    JET TRAIL Edgo of existence (melodic rock)
    JETHRO TULL Crest of a knave
    JGB Welcome to our world (Jam Band)
    JOE SATRIANI Crystal planet
    JOE SATRIANI Joe Satriani
    JOE SATRIANI Strange beautiful music
    JOHN BONGIOVI The Power Station years
    JOHN FARNHAM Then again…
    JOHN JORGENSON Emotional savant
    KENNY LOGGINS Outside from the redwoods (Lite OAR)
    KID ROCK Rock n roll Jesus (Southern rock)
    KIM BOYCE Time and again (Lite AOR)
    KING CRIMSON Lark´s tongues in Aspic
    KING OF DARKNESS Triple Whammy
    KIRK The final dance (Heavy rock produced by Dennis Ward)
    KIX Kix
    LEON DELRAY I´m still waitin´ (Westcoast)
    LITTLE RIVER BAND One night in Mississippi (Live)
    LUCKY PETERSON Lucky strikes (Blues rock)
    LYNYRD SKYNYRD Street survivors
    MAN DOKI People in room nº 8 (Feat. Steve Lukather, Bobby Kimbal,..)
    MANOWAR Kings of metal
    MARBLE ARCH Another Sunday bright (Prog metal)
    MARILLION Seasons end
    MARILLION Marbles
    MATTSSON Another dimension
    MAX WEBSTER Universal juveniles (featuring Kim Mitchell)
    MEN, THE The Men (AOR, 1992, Polydor)
    MERCY Mercy (AOR, Broken Records)
    METAL CHURCH The dark
    MICHAEL HILL´S BLUES MOB Bloodlines (excellent blues rock)
    MICHAEL MCDERMOTT Gethsemane (Melodic Rock)
    MUDDY WATERS / RORY GALLAGHER The Muddy Waters London sessions
    MUSIC STATION Shaping (Prog rock)
    NANCY WILSON Live at McCabes Guitar Shop
    NAZARETH Nazareth (5 bonus tracks)
    NEAL SCHON Piranha blues
    NEIL LARSEN Smooth talk
    NEVERMORE Nevermore
    NEVERMORE In memory
    NEVERMORE The politics of ecstasy
    NORTHWIND Seasons (Heavy Prog Rock)
    OUTFIELD, THE Bangin´ (AOR)
    OUT OF THE BLUE V.A. (Blues rock, Ryko)
    OZZY OSBOURNE No more tears (2 bonus tracks)
    OZZY OSBOURNE No rest for the wicked (2 bonus tracks)
    PAICE ASHTON LORD Malice in Wonderland
    PAPPO´S BLUES Pappo´s Blues (Pappo)
    PAPPO WITH DEACON JONES July 93 Los Angeles (Blues rock)
    PAPPO Pappo´s blues local
    PARTLAND BROTHERS Electric honey (AOR)
    PAUL ANKA Rock swings (Classic hits of Bon Jovi, Survivor, Van Halen,..)
    PAUL BRADY Trick or treat (Michael Landau, Jeff Porcaro, etc.)
    PAUL CARRACK Beautiful world
    PETE HAYCOCK Guitar and son
    PETER FRAMPTON When all the pieces fit
    PETER FRAMPTON Now (2003)
    PETER HOFMANN Wild and lonely heart (AOR - 1990)
    PETER MAYER Green eyed radio
    PETER WHITE Songs of the season
    PETER STEVENS BAND Taken by the light (AOR)
    PHOENIX DOWN Under a wild sky (Kane Roberts)
    POINTER SISTERS Break out (Feat. Lee Ritenour, John Robinson,..)
    POINTER SISTERS Contact (1985 - Feat. Jeff Lorber, Michael Landau,…) (2)
    PORCUPINE TREE In absentia (Full promo)
    PRAGMA Enpleinair
    PRIVATE LIFE Private Life (Hard Melodic Rock produced by Eddie Van Halen)
    PUMP Breakdown to breakthrough
    PUSH 4 the love of the game
    QUILL, THE In triumph
    RATTLES Hot wheels
    RAVEN Everything louder
    RAVEN Nothing exceeds like excess
    RAVEN Glow
    REBELENE In the middle of nowhere
    RECKLESS Reckless (MTM Classix)
    RED RIDER As far as Siam (AOR from Canada)
    RENÉ AND ANGELA Street called desire… and more
    REO SPEEDWAGON Hi Infedility
    REO SPEEDWAGON Good trouble
    RHAPSODY Dawn of victory
    RICK CUA Midnight sun (AOR)
    RICK DERRINGER Rock and roll hoochie koo - The best of
    RICK MOORE AND MR. LUCKY Satisfied (Blues rock)
    RICKY PETERSON Smile blue
    ROBERT LAMM In my head
    ROCK THE BLUES AWAY Sampler with Glenn Hughes, Pat Travers, Craig Erickson…
    RUSH Roll the bones
    RUSH Snakes & arrows (Digipack)
    SABBTAIL Otherworlds (Hard Rock, like Rainbow or Balck Sabbatah with Dio)
    SABBTAIL Nightchurch (Feat. Mats Leven, Fredrik Akesson..)
