Mario Resto - 1992 - Scenes from the reality

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    Mario Resto - 1992 - Scenes from the reality

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    Mario Resto
    Mario Resto was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and grew up in the Detroit area. His guitar playing began at age seven and
    later he took up drums, piano, bass and singing. He began composing musical pieces and songs at age fourteen. Through
    the following years he would perform his music with "Boy Smiling", a band he formed with his younger brother
    (Oscar Award Winner) Luis Resto. Having studied under Pulitzer Prize and Grammy Award winning composer Bill Bolcom,
    Mario opened up his compositional abilities even more. His first single on Atlantic Records "Miami" was recognized in
    Billboard Magazine as possessing, "distinctive writing and arranging". Drawing his musical influences from rock, jazz,
    rhythm and blues, classical and latin music, Mario's debut c.d. "Scenes From The Reality" is proof of his distinctive
    sound and thought provoking lyrics.
    With the help of Luis Resto and executive producers Eric and Marilyn Morgeson, "Scenes From The Reality" is a stirring
    message for the heart and mind.


    Mario Resto ... Vocals, Guitar, Synclavier, Producer & Songwriter
    Danny McCann...Drums
    Danny Oestrike....Bass
    Luis Resto....Keyboards
    D.D. Resto....Percussion
    Scott Peterson
    Carol Hall... Background vocals
    Colleen Beaton... Background vocals
    Lisa Paige... Background vocals
    Harold Thomas... Background vocals
    Herschel Boone... Background vocals
    Shawn Murphy... Background vocals

    Recording engineers-Mario Resto, Randy Poole, John Jaszcz, Ed Marx & Eric Morgeson
    Mix engineers. John Jaszcz except "Blind Eyes" & "Movies"
    "Blind Eyes" Mix Engineer ... Randy Poole
    "Movies" Mix Engineer ... Eric Morgeson
    "Movies" Producers ... Eric Morgeson & Luis Resto
    Mastering engineer and studio. Hank Williams Mastermix, Nashville, TN
    Marilyn Morgeson...Production Administration
    Fred (Fredster) Morgeson ...Production Coordinator
    Eric Morgeson & Marilyn Morgeson...Executive Producers
    Recorded & Mixed at Studio A Recording, Dearborn Hgts., MI

    RADIO, the second album from Mario Resto is now available. It is a much sharper edged album than his first release "Scenes From The Reality" which was a more keyboard composed collection. Going back to his guitar roots to compose RADIO, Mario again shines with his skillful songwriting, arranging and storytelling. This new release features the extraordinary harmonica talents of Peter "Madcat" Ruth, and Oscar-Award Winner Luis Resto on piano and synthesizer. Coming naturally from his many years post-scoring for T.V., radio and film, this production is much more varied in mood, dynamic and music styles. Far from predictable, RADIO takes you on a journey. As if turning the radio dial, Mario offers you a landscape of musical styles. From the hard-hitting opening tune "All These Things" to the romantic power ballad "Special" or introspective instrumental "What You Said", he never lets you slip away. This album shows beyond a shadow of a doubt the musical growth and maturity of this veteran musician, performer, producer and composer. The newest release from Mario Resto and the "2MCD Project" is a musical must. Sit back and turn up the "RADIO".

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