Body Electric - Walking Through The Walls (1987)

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    Body Electric - Walking Through The Walls (1987)

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    ¡Recordando esta joyita Canadiense! I love you Wink

    1.Strangers In Love
    3.It Must Be Magic
    4.Lines Are Breaking Down
    5.Out Of The Blue
    6.Ordinary Madness
    7.I Don't Know Why
    9.Wafer Thin/Emotional Shock
    10.Fire And Ice
    11.I Think I'm Falling
    12.Nobody Touches Me Like You
    13.After The Storm B
    14.Zero Gee
    15.The Things You Didn't Do

    Fallen Angel Diamond

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    Re: Body Electric - Walking Through The Walls (1987)

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    David Sinclair Vocals, Guitars
    Bob Buckley Keyboards, Sax
    Brian Newcombe Bass
    Jerry Adolphe Drums
    Marc Lafrance Backing Vocals
    Brent Wade Backing Vocals
    Joani Bye Backing Vocals
    Nancy Nash Backing Vocals
    Sean Hosein Backing Vocals
    Joani Taylor Backing Vocals

    Being almost 48 years of age, I was there when hard rock exploded onto the scene at the end of the 60s and to my great enjoyment I have been watching the evolution of the genre ever since. AOR and melodic hard rock have always been my favourite subgenres and it never disappoints me to see that a certain label is taking the risk of re-releasing classic material from the great 80s. Khalil Turk and Barrie Kirtley (at Escape Music) are guys who obviously think in the same direction as me and up to now they have served us some great re-issues, among which those from Aviator, Franke & The Knockouts and Sugarcreek!
    A Canadian band that might be unknown to some of you out there is Body Electric, the band of ex-Straight Lines members Bob Buckley and David Sinclair. After the disbanding of Straight Lines (2 albums for CBS), they asked Frank Ludwig (lead vocals & keyboards, ex-Trooper and Union) and Ross Friesen (drums) to join and subsequently shopped for a deal. Attic signed them and released “Body Electric” (1984), which failed to impress, even though the single “Stop The Music” got substantial airplay at the time. Time for a change and Sinclair switched to lead vocals for the 1985 “Two Worlds” EP. Unhappy with his role as a mere keyboard player, Ludwig quit the band shortly after a tour as support of Corey Hart. Enter a new management team - consisting of Scott Andrews and Gordon Sinclair - who also owned Parallel One Records, on which the album “Walking Through Walls” was released in 1986.
    This seemed to be the album anyone had been waiting for, but unfortunately the (small) label folded shortly after, causing the fall of the band along the way. But, lucky for us, that glorious album is now available again through Escape Music, not only featuring the original 10 tracks, but also 5 bonus tracks from the band’s back catalogue. The result is more than 65 minutes of glorious Canadian AOR, not to be missed by a single fan of the genre. This is definitely another highlight from Escape Music and I can only hope Khalil and Barrie will keep re-releasing classic stuff of this ilk. Material from The Creek is up and coming, but what about Preview and other giants from the 80s. Sooner or later they must be made available on CD…


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