    SACRED Beyond the end of the world (Spanish melodic rock)
    SAVALLION DAWN The charge (Heavy Metal)
    SAVOY BROWN Raw Sienna
    SAVOY BROWN Bring it home (Blues rock)
    SAXON Saxon (14 bonus tracks)
    SAXON A collection of metal
    SAXON Anthology
    SCAVENGER Madness to our method
    SCORPIONS Born to touch your feeling
    SEASONS OF THE WOLF Lost in hell (Heavy metal)
    SEVEN WITCHES Xiled to infinity and one
    SHANIA TWAIN (with Paul Sabu) The complete limelight sessions
    SHAW BLADES Hallucination
    SINNER The end of sanctuary
    SKANSIS Take your chance (Hard melodic rock)
    SKIPPER WISE Walking on a wire (Feat. Peter White)
    SLOW TRAIN Song of the day (Hard rock)
    SOLEMNITY Reign in hell (Heavy metal)
    SOUL KITCHEN Soul Kitchen (Hard rock)
    SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY The best of
    SPIRALSEA Essence
    STEFAN ANDERSSON Walk right on (AOR)
    STEVE MILLER BAND, THE Abracadabra
    STEVE VAI Fire garden
    STEVIE NICKS In your dreams
    STORYTELLER´S RAIN A rock musical by Ferdy Doernberg
    STRAY Saturday morning pictures
    STREAM Chasin´ the dragon (Heavy Rock with David Glenn Easley, Erci Singer, Bob Daisley)
    STREETS Shakedown
    STYX Boat on the river
    STYX One with everything (with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra)
    SUNNYLAND BLUESBAND Soul storm comming
    TED NUGENT Cat scratch fever
    TELECATS 1 Feat. Frank Diez, Tom Principato, Karl Ratzer and Dieter Vebler
    TEMPESTT Bring´em on
    THE BLACK CROWES The southern harmony and musical companion
    THE BROKEN HOMES Wing and a prayer (1990)
    THE MARSHALL TUCKER BAND Tenth (Southern Country Rock)
    THE POWER STATION The Power Station
    THIN LIZZY Vagabonds of the western world
    THIN LIZZY Killers on the loose again - A tribute
    THUNDERSTONE Evolution 4.0
    TIME MACHINE Reviviscence
    TINSLEY ELLIS The hard way (Hard Blues)
    TISHAMINGO Wear n´ tear (Southern Rock)
    TO CRY YOU A SONG V.A. A collection of Tull songs
    TOKEN Tomorrowland (Melodic rock)
    TOWER OF POWER Urban renewal (1974)
    TOWER OF POWER Ain´t nothin´ stoppin´ us now (1976)
    TOWER OF POWER Souled out (1995)
    T´PAU China in your hand
    TRIBUTE TO YES Tales from yesterday (Magna Carta)
    TROOPER Thick as thieves (Hard rock)
    TUBES Of America
    TWELFTH NIGHT Collectors item (Prog Rock)
    TWO OR MORE Life in the diamond lane (AOR)
    UNION MAC Lost in attraction (Melodic rock)
    V.A. Crossfire - A tribute to Stevie Ray
    V.A. Genuine Houserockin´Music V (Alligator)
    V.A. Grandes baladas heavy vol. 1
    V.A. Grandes baladas heavy vol. 2
    V.A. Révolution Hard-Rock (80´s hard rock from France)
    VAN HALEN 5150
    VAN HALEN For unlawful carnal knowledge
    VENOM Resurrection
    VITALIJ KUPRIJ Promised land (instrumental, Neo-Classical)
    WAYNE WATSON Living room (2002, Christian lite AOR)
    WAYNE WATSON Wayne Watson (2000, Christian lite AOR)
    WHITE White (Alan White & Geoff Downes)
    WHITE CROSS High gear
    WHITESNAKE Ready an´ willing
    WHITESNAKE Come an´get it
    WHITESNAKE Lovehunter
    WITHOUT WARNING Step beyond (Prog Metal)

    A 3 euros:

    38 SPECIAL Tour de force (1983)
    38 SPECIAL Bone against steel
    38 SPECIAL Rock & roll strategy (1988)
    38 SPECIAL Strength in numbers (1986)
    38 SPECIAL Special forces (1982)
    400 HORSES 400 Horses
    AL JARREAU This time (1980. Feat. Jay Graydon, David Foster,…)
    AMANDA MARSHALL Tuesday´s child (With Richie Sambora, Paul Jackson Jr., Dean Parks,..)
