Cds a 2, 3 y 5 euros.


    Picasso 2
    Fallen Angel

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Tauro

    MENSAJES : 48
    EDAD : 49

    Cds a 2, 3 y 5 euros.

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    Durante unos días rebajo los siguientes cds a 2 (promos), 3 y 5 euros. La lista está ordenada por estillos.
    Para cualquier cosa podéis contactarme en: fernandogromanillos@gmail.com
    Muchas gracias y un saludo
    GIRLSCHOOL Legacy (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    KEN HENSLEY Blood on the highway (promo) 2
    RICHIE KOTZEN Into the black (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    JUNKHOUSE Strays 3
    YESTERDAY AND TODAY Ten (Booklet lacks some pages) 3
    400 HORSES 400 Horses 3
    ALICE COOPER Hey stoopid 3
    ALICE COOPER Dirty diamonds 3
    BIG COUNTRY Under cover (Covers of Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, etc) 3
    BILLY IDOL Happy holidays 3
    BLUE OYSTER CULT Fire of unknown origin 3
    DEEP PURPLE The book of Taliesyn (5 bonus tracks) 3
    DEMON Spaced out monkey 3
    DUDES TERRIFIC, THE Born yesterday 3
    GUNS N´ROSES Use your illusion I 3
    HELLFUELED Born II Rock (Heavy Metal, like Black Sabbath) 3
    HUNDRED YEARS Hundred Years 3
    IAN GILLAN Gillan´s Inn (Feat. Tony Iommi, Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Joe Satriani, …) 3
    MARC RIZZO The ultimate devotion (digi pack) 3
    TRIBUTE TO ZZ TOP Gimme all your top 3
    UFO Champions of rock (autographed) 3
    URIAH HEEP The golden palace 3
    V.A. Metal guitars - High voltage instrumentals 3
    V.A. Spacewalk - A tribute to Ace Frehley 3
    V.A. Street survivors (Cut out - Little Caesar, Bang Tango, Fire,..) 3
    AC/DC The razors edge (digipack) 3
    BARON ROJO Obstinato (1989) 3
    BEN JACKSON All over you 3
    CHALICE Digital Bulevard (hard rock) 3
    CINDERELLA Night songs (1986) 3
    CONQUEST Worlds apart (Hard Rock) 3
    COZY POWELL Tilt (1981) 3
    DAVID LEE ROTH The best 3
    DAVID LEE ROTH Diamond Dave (2003) 3
    DEEP PURPLE Fireball (25th anniversary edition) 3
    DEEP PURPLE Shades of Deep Purple (5 bonus tracks) 3
    DEEP PURPLE Deep Purple (5 bonus tracks) 3
    DEF LEPPARD Adrenalize 3
    DEROSSO Ossimoro 3
    DIO Killing the dragon 3
    FOZZY Happenstance (Heavy Rock) 3
    FROM BEHIND Game over (with Nicky Moore, Manny Charlton,..) 3
    GRIFFIN Lifeforce (Hard Rock) 3
    IAIN ASHLEY HERSEY Fallen Angel (Hard Rock) 3
    IAN GILLAN Toolbox 3
    INFERNOPHONIC Spark it up (Hard Rock) 3
    JOE SATRIANI Is there love in space? 3
    KING OF DARKNESS Triple Whammy 3
    LOST KINGDOM Lost Kingdom (2008 - Hard Rock) 3
    MAX WEBSTER Universal juveniles (featuring Kim Mitchell) 3
    MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP Be aware of scorpions 3
    NAZARETH Nazareth (5 bonus tracks) 3
    OZZY OSBOURNE No more tears (2 bonus tracks) 3
    PHOENIX Phoenix / In full view (Hard Heavy Rock feat John Verity - 2 albums) 3
    PUMP Breakdown to breakthrough 3
    PUSH 4 the love of the game 3
    QUILL, THE In triumph 3
    REBELENE In the middle of nowhere 3
    SABBTAIL Otherworlds (Hard Rock, like Rainbow or Balck Sabbatah with Dio) 3
    SABBTAIL Nightchurch (Feat. Mats Leven, Fredrik Akesson..) 3
    SLOW TRAIN Song of the day (Hard rock) 3
    STREAM Chasin´ the dragon (Heavy Rock with David Glenn Easley, Erci Singer, Bob Daisley) 3
    THIN LIZZY Killers on the loose again - A tribute 3
    TROOPER Thick as thieves (Hard rock) 3
    V.A. Révolution Hard-Rock (80´s hard rock from France) 3
    V.A. Champions of rock (2 cds) 3
    V.A. The finest of hard rock vol. 1 (2 cds) 3
    V.A. The finest of hard rock vol. 2 (2 cds) 3
    V.A. The finest of hard rock vol. 3 (2 cds) 3
    BARÓN ROJO Perversiones 5
    BLUE OYSTER CULT Heaven forbid 5
    DARIO MOLLO / TONY MARTIN The third cage 5
    DIO Lock up the wolves 5
    DOKKEN Breaking the chains 5
    DOKKEN Long way home 5
    DOKKEN Lightning strikes again 5
    EGYPT Hammer 5
    EQUAL LOUDNESS CURVE Let it roll 5
    EVIDENCE ONE Tattooed heart 5
    FROST Out in the cold (with Ted Poley, Jeff Martin,…) 5
    FULL BLOWN MOSEY Temporal cadence (Hard rock) 5
    GRAND FUNK RAILROAD The collection 5
