Che Zuro - 1989

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    ZODIACO : Tauro

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    Che Zuro - 1989

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    Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Che Zuro Whiting was raised in Pittsburgh, PA, in a household that at times literally vibrated with the rhythms of music. She learned her craft and honed her vocal skills at family get-togethers where it was normal to stand around the piano and sing in family harmony to songs both old, new and freshly invented.

    Most forms of instruments caught the attention of the young Che Zuro. She took piano lessons first, very early. At about ten, she got her first electric guitar, a gift from her parents, and there was no turning back from that point on. Music was her calling, and love. By the time Che Zuro was in junior high, she joined a rock band as a guitarist. Having a female in your band that could jam on the guitar was something that drew attention at the time. The group gained experience, performing at local parties and school dances. When the members, all older than Che Zuro, moved away to college, she moved, too, right to her next band, Misfoundry. With this group Che Zuro cut her first demo and began writing songs, some gaining her much attention, like "Daddy Had to Go to Heaven" and "Blue Skies."

    In 1989, she joined Charlie Sexton's band for a tour that covered both America and Japan. The result was a live album, King Elvis. Che Zuro lent her talents to other bands along the way before she gained the courage to try a solo career in 1997. Her debut solo release, 10,000 Jalama Road, was an independent effort that found her singing without backup, playing all the instruments, and even acting as producer.

    Che Zuro's sophomore album, Welcome Home, was released in 2000 under the Youghiogheny River Records label. Bernie Larsen co-produced the second album and other musicians helped out this time, like Brie Howard-Darling and Jorge Calderon. Some of the tracks fans will find on Che Zuro's releases are "Holding Out for Love," "Just Another Day," "Devil's Door," "Silence Grows," and "Tied Your Baby Down."

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