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    Picasso 2
    Fallen Angel

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Tauro

    MENSAJES : 48
    EDAD : 49

    Lista de cds actualizada (primera parte)

    Mensaje por Picasso 2 el Miér 27 Mar 2013, 17:40

    Os adjunto la lista de cds originales que tengo a la venta ordenada por estilos y con un montón de títulos incorporados en las últimas semanas.
    Como veréis, hay un montón de rarezas, pero siempre intento poner precios más baratos que el más económico que podáis encontrar en internet.
    Además, para pedidos de cierta importancia aplicaría los siguientes descuentos
    - Para compras entre 30 y 50 euros: 15%
    - Para compras entre 50 y 100 euros: 20%
    - Para compras entre 100 y 150 euros: 25%
    - Para compras entre 150 y 200 euros: 30%
    - Para compras superiores a 200 euros: 35%
    POr último, al final de la lista hay unos singles que regalaría por pedidos superiores a 50 euros.
    También podría intercambiar en casos puntuales.
    Podéis contactarme en: fernandogromanillos@gmail.com
    Muchas gracias y un saludo.

    400 HORSES 400 Horses 4
    AC/DC The razors edge (digipack) 5
    AKIRA KAJIYAMA / JOE LYNN TURNER Fire without flame 7
    A´LA ROCK Indulge (Feat. David Feinstein, Gary Borbonaro,..) 7
    ALCATRAZZ Live sentence 20
    ALICE COOPER Hey stoopid 4
    ALICE COOPER Dirty diamonds 4
    ANAND A man´s mind 8
    ANGEL HEART Give me five 15
    ANGELO PERLEPES MYSTERY St (Like Yngwie Malmsteen Jeff Scott Soto´s era) 15
    APRIL WINE April Wine (Digipack) 9
    APRIL WINE On record 7
    AVALANCH Los poetas han muerto (Spanish power metal / Hard rock) 5
    BAD MOON RISING Blood (Feat. Doug Aldrich) 15
    BAI BANG Attitude (Hard Rock) (2) 20
    BARNABAS Feel the fire / Little foxes (Hard rock - 1984/1985) 40
    BARÓN ROJO Perversiones 6
    BEN JACKSON All over you 5
    BERNIE MARSDEN Green and blues 12
    BIG APPLE Rock area 12
    BIG COUNTRY Under cover (Covers of Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, etc) 4
    BILLY IDOL Whiplash smile (Japan cd) 8
    BILLY IDOL Happy holidays 4
    BILLY IDOL Charmed life 3
    BLACK SABBATH The Sabbath stones (Tony Martin years) 15
    BLACK SUN Try another world (Very rare - Hard Heavy Rock) 80
    BLUE OYSTER CULT Imaginos 8
    BLUE OYSTER CULT Heaven forbid 6
    BLUES SARACENO Never look back 15
    BRITTON Until the day we die (1992, Hard Rock) 12
    BUDGIE You´re all living in Cuckooland 12
    CHALICE Digital Bulevard (hard rock) 5
    COLD CHISEL Last stand (With Jimmy Barnes) 12
    CONQUEST Worlds apart (Hard Rock) 5
    COZY POWELL The best of (with Don Airey, Jeff Beck, Gary Moore,..) 7
    DARE FORCE Fire power (Heavy Rock) 8
    DARIO MOLLO / TONY MARTIN The third cage 6
    DAVE NERGE´S BULLDOG The return of Mr. Nasty (Anders and Jens Johansson, Benny Jansson,..) 40
    DAVID LEE ROTH The best 5
    DEAD MEN WALKING Additional parts inside (Hard Rock) 40
    DEEP PURPLE Shades of Deep Purple (5 bonus tracks) 5
    DEEP PURPLE Deep Purple (5 bonus tracks) 5
    DEF LEPPARD Adrenalize 5
    DEMON Spaced out monkey 4
    DEROSSO Ossimoro 5
    DIAMOND HEAD Borrowed time (1982, Japan cd) 12
    DIAMOND HEAD What´s in your head? 8
    DIAMOND HEAD Evil live (2 cds) 12
    DIO Lock up the wolves 6
    DIO Dio´s inferno the last in live (2 cds) 8
    DOKKEN Dokken (Jap. With OBI) 30
    DOMAIN One million light years from home 8
    DON PATROL A wire, a deal and the devil 10
    DORO Warrior soul 8
    DUDES TERRIFIC, THE Born yesterday 4
    EBC ROXX (Ela / J.R. Blackmore / Tony Carey) Winners 8
    EGYPT Preserving the dead 8
    EGYPT Hammer 6
    ELECTRIC BOYS Freewheelin´ 12
    ENUFF Z´NUFF Strenght 8
    EQUAL LOUDNESS CURVE Let it roll 6
    ETERNAL FLAME Desire (Hard Rock) 8
    EVIDENCE ONE Tattooed heart 6
    FATAL SMILE World domination 7
    FIREWÖLFE Firewölfe (Feat. Jay Schellen) 5
    FLESH & BLOOD Blues for daze (Super Bluesy Hard Rock with Danny Vaughn, Al Pitrelli and Mark Mangold) 30
    FLYING REBOLLOS, THE Esto huele a pasta 8
    FORCEFIELD II - The talisman (1988 - Japan cd - Feat. Tony Martin, Cozy Powell,..) 8
    FORCEFIELD IV Let the wild run free (Graham Bonnet, Cozy Powell, Don Airey,..) 30
    FORTUNE Calling spirits (Hard rock) 15
    FOZZY Happenstance (Heavy Rock) 5
    FROM BEHIND Game over (with Nicky Moore, Manny Charlton,..) 5
    FROST Out in the cold (with Ted Poley, Jeff Martin,…) 6
    FULL BLOWN MOSEY Temporal cadence (Hard rock) 6
    GEORDIE No sweat (Hard rock) 8
    GILLAN Future shock (10 bonus tracks) 7
    GIRLSCHOOL Nightmare at Maple Cross 15
    GIRLSCHOOL Legacy (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    GLENN HUGHES From now on.. 20
    GLENN HUGHES Blues (with John Norum, Warren DeMartini, Richie Kotzen, Mick Mars,..) 20
    GODZ, THE The Godz (Power Rock from USA) 7
    GRAHAM BONNET Line-up (Japan cd with OBI) 35
    GRAHAM BONNET Here comes the night 15
    GRAHAM BONNET The day I went mad (with Vivian Campbell, Bruce Kulick, Danny Johnson,..) 10
    GRAND FUNK RAILROAD The collection 6
    GRAND PRIX Samurai 40
    GRAND SLAM (PHIL LYNOTT) Twilight´s last gleaming (2 cds) 8
    GREAT WHITE The final cuts 8
    GREAT WHITE Live in London (Jap. Cd with OBI) 20
    GREAT WHITE Recovery: Live! 5
    GREEN BULLFROG, THE Sessions (1971, Ritchie Blackmore and Ian Paice) 12
    GRIFFEN Life - A way to die (Hard melodic rock ) 6
    GRIFFIN Lifeforce (Hard Rock) 5
    GUNHILL Nightheat (John Lawton) 8
    HAMMER OF THE GODS Two nights in North America (2 cds, Tribute to Led Zeppelin) 15