    GRIFFEN Life - A way to die (Hard melodic rock ) 5
    HUMAN PROJECT, THE Last train out (Autographed - Digipack) 5
    JEFF KOLLMAN Into the unknown 5
    KICKHUNTER All in (Hard Rock feat. Markus Grosskopf) 5
    KING KARMA King Karma (Z Records) 5
    LAST CALL Rockin´ in my limousine 5
    LOTUS Fruitage (Hard rock) 5
    MARK FARNER BAND No frills 5
    MOTLEY CRUE Dr. Feelgood (Remastered + bonus tracks) 5
    NIGHTVISION Nightvision (Hard Rock) 5
    ORPHANN Don´t say no 5
    PAT TRAVERS Radio active (1981) 5
    POISON SUN Virtual sin (Feat. Herman Frank) 5
    PYRAMID Hieroglyphics (Hard Rock USA) 5
    SEVEN TEN Love and war (Hard Rock USA) 5
    SEX MUSEUM Sonic (Spanish hard rock) 5
    SILVER Dream machines (Gary Barden, Don Airey,..) 5
    SILVER MOUNTAIN Breakin´ chains (Feat. Jens and Anders Johansson) 5
    SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN Double your pleasure (David T. Chastain) 5
    TAZ TAYLOR BAND Straight up 5
    UNCHAIN Unchain (Hard Rock) 5
    V.A. Kings of Sunset Strip vol. 1 (Angora, Tommi Gunn, Young Gunns, Jailhouse) 5
    VIRGO Virgo (Matos / Paeth) 5
    A´LA ROCK Indulge (Feat. David Feinstein, Gary Borbonaro,..) 5
    AKIRA KAJIYAMA / JOE LYNN TURNER Fire without flame 5
    ALLEN - LANDE The showdown 5
    APRIL WINE On record 5
    CACTUS Cactus (1970) 5
    COZY POWELL The best of (with Don Airey, Jeff Beck, Gary Moore,..) 5
    FATAL SMILE World domination 5
    GILLAN Future shock (10 bonus tracks) 5
    GODZ, THE The Godz (Power Rock from USA) 5
    LED ZEPPELIN The song remains the same (2 cds, digipack) 5
    MSG - SCHENKER / BARDEN In the midst of beauty 5
    STRYPER Against the law 5
    THUNDER Robert Johnson´s Tombstone 5

    MICHAEL SEMBELLO The lost years (Promo) 2
    AMY GRANT Takes a little time 3
    BARBRA STREISAND The movie album 3
    BONNIE TYLER Original recordings (21 tracks) 3
    CARLY SIMON Spoiled girl 3
    COCK ROBIN Cock Robin 3
    COCK ROBIN After here through midland 3
    COCK ROBIN First love last rites 3
    GARY BARLOW Open road 3
    JULIA FORDHAM Falling forward 3
    JULIA FORDHAM Swept (Feat. Vinnie Colaiuta, Dominic Miller, Pino Palladino,…) (2) 3
    JULIAN LENNON Mr Jordan 3
    MICHAEL BOLTON Timeless: The classics vol. 2 3
    RICH MULLINS Songs (AOR) 3
    SANDY PATTY Artist of my soul 3
    SHEENA EASTON The lover in me (1987) 3
    SHEENA EASTON My Cherie 3
    SOPHIE B. HAWKINS Tongues and tails 3
    SOULSISTER Simple rule 3
    SUSAN ASHTON Susan Ashton 3
    SUSANNA HOFFS When you´re a boy (1991) 3
    TOM McCAIN Tom McCain (AOR - 1992) 3
    ALANNAH MYLES Arival 3
    AMERICA Harbor (Christian AOR) 3
    BEYOND THE BLUE Beyond the Blue (1996 - Christian Lite AOR) 3
    BIG DISH, THE Swimmer 3
    CARLY SIMON Never been gone (2010) 3
    CARLY SIMON Hello big man (1983) 3
    CHRIS RODRIGUEZ Beggar´s paradise (Christian AOR) 3
    CLAY AIKEN Measure of a man 3
    DANCE WITH A STRANGER Look what you´ve done 3
    DANCE WITH A STRANGER Fool´s paradise 3
    DARYL BRAITHWAITE Higher than hope (1991) 3
    DAVID LYNN JONES Mixed emotions (Country rock) 3
    DAVID SWANSON Reclamation 3
    ELISA Pipes & flowers (Produced by Corrado Rustici) 3
    GINO VANNELLI Inconsolable man 3
    HANNE BOEL Need 3
    HUE AND CRY Remote 3
    JENNIFER RUSH Passion 3
    JENNIFER WARNES The hunter (Feat. Robben Ford, Michael Landau,..) 3
    LOVE AND MONEY Strange kind of love 3
    MAGGIE´S FARM Glory road (Produced by Clif Magness) 3
    MICHAEL ANDERSON Michael Anderson (1990) 3
    MICHAEL BOLTON This is the time 3
    MICHAEL CRAWFORD The Disney album 3
    MYLO FREEMAN Mylo Freeman 3
    NEIL DIAMOND The best years of our lives (Feat. David Foster, Michael Landau..) 3
    OWNY RUTLEDGE Every little beat of my heart 3
    RANDY NEWMAN Faust (With Don Henley, Bonnie Raitt, Michael Thomson, etc.) 3
    ROCKMELONS Stronger together 3
    STEPHEN PETIT Today is heaven 3
    TODD RUNDGREN With a twist 3
    TONY HADLEY Debut 3
    VINCENT ROCCO Hell or highwater (AOR) 3
    AMY GRANT My father´s eyes 3
    BETH LAWRENCE Color in a grey world 3
    BILLY FALCON Pretty blue world (Produced by Jon Bon Jovi. With Robbie Buchanan, Randy Jackson, etc.) 3
    DARYL HALL Soul alone 3
    DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES Along the red ledge (1978) 3
    DONALD FAGEN Morph the cat 3
    FARRELL & FARRELL Superpower (AOR cristiano) 3
    GO WEST Dancing on the couch 3
    GREG LONG Jesus saves (Christian AOR) 3
    JAG Fire in the temple 3
    JAMES REYNE James Reyne (1987) 3
    JOHN JORGENSON Emotional savant 3
    KENNY LOGGINS Outside from the redwoods (Lite OAR) 3
    LAURIE ROTH Always best friends 3
    LEON DELRAY I´m still waitin´ (Westcoast) 3
    MAN DOKI People in room nº 8 (Feat. Steve Lukather, Bobby Kimbal,..) 3
    NEIL LARSEN Smooth talk 3
    OUTFIELD, THE Bangin´ (AOR) 3
    PETER MAYER Green eyed radio 3
    RICKY PETERSON Smile blue 3
    ROBERT LAMM In my head 3
    TWO OR MORE Life in the diamond lane (AOR) 3
    WAYNE WATSON Living room (2002, Christian lite AOR) 3
    WAYNE WATSON Wayne Watson (2000, Christian lite AOR) 3
    ALBERT HAMMOND Best of me 5
    BARBRA STREISAND Timeless - Live in concert (2 cds) 5
    BILL CHAMPLIN He started to sing 5
    CARL ANDERSON Fantasy hotel (1992) 5
    CAROLE KING Speeding time (1983) 5
    CAROLE KING Love makes the world 5
    CLIVE GRIFFIN Inside out 5
    DARYL HALL Laughing down crying 5
    EDIN ADAHL Into my soul 5
    EDIN ADAHL Revival 5
    GARY WRIGHT The right place (1981) 5
    IAN THOMAS Looking back 5
    IVAN LINS Love dance (1989. Feat Michael Landau, John Robinson,..) 5
    J.D. SOUTHER Home by dawn (with Don Henley, Linda Ronstadt, etc.) 5
    JUSTIN HAYWARD Spirits of the western sky 5
    MICHAEL BOLTON One world one love (2010) 5
    MUNCHENER FREIHEIT Liebe auf den ersten blick (AOR) 5
    PHIL CARMEN No sweat 5
    SARAH JANE MORRIS Sarah Jane Morris (Zomba. 1988) 5
    SEDONA Golden valley (AOR) 5
    SHEREE JEACOCKE Miss my love 5
    TERENCE BOYLAN Terence Boylan (1979, Westcoast, with Steve Lukather, Jeff Porcaro, Donald Fagen, Don Henley,..) 5
    WAS (NOT WAS) Hello dad…I´m in jail 5
    DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES Beauty on a back street (1977) 5
    FEE WAYBILL Read my lips (1984 - Feat. David Foster, Steve Lukather,…) 5
    FOTOMAKER Vis-A-Vis (1978) 5
    FOTOMAKER Transfer station (1979 - AOR) 5
    GIORGIO MORODER PROJECT To be number one 5
    IAN McDONALD Drivers eyes (Feat. John Waite, Lou Gramm, …) 5
    JEFF LORBER Private passion (1986) 5
    JUSTIN HAYWARD The view from the hill (Ex-Moddy Blues) 5
    MANFRED MANN´S EARTH BAND Somewhere in Afrika 5
    MAX Silence running 5

    AMBITION Ambition (AOR, joe Vana, Jean Michel Byrom,.. - Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    JADED HEART Sinister mind (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    JEAN BEAUVOIR Chameleon (promo in cardboard sleeve. I will trade 2 or 3 for 1 of yours) 2
    SEVENTH KEY Live in Atlanta (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    V.A. Listen up (AOR & Metal Heaven promotion sampler vol. 1 - Promo) 2
    ESCAPE MUSIC Millenium collection (sampler) 3
    PETRA Praise 2 - We need Jesus 3
    RICK MONROE Shame 3
    ROCK THE NATIONS Z Records sampler 3
    ALANNAH MYLES Arival 3
    BIGSTORM Living in exile (1989, Melodic rock from Australia) 3
    BILLY SQUIER Don´t say no (1981) 3
    BLACK AVALON Dark promises 3
    BOYSVOICE Serenity 3
    CINEMA FACE Face card 3
    DAMN YANKEES Damn Yankees 3
    DAMN YANKEES Don´t tread 3
    DARYL BRAITHWAITE Edge (1988) 3
    DARYL BRAITHWAITE Higher than hope (1991) 3
    EDDIE MONEY Nothing to lose (1988) 3
    EDDIE MONEY Wanna go back 3
    EDDIE MONEY Right here 3
    FIREFLY Automatic 3
    FOREIGNER Gold collection 3
    JOHN KILZER Busman´s holiday 3
    PETRA Petra means rock 3
    PETRA This means war! 3
    THE KEY The world is watching (Melodic Rock, with Billy Sherwood) 3
    TROX NEWMAN It´s like this (AOR) 3
    V.A. The awakening volume 1 - Now & Then 3
    VALENSIA The blue album 3
    XT XT (AOR) 3
    38 SPECIAL Special forces 3
    ANGEL HOUSE The gun, the love & the cross (Melodic Rock) 3
    BAD ENGLISH Bad English 3
    BENNY MARDONES Never run never hide (1980) 3
    BERT HEERINK Helderziende blind 3
    BILLY SQUIER Tell the truth (1993, AOR) 3
    BRIAN HOWE Circus bar 3
    BRIAN HOWE Tangled in blue (AOR) 3
    DANIELE LIVERANI Daily trauma 3
    DAVID MULLEN Revival (1989) 3