    AMERICA Harbor (Christian AOR)
    BACKBONE Backbone (Grateful Dead´s drummer, Blues-rock)
    BAD COMPANY Here comes trouble
    BAD COMPANY Dangerous age
    BENNY VALERIO AND TEXAS THUNDER Sorrounded by the blues (Blues rock)
    BIG COUNTRY Under cover (Covers of Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, etc)
    BIGSTORM Living in exile (1989, Melodic rock from Australia)
    BLACK AVALON Dark promises
    BLUE VAN, THE The art of rolling
    BO BICE The real thing (Southern rock)
    BOY MEETS GIRL Reel life (1988)
    BOYSVOICE Serenity
    CHARLIE Good morning America (AOR)
    CINEMA FACE Face card
    DANCE WITH A STRANGER Look what you´ve done
    DANCE WITH A STRANGER Fool´s paradise
    DARYL BRAITHWAITE Higher than hope (1991)
    DEMON Spaced out monkey
    DRIVEN Self inflicted (Tracy G, Mike Terrana)
    DUNE O.S.T. (Toto)
    EDDIE MONEY Love and money
    EDDIE MONEY Right here
    EMERALD RAIN Short sighted
    FICTIONPLANE Left side of the brain
    FIREFLY Automatic
    FOREIGNER Gold collection
    GARDNER COLE It´s your life
    GINO VANNELLI Inconsolable man
    HELLFUELED Born II Rock (Heavy Metal, like Black Sabbath)
    INFIDELS Infidels (AOR, 1991)
    JACKSONS Victory (Feat. David Paich, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Lukather,..) (2)
    JACKSONS 2300 Jackson st (Feat. Michael Omartian, Paul Jackson Jr,..)
    JACKSONS Triumph (Feat. Michael Sembello, Greg Phillinganes,…)
    JACKSONS Destiny (Feat. Michael Sembello, Greg Philliganes,…)
    MAGGIE´S FARM Glory road (Produced by Clif Magness)
    MANOWAR The triumph of steel
    MARC RIZZO The ultimate devotion (digi pack)
    MARSHALL Pages from the past: tome 1 (Heavy metal)
    MICHAEL BOLTON This is the time
    MIKE OLDFIELD Tubular bells
    MILES ABOVE Move or be moved (AOR, Escape Music)
    MOB RULES Hollowed by the name
    PHIL THORNALLEY Swamp (Hi Tech AOR, 1988)
    RADIO ACTIVE CATS Radio Active Cats (Hard Rock)
    SHANE HENRY Deliverance (Blues rock)
    SIXTY WATT SHAMAN Reason to live (metal)
    STEVE MARRIOTT 30 seconds to midnite
    TAMI SHOW Wanderlust (AOR)
    THE KEY The world is watching (Melodic Rock, with Billy Sherwood)
    THE SAM LAY BLUES BAND Feelin´ good (Blues Rock)
    THE WHO Tommy
    TONY MONTANA Tombstone shuffle (Hard Blues Rock)
    TRAFFIC Shoot out at the fantasy factory
    TREVOR RABIN Can´t look away
    TRIBUTE TO ZZ TOP Gimme all your top
    TROX NEWMAN It´s like this (AOR)
    UFO Champions of rock (autographed)
    URIAH HEEP The golden palace
    V.A. Metal guitars - High voltage instrumentals
    V.A. Spacewalk - A tribute to Ace Frehley
    V.A. Street survivors (Cut out - Little Caesar, Bang Tango, Fire,..)
    V.A. The awakening volume 1 - Now & Then
    V.A. The Now generation - The legendary Spar recordings
    V.A. Where blues meets rock V (Provogue)
    VICIOUS RUMORS Word of mouth
    VINCENT ROCCO Hell or highwater (AOR)
    VIRGIN STEELE The book of burning
    VIXEN Live & learn
    WHITESNAKE Good to be bad
    WHOLE LOTTA BLUES Songs of Led Zeppelin
    WIDE MOUTH MASON Wide Mouth Mason (Blues Rock)
    WIDESPREAD PANIC Don´t tell the band
    XT XT (AOR)
    YES The Yes album (3 bonus tracks)
    BRYAN ADAMS 18 til I die
    CHINCHILLA Madness
    ESCAPE MUSIC Millenium collection (sampler)
    JUNKHOUSE Strays
    KENNY ROGERS I prefer the moonlight (1987)
    MICHAEL BOLTON Timeless: The classics vol. 2
    MICHAEL KATON Bad machine (Blues rock)
    NEAERA Armamentarium
    NELSON NORWOOD Long, loud´n sweaty (Blues rock)
    O.S.T. Leaving Las Vegas
    ROCK THE NATIONS Z Records sampler
    SOULBREACH My dividing line
    SOULSISTER Simple rule
    VOLCANO Violent
    WIZ Shattered-mind-theraphy
    YESTERDAY AND TODAY Ten (Booklet lacks some pages)

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