    HEAVEN & HELL Radio City Music Hall Live 2007 (2 cds) 9
    HEAVEN´S FIRE The outside (Hard Rock from Canada) 7
    HEAVY PETTIN Rock ain´t dead (Polydor first pressing) 12
    HELLFUELED Born II Rock (Heavy Metal, like Black Sabbath) 4
    HELLOISE Polarity 40
    HELLOISE Cosmogony 40
    HOLLY WOODS Live it up! (Hard rock) 8
    HOWE II High gear 15
    HUGHES & THRALL Hughes & Thrall 10
    HUMAN PROJECT, THE Last train out (Autographed - Digipack) 6
    HUNDRED YEARS Hundred Years 4
    IAIN ASHLEY HERSEY Fallen Angel (Hard Rock) 5
    IAN GILLAN Toolbox 5
    IAN GILLAN Gillan´s Inn (Feat. Tony Iommi, Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Joe Satriani, …) 4
    INFERNOPHONIC Spark it up (Hard Rock) 5
    INMACULATE MARY Through the eyes of youth (Hard Rock - 1989) 8
    INSANIA Insania (Hard Rock, 1992) 8
    JAILHOUSE Jailhouse (Hard Rock) 9
    JAKE E LEE A fine pink mist 25
    JAMES BYRD Atlantis Rising 20
    JANCREE The solitary dream (Hard rock) 50
    JEFF KOLLMAN Into the unknown 6
    JOANNA DEAN Misbehavin´ (Hard rock) 20
    JOE LYNN TURNER Undercover 2 20
    JOE PERRY PROJECT Once a rocker always a rocker 20
    JOE SATRIANI Time machine (2 cds) 10
    JOHANSSON BROTHERS, THE The last viking 12
    JOHN LAWTON & STEVE DUNNING Steppin´ it up 20
    JOHN LAWTON BAND Sting in the tale 20
    JUNKHOUSE Strays 3
    KEN HENSLEY The anthology 8
    KEN HENSLEY Blood on the highway (promo) 2
    KICKHUNTER All in (Hard Rock feat. Markus Grosskopf) 6
    KING KARMA King Karma (Z Records) 6
    KING OF DARKNESS Triple Whammy 5
    KISS Sonic boom (Special edition - 2 cds + dvd, Live in Buenos Aires) 15
    KORITNI Game of fools 8
    KORITNI Red live joint (cd + dvd) 15
    LAST CALL Rockin´ in my limousine 6
    LED ZEPPELIN Boxed set 2 (2 cds) 20
    LEGS DIAMOND Diamonds are forever 8
    LEGS DIAMOND Uncut diamond 8
    LEGS DIAMOND A diamond is a hard rock (bonus track) 9
    LEGS DIAMOND Fire power (2 bonus tracks) 9
    LELE LAINA / JOSE L. JIMENEZ Canciones básicas 8
    LEMON BIRD Rara avis (Hard rock) 15
    LITTLE ANGELS Jam (Bonus live cd) 9
    LOS SUAVES Un paso atrás en el tiempo (2 cds, Spanish Hard Rock) 8
    LOST KINGDOM Lost Kingdom (2008 - Hard Rock) 5
    LOTUS Fruitage (Hard rock) 6
    LYNN ALLEN We laugh at you 8
    MAGO DE OZ Gaia (cd + dvd) 8
    MALICE Crazy in the night 18
    MANRAZE Punkfunkrootsrock (Featuring Phil Collen of Def Leppard) 8
    LOS MARAÑONES Shangri-La (Spanish hard rock) 8
    MARC RIZZO The ultimate devotion (digi pack) 4
    MARK WOOD Voodoo violence (1991) 8
    MASQUERADE Masquerade (1992, hard rock) 30
    MAT SINNER Back to the bullet (1990) 12
    MAX WEBSTER Universal juveniles (featuring Kim Mitchell) 5
    MAX WEBSTER High class in borrowed shoes 9
    MAY BLITZ May blitz / The 2nd of may 8
    METAL MAJESTY 2005 (Hard Rock like Whitesnake, Blue Murder,..) 8
    MICHAEL KNIGHT Dreamscapes 15
    MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP Assault attack (Japan cd) 15
    MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP Be aware of scorpions 5
    MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP One night at Budokan 8
    MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP Tales of rock´n´roll 8
    MSG - SCHENKER / BARDEN In the midst of beauty 7
    MONARCH Monarch (Feat. Ralph Santolla) 12
    MONTROSE Jump on it (1976) 20
    MOTHER´S ARMY Mother´s Army (Japan cd) 15
    MOTHER´S FINEST Live at Villa Berg (2 cds) 10
    MOTLEY CRUE Carnival of sins (Live - 2 cds) 8
    MOTLEY CRUE Dr. Feelgood (Remastered + bonus tracks) 6
    MOXY A tribute to Buzz Shearman 12
    MVP (THE MARK VARNEY PROJECT) Centrifugal funk (1991) 20
    MYSTIC GAME Mystic Game (Rare Hair Hard Rock feat. Carlos Creator - 1995) 50
    NATION Without remorse (like Yngwie Malmsteen) 8
    NAZARETH Snakes´n´ladders (7 bonus tracks) 12
    NAZARETH Sound elixir (3 bonus tracks) 8
    NAZARETH Nazareth (5 bonus tracks) 5
    NEW LEGEND Deep colors bleed 15
    NIGHT HAWKS II (Japan cd) 20
    NIGHTSHADE Dead of night (formerly Q5) 30
    NIGHTVISION Nightvision (Hard Rock) 6
    NOISY MAMA Everybody has one (Hard Rock) 8
    OCTOBER BABY / LISA BOUCHELLE Tales from the Pumpkin Patch 30
    ORIZ Oriz (Hard Rock) 8
    ORPHANN Don´t say no 6
    OSTROGOTH Feelings of fury 15
    OSTROGOTH Ecstasy and danger / Full moon´s eyes 15
    OZZY OSBOURNE No more tears (2 bonus tracks) 5
    OZZY OSBOURNE The essential (2 cds) 8
    PAT TRAVERS BAND School of hard knocks 8
    PHOENIX Phoenix / In full view (Hard Heavy Rock feat John Verity - 2 albums) 5
    PLANET THIRTEEN One way ticket 8
    POISON SUN Virtual sin (Feat. Herman Frank) 6
    PUMP Breakdown to breakthrough 5
    PUSH 4 the love of the game 5
    PYRAMID Hieroglyphics (Hard Rock USA) 6
    QUILL, THE In triumph 5
    R.A.W. First (first pressing) (Hard Rock from Sweden) 15
    REBELENE In the middle of nowhere 5
    REISSUE Unstoppable (Hard rock) 12
    RENEGADE Ravages of time (Hard Rock) 12
    REST IN PEACE Thanks to Cozy (Japan cd) 20
    RICHIE KOTZEN Into the black (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    RICHIE KOTZEN Mother Head´s Family Reunion 20
    RICHIE KOTZEN Fever dream 8
    ROBIN TROWER In the line of fire 8
    ROBIN TROWER Passion 8
    RONNIE MONTROSE Territory 8
    RUMBLEDOG Rumbledog (Like Dirty Looks) 20
    SABBTAIL Otherworlds (Hard Rock, like Rainbow or Balck Sabbatah with Dio) 5
    SABBTAIL Nightchurch (Feat. Mats Leven, Fredrik Akesson..) 5
    SAMMY HAGAR Street machine 8
    SEVEN TEN Love and war (Hard Rock USA) 6
