KOINONIA - 1989 - Koinonia

    Fallen Angel Diamond

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    KOINONIA - 1989 - Koinonia

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    Informações extraídas do site Blue Desert: http://www.bluedesert.dk/koinonia.html

    A blend of fusion and west coast music....
    They had their first live performance at the legendary club "Baked Potato" in 1980 in Los Angeles. The "original" band consisted of Abraham Laboriel on bass, Bill Maxwell on drums, Harlan Rogers on keys, Hadley Hockensmith and Dean Parks on guitar, John Phillips on woodwinds and Alex Acuna on percussion. At some stage Dean Parks left, and they replaced John Phillips with Justo Almario.

    With 4 albums they became the first christian group that combined fusion with touch of west coast. All members are highly rated as some of the best musicians at their individual instruments and they have been recorded thousands of albums as studio musicians.

    After the split up Alex Acuna & Justo Almario continued to work together and formed a latin group called Tulu.


    1. Talk About It
    2. Alegria
    3. We Know The Way By Heart
    4. Come Share My World
    5. You Are My Love
    6. Straight To Paradise
    7. Mistral
    8. We're All In This Together
    9. Is It Too Late
    10. Lyn

    Lou Pardini: Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards
    Abraham Laboriel: Bass, Acoustic Guitars
    Harlan Rogers: Keyboards
    Bill Maxwell: Drums
    Justo Almario: Saxophone

    Additional Musicians:
    Michael Landau, Dean Parks: Guitars
    Michael Fisher: Percussion
    Rose Banks, Jean Johnson, Alfie Silas,Jeff Pescetto, Brenda Eager: Background Vocals

    un pekado q no estuvieran puestos
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    Tremendo DISCAZO que he conseguido este año,la voz de Lou Pardini siempre me ha enganchado,tambien con sus trabajos en solitario.Nunca es tarde para descubrir cosas en el inmenso
    mundo del westcoast.

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