    DEMON DRIVE Heroes 3
    DOUBLE DEALER Moving target 3
    EDEN Open minds (Hard melodic rock) 3
    ERIC JOHNSON Bloom (Digipack) 3
    ESCAPE MUSIC Millenium collection 2 (2 cds sampler) 3
    FARRELL & FARRELL Superpower (AOR cristiano) 3
    FIREWORKS MAGAZINE (all with promo cds) 1, 2 3
    FREEFALL Rebel hard 3
    GIANT Time to burn 3
    HARLEQUIN Greatest hits 3
    HAVEN Haven (Female fronted melodic rock) 3
    JAG Fire in the temple 3
    JESSE DAMON The hand that rocks 3
    JOHN BONGIOVI The Power Station years 3
    MEN, THE The Men (AOR, 1992, Polydor) 3
    MERCY Mercy (AOR, Broken Records) 3
    MICHAEL MCDERMOTT Gethsemane (Melodic Rock) 3
    NANCY WILSON Live at McCabes Guitar Shop 3
    NETWORK Network / Nightwork (1977 / 1978 AOR) 3
    PARTLAND BROTHERS Electric honey (AOR) 3
    PETER HOFMANN Wild and lonely heart (AOR - 1990) 3
    PETER STEVENS BAND Taken by the light (AOR) 3
    PRAGMA Enpleinair 3
    RATTLES Hot wheels 3
    RED RIDER As far as Siam (AOR from Canada) 3
    RICK CUA Midnight sun (AOR) 3
    SACRED Beyond the end of the world (Spanish melodic rock) 3
    SHANGHAI Shanghai (1982 Female fronted AOR) 3
    STEFAN ANDERSSON Walk right on (AOR) 3
    STEVE LUKATHER Lukather (1989) 3
    STORYTELLER´S RAIN A rock musical by Ferdy Doernberg 3
    STREETS Shakedown 3
    STYX Boat on the river 3
    TEMPESTT Bring´em on 3
    UNION MAC Lost in attraction (Melodic rock) 3
    WHITE HEART Don´t wait for the movie 3
    BENNY MARDONES Bless a brand new angel 5
    BOBBY FRISS Fate (Long Island Records) 5
    BONFIRE Feels like comin´ home 5
    CHRISSY STEELE Magnet to steele (1991) 5
    CRASH THE SYSTEM The crowning (Feat. Goran Edman, Thomas Vikstrom, Mats Leven,..) 5
    DAYDREAMER Daydreamer (2007, Escape Music) 5
    EMINA Take 1 (Melodic rock) 5
    GOWAN Strange animal (AOR, 1985) 5
    HEADLINE Heartstream (Melodic rock) 5
    HEART A lovemongers´ Christmas 5
    HIGHEST DREAM Far away from here (AOR) 5
    HIRSH GARDNER Wasteland for broken hearts (AOR) 5
    JACK WAGNER Alone in a crowd 5
    JEFF SCOTT SOTO Damage control 5
    JOEY SUMMER Written on the horizon (Melodic Rock) 5
    KANSAS King Biscuit (Live with Steve Morse) 5
    L.A. Unfinished business (2 cds) 5
    LIGHTSPEED Waves (Pomp AOR) 5
    MICKEY THOMAS Marauder 5
    PASSION PLAY Time stands still (AOR) 5
    RADIO SILENCE Whose skin are you under now? 5
    RAIN Stronger (With Michael Bormann) 5
    REECE KRONLUND Solid (Melodic hard rock) 5
    RICK MONROE Legends diner 5
    ROCK THE NATIONS 2 Z Records sampler (2 cds) 5
    SIMON CHASE The witch doctor (Melodic rock) 5
    STEVE THOMSON Steve Thomson (AOR) 5
    AKIRA KAJIYAMA / JOE LYNN TURNER Fire without flame 5
    EDENBRIDGE Sunrise in Eden 5
    FEE WAYBILL Read my lips (1984 - Feat. David Foster, Steve Lukather,…) 5
    IAN McDONALD Drivers eyes (Feat. John Waite, Lou Gramm, …) 5
    JIMMY BARNES Jimmy Barnes (1985) 5
    MAGNUM Wings of heaven 5
    POODLES, THE Sweet trade (Melodic rock) 5
    QUARTERBACK Trampled under foot (AOR) 5
    RACCOON Waterfall (AOR) 5
    STAN BUSH Dream the dream (2010) 5
    STEVE THOMSON Everyone loves a winner 5
    TWO FIRES Burning bright (AOR) 5
    TYCOON Opportunity knocks (Classic AOR) 5

    METAL CHURCH The weight of the world (Promo) 2
    CHINCHILLA Madness 3
    UNITED No IQ 3
    VOLCANO Violent 3
    APOCALYPTICA Worlds collide 3
    DRIVEN Self inflicted (Tracy G, Mike Terrana) 3
    MARSHALL Pages from the past: tome 1 (Heavy metal) 3
    METALLICA Some kind of monster 3
    SIXTY WATT SHAMAN Reason to live (metal) 3
    ANCARA Beyond the dark (hard Heavy Rock) 3
    BRAINSTORM Metus mortis 3
    DESTRUCTION Mad butcher + Eternal devastation 3
    IRON FIRE On the edge 3
    KIRK The final dance (Heavy rock produced by Dennis Ward) 3
    NORTHWIND Seasons (Heavy Prog Rock) 3
    PHOENIX Phoenix / In full view (Hard Heavy Rock feat John Verity - 2 albums) 3
    SAVALLION DAWN The charge (Heavy Metal) 3
    SAXON A collection of metal 3
    SAXON Anthology 3
    SCAVENGER Madness to our method 3
    SEASONS OF THE WOLF Lost in hell (Heavy metal) 3
    SOLEMNITY Reign in hell (Heavy metal) 3
    SPIRALSEA Essence 3
    THUNDERSTONE Evolution 4.0 3
    V.A. Grandes baladas heavy vol. 1 3