    SEX MUSEUM Fly by night (2 cds live - Spanish hard rock) 8
    SEX MUSEUM Sonic (Spanish hard rock) 6
    SHAMELESS Backstreet anthems 20
    SHOTGUN MESSIAH Shotgun Messiah 20
    SHOTGUN SYMPHONY Shotgun Symphony 15
    SILVER Dream machines (Gary Barden, Don Airey,..) 6
    SILVERDOLLAR Morte (Hard Heavy Rock) 8
    SILVER MOUNTAIN Breakin´ chains (Feat. Jens and Anders Johansson) 6
    SIMPLE SERVICE Life is dog food (Melodic Hard Rock) 40
    SINNER Respect (2 bonus tracks) 8
    SIRCLE OF SILENCE Sircle of silence (Feat. David Reece & Jay Schellen) 12
    SISTER WHISKEY Liquor & Poker (Produced by Dana Strum) 9
    SKANSIS Take your chance (Hard melodic rock) 5
    SKID ROW Skid (Digipack - 1970 - Feat. Gary Moore) 8
    SLOW TRAIN Song of the day (Hard rock) 5
    SNAKES IN PARADISE Yesterday & today 8
    SOUL KITCHEN Soul Kitchen (Hard rock) 5
    SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN Double your pleasure (David T. Chastain) 6
    SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN Exotic dancer blues 8
    STARZ Requiem (Classic Hard Rock) 30
    STARZ Starz 15
    STATETROOPER The calling 8
    STEVE MORSE Major impacts 8
    STONE FURY Burns like a star 40
    STRANGER Rock solid (Melodic hard rock) 9
    STREAM Chasin´ the dragon (Heavy Rock with David Glenn Easley, Erci Singer, Bob Daisley) 5
    STRYPER Against the law 7
    TAZ TAYLOR BAND Straight up 6
    TEAZE Body shots (1980) 8
    TEN The robe / Bonus collection (2 cds) 20
    THIN LIZZY Killers on the loose again - A tribute 5
    THIN LIZZY Track from the vaults - More John Peel sessions 12
    THUNDER Robert Johnson´s Tombstone 7
    THUNDER Shooting at the sun 8
    THUNDER Live (2 cds) 8
    TOPO Pret a porter (Spanish hard rock) 8
    TOSS´N´TURN Freestyle (Hard melodic rock) 8
    TOX Prince of darkness 20
    TRAPEZE Hot wire 8
    TRASH BROADWAY Trash Broadway (Hard rock) 40
    TRIBUTE TO ZZ TOP Gimme all your top 4
    TRIUMPH Live at the US Festival (cd + dvd) 8
    TROOPER Thick as thieves (Hard rock) 5
    UFO Covenant (Incl. Bonus cd "Live USA") 8
    UFO No heavy pettin / Lights out 12
    UFO Obsession 8
    UFO Mechanix (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    UFO Misdemeanor 8
    UFO The will the willing and the innocent (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    UFO No place to run (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    UFO One of these nights. 2 cds: High stakes & dangerous men + Live 9
    UFO Champions of rock (autographed) 4
    UFO TNT - Live in Texas´n´Live in Tokyo (2 cds) 12
    UNCHAIN Unchain (Hard Rock) 6
    URIAH HEEP The golden palace 4
    URN, THE The Urn (Hard rock) 8
    V.A. Jeffology (Vivian Campbell, Warren DeMartini, Steve Lukather,..) 15
    V.A. Kings of Sunset Strip vol. 1 (Angora, Tommi Gunn, Young Gunns, Jailhouse) 6
    V.A. Metal guitars - High voltage instrumentals 4
    V.A. Révolution Hard-Rock (80´s hard rock from France) 5
    V.A. Spacewalk - A tribute to Ace Frehley 4
    V.A. Street survivors (Cut out - Little Caesar, Bang Tango, Fire,..) 4
    VARGAS BOGERT APPICE Javier Vargas - Tim Bogert - Carmine Appice 8
    VENGEANCE Arabia (2 cds edition) 30
    VENGEANCE Rock´n´roll shower (1984-1998) 15
    VIOLENT STORM Violent Storm (Hard Rock - Japan cd) 18
    VIRGO Virgo (Matos / Paeth) 6
    VITAL ESCAPE Escapism (Melodic Hard Rock) 8
    VIVIAN CAMPBELL Two sides of if 8
    VOODOO HILL Voodoo Hill (Feat. Tony Martin & Dario Mollo) 12
    WAYSTED Vices 12
    WICKED TEMPTATION Seein´ ain´t believin´ (Heavy Rock) 12
    WILD RIDE Tension & desire 25
    WILLOW Lost in love 30
    WRECKS MONDAY Work (Hard rock) 30
    X-SINNER Peace treaty (1991) 20
    X-SINNER Fire it up 8
    YESTERDAY AND TODAY Ten (Booklet lacks some pages) 3
    Y & T Live at the Mystic (2 cds) 9
    YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Magnum Opus (Signed by Yngwie himself) 8
    ZERO NINE Headline 12
    ZERO NINE Visions, scenes and dreams 12


    ABBA The albums (9 cds box set) 30
    AIRPLAY Airplay 15
    ALANNAH MYLES Arival 4
    ALBERT HAMMOND Best of me 6
    ALEX ALDAMA Alex Aldama (Westcoast) 8
    AMERICA Perspective 35
    AMERICA Silent letter (Digipack) 14
    AMERICA Alibi (Digipack) 14
    AMERICA Harbor (Christian AOR) 4
    AMY GRANT Takes a little time 3
    AMY GRANT My father´s eyes 5
    ANDERS JOHANSSON When I become me 8
    AOR Dreaming of L.A. (4 bonus tracks) 9
    AOR L.A. concession (4 bonus tracks) 9
    AOR Journey to L.A. 9
    AOR L.A. attraction 15
    ART GARFUNKEL Lefty (Japan cd with OBI) 12
    AVERAGE WHITE BAND Aftershock (1988) 8
    BANDIT Hieb-und stichfest (Lite AOR) 8
    BANG Clockwise (Synth pop - Japan cd with OBI) 15
    BARBRA STREISAND The movie album 3
    BARBRA STREISAND Timeless - Live in concert (2 cds) 6
    BEST HITS OF T.V. THEME (LAX MADE) Various Artists (Japan cd - AOR / Westcoast) 20
    BETH LAWRENCE Color in a grey world 5
    BIG DISH, THE Swimmer 4
    BILL CHAMPLIN Runaway (Japan mini LP - cd with OBI) 30
    BILL CHAMPLIN Burn down the night (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    BILL CHAMPLIN He started to sing 6
    BILL LaBOUNTY The right direction 8
    BILL LaBOUNTY Back to your star (Japan cd with OBI) (2) 40
    BILLY FALCON Pretty blue world (Produced by Jon Bon Jovi. With Robbie Buchanan, Randy Jackson, etc.) 5
    BILLY GRIFFIN Respect (Westcoast, Japan cd with OBI) 15
    BOGART CO New games (1987) 15
    BROOKLYN DREAMS Sleepless nights (2 bonus tracks) 12
    BUNNY HULL Truth & tenderness (AOR, Japan cd) 15
