MARC JORDAN - On A Perfect Day


    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Géminis

    MENSAJES : 24180
    EDAD : 51
    LOCALIZACIÓN : www.ciudadanorock.com

    MARC JORDAN - On A Perfect Day

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    01. On A Perfect Day
    02. I Have No Doubt
    03. My TV
    04. She Doesn't Mean That Much To Me
    05. Avalina
    06. Hell Of A Ride
    07. Too Far To Turn Back Now
    08. Wounded
    09. Butter Lane
    10. I'll Never Love Like That Again
    11. The First Time

    Marc Jordan: Lead Vocals
    Chris Bilton: Piano, Organ, Rhodes, Synths/Programming, Bass, Melodica, Hand Claps
    Shane Fontayne: Electric Guitar, Baritone Guitar
    Mike Francis: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Dobro
    Pat Buchanan: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar, Ukulele
    Dan Dugmore: Pedal Steel, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
    Lyle Molzan: Drums
    Ricky Fataar: Drums
    Michael Rhodes: Bass
    Colleen Allen: Saxophone
    David Travers-Smith: Trumpet
    The Biblical Wasteland Singers: Background Vocals
    Ezra Jordan: Background Vocals
    Jerry Bilton: Percussion

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