SHELTER - 1991 - SHELTER

    Fallen Angel Diamond

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Tauro

    MENSAJES : 14801
    EDAD : 47

    SHELTER - 1991 - SHELTER

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    J.T. Batten vocals
    Jim Kanaris drums
    Nick Kanaris guitar
    Bob LaPointe guitar
    Terry LaPointe bass

    1.   Faithful Warrior (Battle for New Life)  
    2.   Love Won't Wait  
    3.   Give it Up  
    4.   Melody  
    5.   Don't Let Go  
    6.   Never Alone  
    7.   Can You Feel It  
    8.   Love Won't Wait (reprise)  


    tienen otro del 2005 (espantoso) Hands Heavenward

    dp en el 93 el cantant izo otro disco bajo otro nombre: J.T. Shelter-J.T. Shelter (1993)

    J. T. Batten - Vocals
    Bob Lapointe - Guitars, Backing Vocals
    Eric Bergeron - Bass
    Dan Hughes - Drums
    Pascal Mailloux - Keyboards

    Produced by Neil O' Connor & Marc Durand


    1.A place in your heart
    2.Back where I belong
    3.I'll be your shelter
    4.Answer me now
    5.That's fire
    6.Jet black eyes
    7.Don't let go
    8.One in a million
    9.Leave the heartache
    10.Here for you
    11.Time in our hands

    y tb tienen esto:

    Shelter - 01 - He Will Be There For You++++
    Shelter - 02 - Don't Let Go++++
    Shelter - 03 - Light A Fire++++
    Shelter - 04 - Time For Change++++
    Shelter - 05 - Help Me+++

    Unreleased EP  al parecer tambien se reedito con estos bonus track

    muy flojos a mi juicio, jamas me enamoraron...

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