    V.A. Grandes baladas heavy vol. 2 3
    ANNIHILATOR Schizo deluxe (3 bonus tracks) 5
    BATTLELORE Sword´s song (Epic metal) 5
    BATTLEROAR Battleroar (Heavy metal) 5
    DEJA VU Bullets to spare 5
    DR. SIN Shadows of light (with Mike Vescera on vocals) 5
    FIREBIRD No. 3 5
    KILLING TOUCH One of a king (Heavy rock) 5
    METALLICA Death magnetic (Digi pack) 5
    PEGAZUS Wings of destiny 5
    POISON SUN Virtual sin (Feat. Herman Frank) 5
    POWERGOD Bleed for the gods (Heavy rock) 5
    PYRAMAZE Immortal (Heavy metal) 5
    RACER X Snowball of doom - Live at the Whisky 5
    RAIL Adio (1984, Heavy rock) 5
    STEFAN ELMGREN´S FULL STRIKE We will rise (Heavy rock) 5
    UNREST Cold steel whisper (Heavy metal like Accept) 5
    WARLORD Rising out of the ashes (Heavy metal) 5
    CIRCLE II CIRCLE Burden of truth 5

    BEARSFISH Sleeping in traffic: Part one (cardboard sleeve promo, I would trade 2 for 1) 2
    CIRCUS MAXIMUS Isolate (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    PAIN OF SALVATION Scarsick (Promo) 2
    PLATYPUS Ice cycles (Promo) 2
    PROTO-KAW Before became after (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    RIVERSIDE Rapid eye movement (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    SAGA 10.000 days (promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    SLAVIOR Slavior (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    STEVE HOWE´S REMEDY Elements (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    XEN 84.000 dharma doors (Promo) 2
    CARL VERHEYEN Atlas overload 3
    UMPHREY´S McGEE Safety in numbers (cardboard sleeve) 3
    FICTIONPLANE Left side of the brain 3
    MIKE OLDFIELD Ommadawn (2000 remastered edition) 3
    MIKE OLDFIELD Amarok 3
    MIKE OLDFIELD Tubular bells 3
    PEDRO ANDREA Transparente 3
    STOCKHOLM SYNDROME Holy happy hour 3
    YES The Yes album (3 bonus tracks) 3
    ASIA Live in Mockba 3
    AUDIENCE The house on the hill 3
    BRIAN AUGER Here and now 3
    CLASSIC ROCK SOCIETY Unprogged (John Wetton, Ezra, Clive Nolan,..) 3
    COLOSSEUM The Reunion concerts 1994 3
    CONDITION RED II (Prog-metal) 3
    DREAM THEATER Falling into infinity 3
    ECHOPARK Pretty lies (Ex-Eloy, with Herman Frank and Zeno Roth) 3
    EVERON Fantasma 3
    FISH Suits 3
    GALLAHAD Celtic Rock 3
    KRAFTWERK Trans-Europe express 3
    LOCANDA DELLE FATE Forse Le Lucciole Non Si Amano Più (Italian prog) 3
    MARBLE ARCH Another Sunday bright (Prog metal) 3
    MARILLION Seasons end 3
    METAMORPHOSIS Then all was silent 3
    MUSIC STATION Shaping (Prog rock) 3
    PETER GABRIEL 2 (1978 - 2002 edition) 3
    PETER GABRIEL Security (1982 - 2002 edition) 3
    PORCUPINE TREE In absentia (Full promo) 3
    SQUIRE / SHERWOOD Conspiracy 3
    STEVE HACKETT Please don´t touch 3
    TIME MACHINE Reviviscence 3
    TRIBUTE TO YES Tales from yesterday (Magna Carta) 3
    TRIUMVIRAT Illusions on a double dimple 3
    WHITE White (Alan White & Geoff Downes) 3
    WITHOUT WARNING Step beyond (Prog Metal) 3
    ARGENT In deep (1 bonus track) 5
    ASCENSION THEORY Answers (Progressive Metal) 5
    AYREON Flight of the migrator 5
    AYREON The final experiment 5
    CARAVAN Waterloo Lily (4 bonus tracks) 5
    DEREK SHERINIAN Mythology 5
    EARGASM DNA (Prog-Metal) 5
    EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND Edgar Broughton Band (3 bonus tracks) 5
    ELECTRIC SUN Earthquake (Uli Jon Roth) 5
    ELEGANT SIMPLICITY Moments of clarity 5
    ERIK NORLANDER Into the sunset 5
    FISH Suits 5
    FISH Fellini days 5
    FISH Yang (Marillion vocalist) 5
    FISH Yin (Marillion vocalist) 5
    FOCUS Focus III 5
    HAGEN Corridors of time (Prog rock-metal from Sweden) 5
    JACK BRUCE Somethinelse (Feat. Eric Clapton) 5
    JUSTIN HAYWARD Spirits of the western sky 5
    MIND´S EYE A work of art 5
    OZRIC TENTACLES Swirly termination 5
    OZRIC TENTACLES Waterfall cities 5
    OZRIC TENTACLES Strangeitude 5
    RAY WILSON Stiltskin 5
    RICK WAKEMAN Time machine (1988. Feat. John Parr) 5
    SAGITTARIUS Voice of doom / Loahpa jienat (2cds) (Prog - Rock) 5
    SATELLITE A street between sunrise and sunset (Prog rock) 5
    STEVE HACKETT Highly strung (3 bonus tracks) 5
    STEVE HACKETT Cured (3 bonus tracks) 5