    CARL ANDERSON Pieces of a heart (1990) 20
    CARL ANDERSON Fantasy hotel (1992) 6
    CARMEN GRILLO Both sides of the coin (Feat. Bill Champlin, Brandon Fields,..) 12
    CAROLE BAYER SAGER Carole Bayer Sager (Westcoast - Japan cd) 15
    CAROLE KING Love makes the world 6
    CHASING VIOLETS Outside heaven (AOR) 8
    CHINA China (Westcoast - 1981. Japan Mini-LP with OBI) 25
    CLIF MAGNESS Solo (Great AOR / Westcoast) 12
    CLIVE GRIFFIN Inside out 6
    CORRADO RUSTICI The heartist (AOR) 30
    CREATION Lonely heart (AOR - Japan cd with OBI) 16
    DAN FOGELBERG The wild places 6
    DAN SEALS Rebel heart (1983, Westcoast) (2) 25
    DANCE WITH A STRANGER Look what you´ve done 4
    DANCE WITH A STRANGER Fool´s paradise 4
    DARYL BRAITHWAITE Edge (1988) 4
    DARYL BRAITHWAITE Higher than hope (1991) 4
    DARYL HALL Soul alone 5
    DARYL HALL Laughing down crying 6
    DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES Beauty on a back street (1977) 7
    DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES Along the red ledge (1978) 5
    DAVID ROBERTS All dressed up (Japan cd with OBI) 35
    DAVID ROBERTS Better late than never 12
    DAVID SWANSON Reclamation 4
    DeBARGE In a special way 8
    DeBARGE All this love 25
    DENNIS DE YOUNG Desert moon 6
    DEODATO Happy hour (Japan mini LP-cd with OBI) 15
    DEODATO Motion (Japan mini LP-cd with OBI) 15
    DEODATO Night cruiser (Japan mini LP-cd with OBI) 15
    DICK ST. NICKLAUS Magic (Westcoast - Japan cd with OBI) 40
    DONALD FAGEN Morph the cat 5
    DOOBIE BROTHERS Farewell tour 30
    EDIN ADAHL Into my soul 6
    EDIN ADAHL Revival 6
    EL DeBARGE Gemini (Japan cd with OBI - Produced by Jay Graydon) 20
    ERIC TAGG Time for a miracle (2010, Westcoast, Japan cd with OBI) 20
    FARRELL & FARRELL Superpower (AOR cristiano) 5
    FIREFALL Undertow (Westcoast - 3 bonus tracks) 8
    FIREFALL Break of dawn / Mirror of the world (Westcoast) 8
    FOTOMAKER Vis-A-Vis (1978) 7
    FOTOMAKER Transfer station (1979 - AOR) 7
    GARY BARLOW Open road 3
    GARY WRIGHT The right place (1981) 6
    GINO VANNELLI Nightwalker 8
    GINO VANNELLI Inconsolable man 4
    GIORGE PETTUS Giorge Pettus (1987 - Westcoast - Japan cd with OBI) 15
    GIORGIO MORODER PROJECT To be number one 7
    GLENN SHORROCK Villain of the peace 40
    GO WEST Dancing on the couch 5
    GO WEST Futurenow 12
    GREG LONG Jesus saves (Christian AOR) 5
    GREG MATHIESON PROJECT The Baked Potato super live! (Feat. Steve Lukather and Jeff Porcaro - Japan cd) 30
    HENRY GAFFNEY On again off again (Japan mini-LP cd with OBI) 20
    HORSE God´s home movie 3
    JAKKO Kingdom of dust (AOR) 8
    JAN JOHANSEN X my heart 8
    JANGO Red ray dawn 14
    JAY GRAYDON Past to present - The 70´s 12
    J.D. SOUTHER Home by dawn (with Don Henley, Linda Ronstadt, etc.) 6
    JENNIFER RUSH Passion 4
    JERRY LOPEZ Negrita 8
    J. GOTFRIED Call me Jay (AOR) 9
    JIM MESSINA Oasis 12
    JIMMY WEBB Ten easy pieces (Westcoast) 12
    JOHN FARNHAM Age of reason / Chain reaction (2 cds) 12
    JOHN FARNHAM Then again… 5
    JOHN JORGENSON Emotional savant 5
    JOSEPH WILLIAMS This fall (Japan cd with OBI) 30
    JOSEPH WILLIAMS I am alive (Japan cd with OBI) 30
    JUSTIN HAYWARD The view from the hill (Ex-Moddy Blues) 7
    KARLA BONOFF Wild heart of the young (Westcoast, Japan cd with OBI) 25
    KARLA BONOFF Restless nights (Westcoast, Japan cd with OBI) 25
    KENNY LOGGINS Outside from the redwoods (Lite OAR) 5
    KIM CARNES Voyeur 25
    KIM CARNES Mistaken identity 18
    KING OF HEARTS King of hearts (2) 20
    KING OF HEARTS Joy will come 25
    KING OF HEARTS Midnight crossing 40
    KRISTLE I can´t let go (Westcoast, Japan cd with OBI) 40
    KYLE VINCENT A night like this (Japan cd) 60
    LARRY LEE Marooned (Westcoast) (2) 25
    LAURIE ROTH Always best friends 5
    LAVA The very best of 20
    LEAH KUNKEL Leah Kunkel / I run with trouble (Feat. Steve Lukather, Stephen Bishop..) 30
    LENNY ZAKATEK Small but hard (Japan cd) 50
    LEON DELRAY I´m still waitin´ (Westcoast) 5
    LITTLE RIVER BAND No reins 50
    LITTLE RIVER BAND Playing to win 30
    LOREN HARRIET Round up the usual suspects (Michael Landau, Bill Champlin,..) 30
    MAGGIE´S FARM Glory road (Produced by Clif Magness) 4
    MAN DOKI People in room nº 8 (Feat. Steve Lukather, Bobby Kimbal,..) 5
    MANFRED MANN´S EARTH BAND Messin´ (1973) 7
    MANFRED MANN´S EARTH BAND Somewhere in Afrika 7
    MARC JORDAN Make believe ballroom 8
    MARC JORDAN Live at the Mocambo 30
    MARC JORDAN A hole in the wall (AOR Heaven - 2 bonus tracks) 12
    MARC JORDAN A hole in the wall (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    MARILYN SCOTT Sky dancing (Westcoast - Japan cd with OBI) 30
    MARILYN SCOTT Smile (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    MARTY BALIN Wish I were (AOR) 12
    MELISSA MANCHESTER If my heart had wings (Japan cd with OBI) (Lite AOR) 15
    MICHAEL BOLTON One world one love (2010) 6
    MICHAEL BOLTON This is the time 4
    MICHAEL BOLTON Timeless: The classics vol. 2 3
    MICHAEL CRAWFORD The Disney album 4
    MICHAEL RUFF Lovesongs + lullabies 12
    MILLION DOLLAR SECRET Under the surface (Lite AOR) 12
    MOLLO MARTIN The cage 40
    MR MISTER Pull (2) 9
    MUNCHENER FREIHEIT Liebe auf den ersten blick (AOR) 6
    NED DOHENY Hard candy (Westcoast, Japan cd) 15
    NEIL DIAMOND The best years of our lives (Feat. David Foster, Michael Landau..) 4
    NEIL LARSEN High gear (Japan cd with OBI - Digipack) 20
    NEIL LARSEN Smooth talk 5
    NICK HEYWARD I love you avenue (1988, Lite AOR with Peter Beckett) 12
