venta o intercambio de cds y vinilos


    Fallen Angel

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Aries

    MENSAJES : 1
    EDAD : 37
    LOCALIZACIÓN : Ribadeo (lugo)

    venta o intercambio de cds y vinilos

    Mensaje por seivane el Miér 14 Ago 2013, 11:20

    hola aqui dejo una lita de cds:
    another black day- another black day
    aborted - global flatline
    aborted - slaughter apparatus
    atrophy - socialized hate
    annihilator - metal (2cd)
    annihilator- schizo deluxe
    annihilator-walking the fury
    as i lay dying - An Ocean Between Us
    as i lay dying -Shadows Are Security
    as i lay dying-Frail Words Collapse
    anathema- a natural disaster
    anathema- a fine day to exit
    anathema - judgement
    age of silence (hellhammer / mayhem) -acceleration
    avenger - killer elite
    Bleeding through - declaration
    blacktar ( gente de carcass )- barbed wire oul
    crumbsuckers- beat on my back
    cradle of filth- godspeed on the devil's thunder
    cadaveric crematorium- one of them
    crowbar - server the wicked hand
    crowbar - lifesblood for the..
    crowbar- crowbar
    coroner - no more color
    coroner - mental vortex
    coroner - rip
    coroner- grin
    coroner- punishment for..
    the crow - possessed 13
    cynic- traped in air
    cattle decapitation - for serve man
    demolition hammer - tortured existence
    despair - hitory of hate
    dark angel - time does not heal
    ektomorf - what dosent kill me...
    ektomorf -redemption
    entombed - wolverine blues
    entombed -same differet
    electric wizard - let us prey
    gamma bomb - tales from the..
    gorefest - mindloss
    godsplague - h8
    gnotic (gente de atheist)
    insidious disease- shadowcast
    infinite translation - impulsive attack
    katatonia - night is the new day

    y aqui una de vinilos:
    Flipper-blow'n chunks
    New bomb turks- the night before the day the earth tood still
    Man or astro man- eeviac
    wendy o williams - maggots the record
    backbeat- Bso
    the real kids- the new rose years
    fast- the best of the fast
    the cramps- frank further and the hot dogs live 1978
    von lmo- tranceformer
    the viles- viles
    the cramps- 1076 demo eion
    reverende beat man- ..and the unbelievers
    celibate rifles- a mid tream of conciouness
    nikki sudden - the truth doesn't matter
    foetus- thaw
    knoxville girls- idem
    screaming jay hawkins- live pari 1998
    zen guerrilla- shadows on the sun
    billy idol- charmed live
    the cramps- ohio demos 1979
    the graves brothers deluxe- little love things
    the cramps- tales from the cramps
    atom rhumba- hormonal riot
    hasel adkins- look at that caveman go
    slipknot- slipknot
    nathaniel mayer- i jut wants to be held
    Stray cats- rant n' rave
    the neanderthals - in space
    wayne county- at the trucks!
    the streetwalking cheetahs- guitar guns gold
    the hellacopters- grande rock
    bored- negative waves
    chariot- i am ben hur
    the flaming stars- ginmill perfume

    si estais intereados en intercambiar o en comprar ponero en contacto. un saludo desde galicia!!!!

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