    STEVE HACKETT Defector 5
    SUPPER´S READY A Magna Carta tribute to Genesis 5
    THE MARS VOLTA De-loused in the comatorium 5
    V.A. Progressive & Melodic Rock - The SI Music sampler vol. 1 5
    BIG BIG TRAIN English boy wonders (Prog) 5
    COLLAGE Moonshine 5
    FLOWER KINGS, THE Retropolis 5
    GENESIS Three sides live (2 cds) 5
    IQ Ever 5
    JADIS Photoplay 5
    JUSTIN HAYWARD The view from the hill (Ex-Moddy Blues) 5
    MANFRED MANN´S EARTH BAND Somewhere in Afrika 5
    MINDFLOW Just the two of us… me and them 5
    PENDRAGON Believe 5
    PENDRAGON The World 5
    PENDRAGON Not of this world (2 bonus tracks) 5
    PENDRAGON The world (digipack) 5

    V.A. New country giants (Delbert McClinton, Lyle Lovett,..) 3
    V.A. The best of new british country 3
    ALABAMA Pass it on down 3
    BLACKFOOT Tomcattin´ (1980) 3
    BO BICE The real thing (Southern rock) 3
    DICKEY BETTS BAND Let´s get together 3
    LOS LUNÁTICOS Con la música a otra parte (spanish southern rock) 3
    38 SPECIAL Special forces 3
    BOB SEGER The distance 3
    KID ROCK Rock n roll Jesus (Southern rock) 3
    THE BLACK CROWES The southern harmony and musical companion 3
    THE MARSHALL TUCKER BAND Tenth (Southern Country Rock) 3
    ALLMAN BROTHERS Hittin the note 5
    ANGELINA VINNIE Payback time (Blues, folk, country, rock,..) 5
    GOV´T MULE Life before insanity 5
    MOLLY HATCHET Warriors of the rainbow bridge 5
    MOON DOG MANE Turn it up (Hard Southern Rock feat. Frank Hannon of Tesla) 5
    NIGHT HORSE Perdition hymns (Southern Hard Rock) 5
    ROSE HILL DRIVE Rose Hill Drive (Hard Blues Rock) 5
    SUGAR MOUNTAIN In the raw (Spanish classic southern rock) 5
    SOUTHERN EXPERIENCE BAND, THE Where I´m from (Southern rock) 5

    ABC Up 3
    BERLIN Count three & pray 3
    CELINE DION A new day has come 3
    COCK ROBIN Cock Robin 3
    COCK ROBIN After here through midland 3
    COCK ROBIN First love last rites 3
    ESCAPE CLUB, THE Wild wild west 3
    EVERYDAY PEOPLE You wash I´ll dry 3
    FAITH HILL Cry 3
    LARA FABIAN Lara Fabian 3
    LARA FABIAN A wonderful life 3
    SO Horseshoe in the glove (Pop - AOR) 3
    TAYLOR DAYNE Soul dancing 3
    TEN SHARP The fire inside 3
    TEN SHARP Shop of memories 3
    AMANDA MARSHALL Tuesday´s child (With Richie Sambora, Paul Jackson Jr., Dean Parks,..) 3
    BILLY JOEL Live in Leningrad (1987) 3
    BILLY OCEAN Time to move on 3
    CHRIS DE BURGH At the end of a perfect day (1977) 3
    DAVID BOWIE Tonight 3
    ELISA Pipes & flowers (Produced by Corrado Rustici) 3
    FALCO 3 (1985) 3
    FALCO Emotional (1986) 3
    HUE AND CRY Seduced and abandoned (Lite AOR) 3
    JELLYBEAN Spillin´ the beans 3
    JELLYBEAN Rocks the house! 3
    JELLYBEAN Just visiting this planet 3
    LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM Go insane (1984) 3
    MYLO FREEMAN Mylo Freeman 3
    SHEENA EASTON The singles collection 3
    TAYLOR DAYNE Tell it to my heart (1987) 3
    TONY HADLEY Debut 3
    AL STEWART Last days of the century 3
    BEE GEES Main course (1975) 3
    DAVID + DAVID Boomtown 3
    SHANIA TWAIN (with Paul Sabu) The complete limelight sessions 3
    THEN JERICO The big area 3
    CRETU Die chinesische mauer 5
    INDECENT OBSESSION Relativity (Lite AOR) 5
    PINK MARTINI Hang on little tomato 5
    FREEDOM CALL Eternity (Promo, Autographed) 2
    THE DOGMA A good day to die (cardboard sleeve promo. I would trade 2 for 1) 2
    WIZ Shattered-mind-theraphy 3
    MOB RULES Hollowed by the name 3
    VITALIJ KUPRIJ Promised land (instrumental, Neo-Classical) 3
    ARTHEMIS Golden dawn (Power metal) 5
    SHAMAN Ritual (Digipack) 5
    STORMHAMMER Lord of darkness 5
    WIZARDS The kingdom (2) 5

    MONTE MONTGOMERY St (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    ERIC JERARDI BAND Had enough 3
    GENUINE HOUSEROCKIN´ MUSIC Alligator Sampler 3
    GREG KOCH 4 days in the south (full promo) 3
    JOE TURNER Live: Shake, rattle and roll (with Mike Bloomfield on guitar) 3
    KID JONNY LANG & THE BIG BAND St (Blues rock) 3
    MICHAEL KATON MK (Full promo) 3
    MICHAEL KATON Live & on the prowl! (Blues rock - Full promo) 3
    STONEY CURTIS BAND Acid blues experience (Full promo) 3
    THE GRAPES High or low (Blues Rock) 3