    NIK KERSHAW The works 25
    NIK KERSHAW Human racing 20
    OUTFIELD, THE Replay 20
    OUTFIELD, THE Bangin´ (AOR) 5
    PAGES Pages (AOR) 35
    PAUL CLARK Drawn to the light (Mini lp cd with OBI) 30
    PAUL JANZ Renegade romantic 6
    PETER MAYER Green eyed radio 5
    PLAYER Player (Feat. Peter Beckett - Japan cd with OBI) 25
    PLAYER Electric shadow (Japan cd) 40
    RAKE & THE SURFTONES Surfers drive woodies (Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather, Joseph Williams..) 12
    RANDY GOODRUM Songbook 9
    RANDY GOODRUM Caretaker of dreams 8
    RANDY NEWMAN Faust (With Don Henley, Bonnie Raitt, Michael Thomson, etc.) 4
    REDDY & ROCHON Reddy & Rochon (1994 - Westcoast) 50
    RENEÉ GARCIA Living in the vertical (Produced by Chris Eaton) 8
    RENEÉ GARCIA A different world (Produced by Chris Eaton) 8
    RICH MULLINS Songs (AOR) 3
    RICHARD TORRANCE Bareback (Westcoast) 30
    RICK RISO Gotta have the real thing (AOR - Japan cd with OBI) 18
    RICKY PETERSON Smile blue 5
    ROBERT HART Robert Hart 12
    ROBERT LAMM Life id good in my neighborhood 8
    ROBERT LAMM In my head 5
    RUSSELL Wall of love 40
    SAD CAFÉ Every day hurts 8
    SANDY PATTY Artist of my soul 3
    SANNE Sanne (1989) 8
    SARAH JANE MORRIS Sarah Jane Morris (Zomba. 1988) 6
    SECRET MISSION Strange afternoon (Female AOR from Sweden) 20
    SEDONA Golden valley (AOR) 6
    SERGIO MENDES Sergio Mendes (1983. Westcoast Japan cd with OBI) 30
    SERGIO MENDES Arara (Japan cd with OBI. Westcoast with Dan Huff, Alan Pasqua, Robbie Buchanan,..) 40
    SHANNON NOLL A million suns (AOR) 18
    SHARI BELAFONTE Eyes of night (Lite AOR) 20
    SHEENA EASTON Do you (1985) 15
    SHEENA EASTON Best kept secret (1983) 25
    SHEENA EASTON The lover in me (1987) 3
    SHEENA EASTON My Cherie 3
    SHEREE JEACOCKE Miss my love 6
    SHERWOOD BALL´N CHAIN Folis paradyce (AOR) 20
    SIBLING REVELRY Sibling Revelry (Feat. Bill Cantos - Japan cd with OBI) 40
    SLAVES OF NEW BRUNSWICK St (Feat. Glen Burtnik, Dave LaRue,..) 8
    SOULSISTER Simple rule 3
    STEPHEN BISHOP Blue guitars 8
    STEPHEN BISHOP Bish (Mini LP limited edition) 40
    STEVE KIPNER Knock the walls down (Westcoast - Japan cd) 40
    SWING OUT SISTER It´s better to travel 8
    SYLVAIN STABILE Carte blanche 8
    TERENCE BOYLAN Terence Boylan (1979, Westcoast, with Steve Lukather, Jeff Porcaro, Donald Fagen, Don Henley,..) 6
    THINK OUT LOUD Shelf life 18
    TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT Feed the fire 25
    TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT Tell me the truth 15
    TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT Playin´ it cool 12
    TINO CASAL Todo Casal (Box set - 9 cds) 35
    TONY HADLEY Debut 4
    TORBEN SCHMIDT Long story short (2012) 12
    TOSHINOBU KUBOTA Neptune (Japan cd) 15
    TUESDAY BLUE Shibumi (AOR) 8
    TRUTH, THE Weapons of love (Feat. John Pearce, Pat Mastelotto, etc) 18
    TWO OR MORE Life in the diamond lane (AOR) 5
    ULI JON ROTH ELECTRIC SUN Beyond the astral skies 8
    V.A. Starting of love (Westcoast - Bill Cantos, The Bossa Nova Hotel,..) 20
    VINCENT & PER HÖGLUND 1000 Man (AOR) 12
    VINCENT ROCCO Hell or highwater (AOR) 4
    VISITORS Two 40
    WAS (NOT WAS) Hello dad…I´m in jail 6
    WAYNE WATSON Living room (2002, Christian lite AOR) 5
    WAYNE WATSON Wayne Watson (2000, Christian lite AOR) 5
    WIGELIUS Reinventions 7
    WORKS, THE From out of nowhere 25
    ZAPPACOSTA Over 60 minutes with 7


    1st AVENUE Daily battle (Melodic Rock) 8
    3er ACTO Eternidad de un instante (AOR) 20
    8084 The last great train 8
    91 SUITE Times they change (Fantastic Spanish AOR) (2) 35
    ABSOLUTE ZERO Never surrender (AOR) 15
    AFFAIR Face to face (Melodic rock) 8
    AIRKRAFT Airkraft (1989 - Premiere Records) 15
    AIRKRAFT In the red (AOR Heaven - 2 bonus tracks) 12
    AIRKRAFT In the red (First pressing) 20
    AKIRA KAJIYAMA / JOE LYNN TURNER Fire without flame 7
    ALANNAH MYLES Arival 4
    ALASKA The pack (4 bonus tracks) 35
    ALOS Skorpio 69 (spanish AOR) 20
    AMBITION Ambition (AOR, joe Vana, Jean Michel Byrom,.. - Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    ANDERS JOHANSSON When I become me 8
    ANGEL HEART Give me five 15
    ANGEL HOUSE The gun, the love & the cross (Melodic Rock) 5
    AOR Dreaming of L.A. (4 bonus tracks) 9
    AOR L.A. concession (4 bonus tracks) 9
    AOR Journey to L.A. 9
    AOR L.A. attraction 15
    ARTICA As it should be (first pressing) 15
    ATLANTIC Power 20
    ATTRACTION 65 Attraction 65 5
    AURAS New generation (AOR, like Journey) 8
    AXE Twenty years from home 12
    BABYS, THE The Babys (1976) 15
    BAD COMPANY Fame and fortune 9
    BAD COMPANY Company of strangers 4
    BAD SISTER Heartbreaker (Female fronted AOR) 20
    BALANCE Balance (AOR) 12
    BANGALORE CHOIR On target (1992 - First pressing) 8
    BB STEAL On the edge 15
    BENNY MARDONES Never run never hide (1980) 5
    BENNY MARDONES Bless a brand new angel 6
    B.E. TAYLOR GROUP Our world (AOR, 1985 - 2 bonus tracks) 15
    BEYOND Beyond (Japanesse AOR) 20
    BIGSTORM Living in exile (1989, Melodic rock from Australia) 4
    BILLY SQUIER Don´t say no (1981) 4
    BILLY SQUIER Tell the truth (1993, AOR) 5
    B JOE Ready to ride (AOR) 15
    B JOE White white roses (AOR) 15
    BLACK AVALON Dark promises 4
    THE BLONDES Yeah yeah yeah (Melodic rock / AOR) 30
    BLONDE ON BLONDE Labyrinth of love (Bonus track) 12
    BLOODGOOD Rock in a hard place / Out of the darkness 15
