CODE OF SILENCE - Dark Skies Over Babylon


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    CODE OF SILENCE - Dark Skies Over Babylon

    Mensaje por PeterGriffin el Dom 27 Ene 2013, 20:32

    01. Omertà
    02. Bitter Sweet Paradise
    03. Sky Is Falling Down
    04. Tame The Tempest
    05. Dark Skies Over Babylon
    06. Seventh Seal
    07. Witches Of November
    08. Black Abyss
    09. Knights Of The Crimson Cross
    10. Midnight Cathedral (Veritas)
    11. Here To Heaven

    Gus Monsanto (Vocals)
    Ben Randall (Guitar)
    James Murray (Bass)
    Scott McLean (Keys)
    John Clelland (Drums)

    British Melodic Metal band Code Of Silence, fronted by Brazilian vocalist Gus Monsanto (Timo Tolkki's Revolution Renaissance / Adagio / Symbolica / Lord Of Mushrooms), and young virtuoso guitar player Ben Randall (Power Quest) have released their debut promo video for the track "Sky Is Falling Down".

    Paul Logue (Eden’s Curse) wrote all of the tracks for “Dark Skies Over Babylon,” along with his main co-writer James Murray, who provided the basis for the majority of the lyrical concepts, based upon history and legend of the Knights Templar, alongside a couple of musical contributions by McLean and Randall. Produced by Logue, Code Of Silence then enlisted Alessandro Del Vecchio to mix and master their debut album. With two years of formation Code Of Silence now stand proud beside a stunning debut album; a melodic but powerful wallop of modern sounding Metal with hints of Prog and plenty to interest lovers of classic Hard Rock.

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    Re: CODE OF SILENCE - Dark Skies Over Babylon

    Mensaje por liq el Sáb 02 Feb 2013, 20:54

    Nadie ha comentado? Mad me parecen una banda muy interesante, me han dejado buena impresion, sobre todo el cantante, que sin ser nada del otro mundo, me ha gustado su voz. Interesantes

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    Re: CODE OF SILENCE - Dark Skies Over Babylon

    Mensaje por A.K.U. el Sáb 02 Feb 2013, 21:11

    No suenan nada mal.

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