    BENNY VALERIO AND TEXAS THUNDER Sorrounded by the blues (Blues rock) 3
    SHANE HENRY Deliverance (Blues rock) 3
    THE SAM LAY BLUES BAND Feelin´ good (Blues Rock) 3
    TINSLEY ELLIS The hard way 3
    TONY MONTANA Tombstone shuffle (Hard Blues Rock) 3
    V.A. Where blues meets rock V (Provogue) 3
    WHOLE LOTTA BLUES Songs of Led Zeppelin 3
    WIDE MOUTH MASON Wide Mouth Mason (Blues Rock) 3
    BERLIN BLUES En la estación (spanish blues rock) 3
    BLUE LAW Gonna getcha (feat. Andy Powell of Wishbone Ash) 3
    COCO MONTOYA Ya think I´d know better (blues-rock) 3
    COLIN JAMES Then again (Blues-rock) 3
    DOYLE BRAMHALL II Welcome (Blues rock) 3
    ERIC JERARDI BAND Virtual virtue (Blues rock) 3
    FERROBLUES Mondongo (Spanish blues rock) 3
    LUCKY PETERSON Lucky strikes (Blues rock) 3
    MICHAEL KATON Bad machine (Blues rock) 3
    MUDDY WATERS / RORY GALLAGHER The Muddy Waters London sessions 3
    NEAL SCHON Piranha blues 3
    OUT OF THE BLUE V.A. (Blues rock, Ryko) 3
    PAPPO Pappo´s blues local 3
    PAPPO WITH DEACON JONES July 93 Los Angeles (Blues rock) 3
    PAPPO´S BLUES Pappo´s Blues (Pappo) 3
    ROCK THE BLUES AWAY Sampler with Glenn Hughes, Pat Travers, Craig Erickson… 3
    SAVOY BROWN Raw Sienna 3
    SAVOY BROWN Bring it home (Blues rock) 3
    TELECATS 1 Feat. Frank Diez, Tom Principato, Karl Ratzer and Dieter Vebler 3
    TINSLEY ELLIS The hard way (Hard Blues) 3
    V.A. Genuine Houserockin´Music V (Alligator) 3
    ANGELINA VINNIE Payback time (Blues, folk, country, rock,..) 5
    ANTHONY PAULE Hiding in plain sight (Blues rock) 5
    ANTHONY PAULE Big guitar (Blues rock) 5
    BB AND THE STINGERS B.B. and the stingers (Blues rock) 5
    BB AND THE STINGERS 1st blues band on Venus (Blues rock) 5
    GRANT LYLE Traces (Blues rock) 5
    HUMAN PROJECT, THE Last train out (Autographed - Digipack) 5
    JACK BRUCE Somethinelse (Feat. Eric Clapton) 5
    JULIAN SAS Where will it end? (Blues Rock) 5
    LEE SANKEY My day is just beginning (Blues Rock, 2 cds) 5
    LUCKY PETERSON Ridin (Blues rock) 5
    MICK ABRAHAMS´ BLODWYN PIG All tore down - Live 5
    POPA CHUBBY Flashed back (Blues rock) 5
    POPPY & THE USUAL SUSPECTS Celestial love jones (hard rock) 5
    SAVOY BROWN Steel (Blues rock) 5
    SCOTT ELLISON Bad case of the blues (Blues rock) 5
    SEAN COSTELLO Sean Costello (Blues rock) 5
    SKY HIGH Sky High (Blues Rock) 5
    STRAY Dangerous games (Blues rock, 2 cds) 5
    THUNDER BLOOZE EXPRESS, THE Smoke um project (Blues Jazz Rock) 5
    VICTOR URIS De lado a lado (Spanish blues rock) 5
    AMAR SUNDY Najma 5
    CACTUS Cactus (1970) 5
    DAVID GOGO Dine under the stars 5
    DAVID GOGO Different views 5

    BILLY AND SARAH GAINES Come on back (Full promo) 2
    JENNIFER HOLLIDAY I´m on your side 2
    CHANTÉ MOORE A love supreme 3
    CHRISTOPHER MAX More than physical 3
    COMMODORES Machine gun 3
    CURIO Special feeling (1990 - Motown) 3
    DIANA ROSS Why do fools fall in love (1981) 3
    DIONNE WARWICK Aquarela do Brasil 3
    GLENN JONES Feels good 3
    JANET JACKSON Control (1986) 3
    JOHN LEGEND Once again 3
    MICA PARIS Whisper a prayer 3
    REGINA BELLE Passion 3
    ROBERTA FLACK Set the night to music 3
    SINCLAIR I want you back 3
    SURFACE 3 deep (1990) 3
    TIME, THE Pandemonium 3
    TRACIE SPENCER Make the difference (1990) 3
    WENDY MOTEN Wendy Moten 3
    WILL DOWNING Moods 3
    WILL DOWNING Will Downing 3
    WILL DOWNING A dream fulfilled 3
    WILL DOWNING Love´s the place to be 3
    101 NORTH Forever yours 3
    AL JARREAU This time (1980. Feat. Jay Graydon, David Foster,…) 3
    ANITA BAKER Giving you the best that I got 3
    ANITA BAKER The songtress 3
    BEBE & CECE WINANS Relationships 3
    BILLY OCEAN Love zone (1986) 3
    BILLY OCEAN Suddenly (1984) 3
    BILLY OCEAN Tear down these walls 3
    BILLY OCEAN Time to move on 3
    CHAKA KHAN The woman I am 3
    CLARENCE CLEMONS A night with Mr. C 3
    EARTH WIND & FIRE In the name of love 3
    EARTH WIND & FIRE Millennium 3
    EARTH WIND & FIRE Touch the world (1987) 3
    GENE RICE Just for you 3
    GLENN JONES Here I go again 3
    HOWARD HEWETT Alleigance 3
    INCOGNITO 100º and rising 3