    BOBBY FRISS Fate (Long Island Records) 6
    BOBBY KIMBALL All I ever needed (Singer of Toto) 15
    BONFIRE Feels like comin´ home 6
    BOYS CLUB Boys Club (AOR, with Joe Pasquale) 8
    BOYSVOICE Boysvoice (1990 - First pressing) 15
    BOYSVOICE Serenity 4
    BUDDY SYSTEM, THE St (Christian AOR, 1988) 30
    CANNATA Watching the world (2 bonus tracks) (AOR) 12
    CANNATA Watching the world (first pressing) (AOR) 12
    CASANOVA Heroes 15
    CASANOVA One night stand 8
    CHARLIE Good morning America 4
    CHARLIE Here comes trouble 5
    CHILLIWACK Chilliwack (1972) 12
    CHILLIWACK Look in, look out (1984 AOR - Long Island) 12
    CHRIS CATENA Freak out! 12
    CINEMA FACE Face card 4
    COBRA First strike (AOR, 1983, with Jimmy Jamison of Survivor) 20
    COLDSPELL Infinite stargaze 8
    COLD SWEAT Break out (1990) 20
    CONTAGIOUS The calling (melodic rock) 8
    CROWN OF THORNS Killer thorns (Japan cd) 10
    CROWN OF THORNS Crown jewels (3 cds) 15
    DAKOTA Mr lucky 8
    DAKOTA Looking back - The anthology (2 cds) (2) 15
    DAN LUCAS 2000! (AOR, with Kane Roberts, John Pierce, etc.) 15
    DANGER DANGER Screw it! 8
    DANIELE LIVERANI Daily trauma 5
    DANNY WILDE Any man´s hunger 20
    DARE Blood from stone 15
    DARYL BRAITHWAITE Edge (1988) 4
    DARYL BRAITHWAITE Higher than hope (1991) 4
    DAVID MULLEN Revival (1989) 5
    DAVID PALAU Divertimento (Spanish melodic rock) 8
    DAYDREAMER Daydreamer (2007, Escape Music) 6
    DEMON DRIVE Heroes 5
    DEN OF THIEVES Honour amongst thieves (Melodic Rock) 8
    DIARY To the edge and beyond (Melodic Hard Rock) (2) 15
    DOMINOE The key (First pressing) 40
    DON JOHNSON Heart beat (AOR) 8
    DON WOLF Making changes (White Wolf singer) 12
    DOUBLE DEALER Moving target 5
    DRAGON Dreams of ordinary man (AOR) 30
    DREAMER We´ve got the power (AOR) 40
    DRIVE SHE SAID Drivin´ wheel 18
    DRIVE SHE SAID Excelerator 18
    DRIVE SHE SAID Road to paradise, Best of 20
    DRIVE SHE SAID Real life (Japan cd with OBI) 25
    DUNE O.S.T. (Toto) 4
    EDDA MUVEK Orokseg (Hard rock) 15
    EDDIE & THE TIDE I do it for you 12
    EDDIE MONEY Right here 4
    EDEN Open minds (Hard melodic rock) 5
    EDENBRIDGE Sunrise in Eden 7
    ELEKTRADRIVE Elektradrive (with full package) (AOR) 15
    ELLIS BEGGS & HOWARD Homelands (AOR - 1988) 20
    ELYTE Unno (Spanish AOR / Melodic rock) 30
    EMBASSY Edge of rainbow (Melodic hard rock) 12
    EMINA Take 1 (Melodic rock) 6
    ERIC MARTIN Eric Martin 15
    ERIKA Planet X 20
    ESCAPE MUSIC Millenium collection (sampler) 3
    ESCAPE MUSIC Millenium collection 2 (2 cds sampler) 5
    EXPLORERS We always want (Melodic Rock from Canada) 30
    EYES Windows of the soul 20
    EYES Full moon (the lost studio sessions) 10
    EYEWITNESS Eyewitness (Ralph Santolla) 12
    EZ LIVIN After the fire (Melodic rock - Pre Bonfire) 8
    FAHRENHEIT Talking ´bout love 15
    FAIR WARNING Early warnings 92-95 (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    FAIR WARNING Brother´s keeper 8
    FANDANGO The best of (Jap. With OBI) (With Joe Lynn Turner) 25
    FAIR WARNING Brother´s keeper 8
    FAR NORTH What? (first pressing) (Melodic Rock from Sweden) 12
    FARRELL & FARRELL Superpower (AOR cristiano) 5
    FATAL ATTRACTION Simplicity rules (AOR) 12
    FATE Cruisin´ for a bruisin 15
    FATE Scratch´n sniff 15
    FERDY DOERNBERG Just a piano and a handful of dreams (Ex-Rough Silk and Axel Rudy Pell) 15
    FIREFLY Automatic 4
    FIRE WITH FIRE Fire with fire 8
    FIREWORKS MAGAZINE (all with promo cds) 1, 2 5
    FLINT STENS MED STANLEY Stenharda latar (Göran Edman, Thomas Vikström,…) 30
    FM Takin´ it to the streets 15
    FM Only the strong 15
    FM Black noise 35
    FOREIGNER Gold collection 4
    FORTUNE Fortune (AOR) 20
    FREDERIKSEN / PHILLIPS Frederiksen / Phillips 30
    FREEFALL Rebel hard 5
    FRONTRUNNER Up-n-Cummin 8
    GARY HUGHES Gary Hughes (1992) 25
    GIRAFFE Giraffe (Best of two albums, 17 tracks) 50
    GIUFFRIA Silk and steel (Bonus track) 15
    GLEN BURTNICK Heroes & zeros (1987) 12
    GLEN BURTNICK Palookaville (AOR) 15
    GOONIES, THE O.S.T. (1985, Japan cd with OBI) 12
    GTM No more walls 12
    HARLOT Room with a view 12
    HAVEN Haven (Female fronted melodic rock) 5
    HEADLINE Heartstream (Melodic rock) 6
    HEADLINE Duality (2 cds) (Melodic Prog Metal) 8
    HEADPINS Anthology ( 8
    HEART A lovemongers´ Christmas 6
    HEARTLAND As it comes (AOR) 8
    HEAT, THE Untold story vol. I (classic AOR) 20
    HEAVEN Where angels fear to thread 8
    HIGHEST DREAM Far away from here (AOR) 6
    HIRSH GARDNER Wasteland for broken hearts (AOR) 6
    HOLY WATER The collected sessions 8
    HUSH Hush featuring Robert berry (AOR) 8
    HUSH If you smile (AOR) 15
    HYBRID ICE Hybrid Ice (Classic Pomp AOR) 20
    I-TEN Taking a cold look (Fantastic AOR) 15
    IAN LLOYD & STORIES Travelling underground 25
    IAN PARRY Symphony of dreams (AOR) 15
    IAN PARRY Thru´ the looking glass 15
    IF ONLY No bed of roses 9
    ILLUSTRATOR Illustrator (AOR - 1987) 8
    IN AND OUT In and Out (1992) 30
    JACK WAGNER All I need (AOR) 8
    JACK WAGNER Alone in a crowd 6
    JADED HEART Sinister mind (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    JAGGED EDGE Fuel for your soul 20
    JAVAN Somewhere in the night (Melodic rock) 15
    JEAN BEAUVOIR Chameleon (promo in cardboard sleeve. I will trade 2 or 3 for 1 of yours) 2
    JEFF SCOTT SOTO Damage control 6
    JEFF SCOTT SOTO Love parade 8
    JERUSALEM Classics 2 40
    JESSE DAMON The hand that rocks 5
    JIMMY BARNES Freight train heart (1988 - Feat. Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain,..) 8
    JOEY SUMMER Written on the horizon (Melodic Rock) 6
    JOHN BONGIOVI The Power Station years 5
    JOHN KILZER Busman´s holiday 4
    JOHN MILES BAND Transition (AOR) 10
    JOHNNY LEE MICHAELS REVENGE United states of mind (1988, Finnish AOR with bluesy touch) 40
    JOSHUA Intense defense 20
    JOSHUA PERAHIA Surrender (2) 15
    JOSHUA PERAHIA The hand is quicker than the eye 8
    JOURNEY Time 1, 2, 3 (without big cardboard box) 15
    JUKEBOX HEROES Jukebox Heroes (Melodic Rock) 80
    JUNGLE Nuts (AOR - Melodic Rock - 1994) 60
    KANSAS Vinyl confessions (First pressing) 14
    KANSAS Device - Voice - Drum (2 cds) 9
    KANSAS Drastic measures (First pressing) 12
    KANSAS Drastic measures (Rock Candy) 8
    KANSAS King Biscuit (Live with Steve Morse) 6
    KARLA Karla (1990, Melodic Hard Rock) 12
    KEE MARCELLO Shine on (Europe guitarrist) (2) 30
    KICK New horizon ( with bonus cd) 8
    KICK AXE Rock the world (1 bonus track) 8
    KUNI Fucked up! (Japan cd with OBI) 30
    KYLE VINCENT A night like this (Japan cd) 60
    L.A. Unfinished business (2 cds) 6
    LANCE While the giant sleeps (AOR) 20
    LANE Diced (Melodic hard rock) 30
    LAPOINTE Obsession 10
    LAST AUTUMN´S DREAM Winter in paradise (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    LAST TRIBE The ritual 8
    LAW, THE The Law (Feat. Paul Rodgers) 8
    LEE AARON Silck chick 20
    LEGEND SEVEN Blind faith (Melodic hard rock) 12
    LEO LYON´S KICK Tough trip through paradise 9
    LIAR While the city sleeps (Melodic Rock) 8
    LIGHTSPEED Waves (Pomp AOR) 6
    LOVE CHILD Love Child (Japan cd with OBI, like Dokken) 50
    MAD MAX Stormchild 15
    MAMA´S BOYS Relativity (5 bonus tracks) 12
    MAMMOTH The collection (Melodic rock) 8
    MARA Poetry & Motion 8
    MARCIE FREE Tormented (Japan cd) (2) 20
    MARI HAMADA Tomorrow (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    MARK BOYCE All over the world (1989, AOR) 15
    MARK SPIRO It´s a beautiful life (2) 9
    MARSHALL MONROE Lujo y pasion (Spanish Melodic Rock, 1987) 20
    MATTADOR Save us from ourselves 20
    MECCA Undeniable 9
    MEN, THE The Men (AOR, 1992, Polydor) 5
    MERCY Mercy (AOR, Broken Records) 5
    MESSAGE St (1995, Long Island Records) 15
    METROPOLIS The power of the night (AOR - Peter Fredette & Stan Meissner) 20
    MICHAEL MCDERMOTT Gethsemane (Melodic Rock) 5
    MICHAEL ZEE Five seven maybe five eight (AOR, Long Island Records) 8
    MICKEY THOMAS Marauder 6
    MIDNIGHT BLUE Take the money and run (Feat. Doogie White) 15
    MILES ABOVE Move or be moved (AOR, Escape Music) 4
    MILLENIUM The best of…and more 8
    MISS B. HAVEN Miss B. Haven (Female AOR) 20
    MITCH MALLOY Shine on (2012) 14
    MOLLO MARTIN The cage 40
    MONARCH Monarch (Feat. Ralph Santolla) 12
    MYSTERY At the dawn of a new millennium (Melodic Rock) 8
    MYSTIC GAME Mystic Game (Rare Hair Hard Rock feat. Carlos Creator - 1995) 50
    NANCY WILSON Live at McCabes Guitar Shop 5
    NEIL ZAZA Staring at the sun (with Steve Smith, Ross Valory, Stu Hamm,..) 8
    NETWORK Network / Nightwork (1977 / 1978 AOR) 5
    NEW EYES, THE Midnight generation 8
    NIGHT HAWKS II (Japan cd) 20
    NORTHERN LIGHT Northern Light (Japan cd with OBI) 18
    NOTORIOUS Notorious (Robin George / Sean Harris) 8
    NOVELLA A liquid earth (Melodic rock) 8
    ONLY CHILD Only Child 12
    OUTFIELD, THE Replay 20
    OUTLAND Long way home (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    PARADISEND Fin del paraiso (Spanish melodic rock) 9
    PARTLAND BROTHERS Electric honey (AOR) 5
    PASSION PLAY Time stands still (AOR) 6
    PAT BENATAR Innamorata - 8/15/80 (2 cds) 9
    PAUL JANZ Renegade romantic 5
    PAUL LAINE Can´t get enuff 20
    PETER HOFMANN Wild and lonely heart (AOR - 1990) 5
    PETER STEVENS BAND Taken by the light (AOR) 5
    PETRA Petra 25
    PETRA Praise 2 - We need Jesus 3
    PETRA Petra means rock 4
    PETRA This means war! 4
    PINK CREAM 69 One size fits all 12
    PLANET P PROJECT Planet P Project (1983) 4
    PLANET P PROJECT Levittown (Go out dancing - Part II) 8
    PLATENS Between two horizons 8
    POLE POSITION Pole Position (Super Hard Rock from Sweden) (2) 30
    POLEY RIVERA Only human (Melodic hard rock) 15
    POODLES, THE Sweet trade (Melodic rock) 7
    POWERGLIDE Where do we go from here 20
    PRAGMA Enpleinair 5
    PRIDE Another fine mess 20
    PROBLEM CHILD Problem Child (1985) 8
    PROPHET Cycle of the moon (Super Melodic Rock) 20
    PROTOTYPE Prototype (1983, Fantastic AOR) 20
    PUSHKING Village songs 8
    RAIN Stronger (With Michael Bormann) 6
    RANSOM Trouble in paradise (AOR) 8
    RATTLES Hot wheels 5
    RED RIDER As far as Siam (AOR from Canada) 5
    REECE KRONLUND Solid (Melodic hard rock) 6
    RETURN Return 8
    RETURN The best of.. 15
    RICK CUA Midnight sun (AOR) 5
    RICK MONROE Shame 3
    RICK MONROE Legends diner 6
    RICK SPRINGFIELD Rock of life (first pressing) (2) 12
    RICK SPRINGFIELD Tao (first pressing) 12
    RICK SPRINGFIELD Tao (Rock Candy) 8
    RICK SPRINGFIELD Working class dog 8
    ROADMASTER Hey world (Pomp AOR) 25
    ROBERT BERRY Takin it back 40
    ROBERT MURDOCK Don´t quit your day job (AOR) 20
    ROBIN BECK Trouble or nothing 14
    ROBIN GEORGE / GLENN HUGHES Sweet revenge 8
    ROCK THE NATIONS Z Records sampler 3
    ROCK THE NATIONS 2 Z Records sampler (2 cds) 6
    ROM Read only memory 25
    ROMEO´S DAUGHTER Romeo´s Daughter (1988, Female fronted AOR) 18
    ROMEO´S DAUGHTER Delectable 10
    ROSSINGTON BAND, THE Love you man 8
    ROUGH First cut (1988) 30
    ROXANNE Roxanne (First press, Scotti Bros, 1986) 20
    RTZ (RETURN TO ZERO) Lost 30
    RUBICON Rubicon / America dreams (AOR with Jack Blades) 8
    SACRED Beyond the end of the world (Spanish melodic rock) 5
    SAHARA SNOW Sahara Snow (Rick Springfield - Bob Marlette - Tim Pierce) 12
    SAINTS & SINNERS Saints & Sinners (1992 - Produced by Aldo Nova) 12
    SARAYA Saraya (first pressing) 12
    SARGANT FURY Still want more (Hard heavy rock) 25
    SARGANT FURY Little fish 15
    SCRAM Scram (Classic AOR) 8
    SCREAM IN EDEN Original sin 8
    SEAN CHRISTOPHER Life goes on (melodic rock) 50
    SERGEANT Sergeant 1984 (Melodic hard rock feat. Pete Prescott) 14
    SEVENTH KEY Live in Atlanta (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    SHAKRA Power ride (Melodic Hard Rock) 8
    SHANGHAI Shanghai (1982 Female fronted AOR) 5
    SHE AND THE BAND Emotional bandits (1991 - AOR) 15
    SHINING LINE Shining Line (AOR feat. Harry Hess, Robin Beck,..) 8
    SHY Once bitten..twice.. 12
    SHY Welcome to the madhouse 15
    SHYANNE Shyanne (AOR - 1982) 8
    SIGNAL Loud & clear (First pressing) 15
    SIMON CHASE The witch doctor (Melodic rock) 6
    SKIN DEEP On the rampage (Melodic rock) (2) 15
    SKIN DEEP Painful day 12
    SLÄNG E prise krise (AOR) 8
    SOUL DOCTOR Soul Doctor 8
    SPY Spy (Japan cd with OBI - AOR. 1980) 40
    STAN BUSH Dream the dream (2010) 7
    STAN BUSH Language of the heart (AOR) 8
    STAN BUSH Shine 8
    STAR COLLECTOR Rock of ages (Melodic rock) 20
    STARCASTLE Real to reel (Prog AOR) 5
    STEFAN ANDERSSON Walk right on (AOR) 5
    STEVE THOMSON Steve Thomson (AOR) 6
    STEVE THOMSON Everyone loves a winner 7
    STONE FURY Burns like a star 40
    STORMZONE Caught in the act (Melodic hard rock) 8
    STORYTELLER´S RAIN A rock musical by Ferdy Doernberg 5
    STRANGEWAYS Any day now 25
    STREETS Shakedown 5
    STUN LEER Once (Melodic rock) 8
    STYX Boat on the river 5
    SUN´N´STEEL Wicked world 12
    SURVIVOR Too hot to sleep (Japan cd) 14
    SURVIVOR Caught in the game (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    SWEET CRYSTAL Still standing… (AOR) 12
    SWEET F.A. Temptation 10
    SWEET F.A. Stick to your guns 10
    TAK MATSUMOTO GROUP TMG I (Feat. Eric Martin, Jack Blades,..) 8
    TALISMAN 7 8
    TALISMAN Life 8
    TAMARA CHAMPLIN You won´t get to heaven alive (AOR, with Bruce Gaitsch, Bill Champlin, Randy Cantor,etc.) 8
    TAMI SHOW Tami Show 30
    TAMI SHOW Wanderlust (AOR) 4
    TEMPESTT Bring´em on 5
    TERI TIMS Whole lotta trouble (AOR, produced by Paul Sabu) 20
    TERRY GANN If you´re listenin 8
    THE KEY The world is watching (Melodic Rock, with Billy Sherwood) 4
    THINK OUT LOUD Shelf life 18
    THRILLS 3 (AOR) 7
    TIM FEEHAN Tim Feehan 12
    TIM FEEHAN Pray for rain (AOR) 20
    TOBY HITCHCOCK Mercury´s down 8
    TOMMY DENANDER Less is more - Part one (With Jeff Porcaro, Mike Procaro, David Paich, etc.) 40
    TOMMY SHAW Ambition 20
    TONY SOLO Las fases de la luna (Sangre Azul´s voice) 9
    TORBEN SCHMIDT Long story short (2012) 12
    TOTAL STRANGER Total Stranger (2 bonus tracks, Japan cd with OBI) 20
    TOUCH The complete works (2 cds) (Classic AOR, with Mark Mangold) 20
    TOUR DE FORCE World on fire (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    TOYZ House of cards (AOR) 8
    TRADE MARK Fatal blues (Melodic Hard Rock from Greece) 30
    TREAT Treat (1992) 12
    TREVOR RABIN Can´t look away 4
    TRILLION Trillion (Japan cd with OBI) 25
    TROOPER Ten (AOR - Rock - Canada - 1991) 30
    TROX NEWMAN It´s like this (AOR) 4
    TWO FIRES Burning bright (AOR) 7
    TYCOON Opportunity knocks (Classic AOR) 7
    UNDER FIRE Under Fire (Feat. Jimmy Waldo, ExAlcatrazz) 7
    UNION MAC Lost in attraction (Melodic rock) 5
    V.A. Album Network - Unsigned bands 8
    V.A. Hot night in the city (Bystander, Allien Nation,…) 8
    V.A. Melodic Mayhem - volume 3 (Alien, Bad Habit, GTS, etc.) 15
    V.A. Rock the bones - Frontiers (2 cds) 8
    V.A. Soft Rock (Lea Hart, Dennis Stratton, Dougie White,..) 8
    V.A. The awakening volume 1 - Now & Then 4
    VALENSIA Gaia (Japan cd) 8
    VALENSIA The blue album 4
    VALENTINE No turning back 25
    VALENTINE The most beautiful pain 12
    VALENTINE Soul salvation (AOR) 8
    VAN ZANT Van Zant (1985 - AOR) 8
    VEGA Kiss of life 8
    VENGEANCE Arabia (2 cds edition) 30
    VICE Made for pleasure (Melodic Hard Rock, 1988) 12
    WALK THE WIRE ST (Super AOR) (2) 15
    WHITE LION Fight to survive (Music for Nations) 15
    WHITE LION Last roar 8
    WIG WAM Wall street 8
    WIGELIUS Reinventions 7
    WILD BLUE No more jinx (AOR) (2) 8
    WILD FORCE Jungle of love (1990, Hard Rock from Finland) 12
    WILDFIRE Summer lightning (Melodic rock - 1984) 8
    WONDERLAND Is this… (Melodic rock like Dokken) 40
    XENON Xenon (simple) 15
    XT XT (AOR) 4


    ADAM BOMB New York times 8
    BRITNY FOX Boys in heat (with bonus tracks) 20
    D´MOLLS st (1988, Sleazy-Glam) 25
    DAD No fuel left for the pilgrims (Japan cd) 12
    ELECTRIC BOYS Freewheelin´ 12
    FILTHY LUCRE Popsmear (with Phil Lewis) 8
    FUNNY MONEY Funny Money (Hard rock) 8
    HARLOW Now and then 10
    KIX Kix 5
    PRETTY BOY FLOYD A tale of sex, designer drugs and the death of R´n´R (Glam-Sleazy) 10
    SMOKERS, THE Giving up (Sleazy hard rock from Spain - Digipack) 6
    SPIKE & TYLA´S HOT KNIVES Flagrantly yours 20
    WILD RIDE Tension & desire 25

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