    JACKSONS Victory (Feat. David Paich, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Lukather,..) (2) 3
    JACKSONS 2300 Jackson st (Feat. Michael Omartian, Paul Jackson Jr,..) 3
    JACKSONS Triumph (Feat. Michael Sembello, Greg Phillinganes,…) 3
    JACKSONS Destiny (Feat. Michael Sembello, Greg Philliganes,…) 3
    JAMES INGRAM Always you 3
    JAMES INGRAM It´s real 3
    JELLYBEAN Spillin´ the beans 3
    JELLYBEAN Rocks the house! 3
    JELLYBEAN Just visiting this planet 3
    JENNIFER WARNES The hunter (Feat. Robben Ford, Michael Landau,..) 3
    JOE McBRIDE Grace 3
    JOHNNY MATHIS Because you loved me 3
    JONATHAN BUTLER Head to head 3
    KOOL & THE GANG State of affairs 3
    LOOSE ENDS The real chuckeeboo (1988) 3
    LUTHER VANDROSS Give me the reason 3
    LUTHER VANDROSS Power of love 3
    OLETA ADAMS Moving on 3
    OLETA ADAMS Evolution (With Michael Landau, Ray Fuller, Tom Scott, ..) 3
    PATTI AUSTIN Street of dreams (2) 3
    PATTI AUSTIN The best of 3
    PATTI LaBELLE Be yourself (1989. Feat. Michael Landau, Corado Rustici,..) 3
    PATTI LaBELLE Burnin´ 3
    PATTI LABELLE Be yourself 3
    PHIL PERRY Pure pleasure 3
    PHIL PERRY The heart of the man (Feat. Lee Ritenour, Paul Jackson,..) 3
    RANDY CRAWFORD Nightline 3
    RANDY CRAWFORD Rich and poor (1989) 3
    RANDY CRAWFORD Secret combination (1981. Feat. Steve Lukather, Jeff Porcaro,..) 3
    RAY PARKER JR. I love you like you are 3
    SLAVE Stone jam (1980) 3
    STACY LATTISAW What you need 3
    BEBE & CECE WINANS Heaven (2) 3
    CLARENCE CLEMONS Rescue / Hero 3
    DARYL HALL Soul alone 3
    DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES Along the red ledge (1978) 3
    EARTH WIND & FIRE Heritage 3
    GAP BAND, THE Round trip 3
    GARY TAYLOR Under the nightlight 3
    GARY TAYLOR Eclectic bohemian 3
    GEORGE DUKE Thief in the night (1985) 3
    GLADYS KNIGHT Just for you 3
    JETS, THE The Jets (1985) 3
    MARCUS MILLER Marcus Miller (1984) 3
    MAURICE WHITE Maurice White (1985 - 4 bonus tracks) 3
    POINTER SISTERS Break out (Feat. Lee Ritenour, John Robinson,..) 3
    POINTER SISTERS Contact (1985 - Feat. Jeff Lorber, Michael Landau,…) (2) 3
    RANDY CRAWFORD Play mode 3
    RENÉ AND ANGELA Street called desire… and more 3
    RICKY PETERSON Smile blue 3
    SOLE GIMÉNEZ Ojalá 3
    TAMIKO JONES Love trip 3
    TOWER OF POWER Urban renewal (1974) 3
    TOWER OF POWER Ain´t nothin´ stoppin´ us now (1976) 3
    TOWER OF POWER Souled out (1995) 3
    VESTA Special 3
    A TASTE OF STATE Volume one (Soul and disco) 5
    ARETHA FRANFLIN Junp to it (1982) 5
    ARETHA FRANFLIN Get it right (1983) 5
    ARETHA FRANKLIN Love all the hurt away (1981) 5
    BERNARD OATTES Frame by frame 5
    BLUE MAGIC Magic (1983) 5
    CARL ANDERSON Fantasy hotel (1992) 5
    CHUCKII BROOKER Niice ´n wiild 5
    DEEP BANANA BLACKOUT Rowdy duty (Funky - 2 cds) 5
    EARLAND Earland´s Jam (expanded edition) 5
    EVELYN KING Get loose (1982 - 4 bonus tracks) 5
    GEORGE BENSON 20/20 (Feat. Michael Sembello, Cliff Magness, Dan Huff,..) 5
    JOHNNY KEMP Secrets of flying 5
    JOHNNY MATHIS Because you loved me (The songs of Diane Warren with Michael Landau, Dean Parks, ..) 5
    JOHNNY MATHIS Better together - The duets album 5
    MAYSA Maysa (GRP, 1995) 5
    PRINCESS Princess (1986) 5
    TOK TOK TOK From soul to soul (Soul / Jazz) 5
    TRUTH INC. Truth Inc. (Japan cd) 5
    ALEXANDER O´NEAL Love makes no sense 5
    BERNARD EDWARDS Glad to be here 5
    CRYSTAL NIGHT Sweet melodies 5
    DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES Beauty on a back street (1977) 5
    GREGORY ABBOTT Shake you down (1986) 5
    HOWARD HEWETT Forever and ever (1988) 5
    ISLEY JASPER ISLEY Broadway´s closer to Sunset Blvd. (Bonus track) 5
    KENI STEVENS Living on the edge (1989 - 1 bonus track) 5
    LOOSE ENDS Zagora (1986) 5
    STACY LATTISAW I´m not the same girl (1985. Feat. Robbie Buchanan, Dan Huff…) 5

    BLOOD RED THRONE Altered genesis (promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    EXMORTEM Nihilistic contentment (pormo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    LOST SOUL Chaostream (promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    NEAERA Armamentarium 3
    SOULBREACH My dividing line 3
    DEAD TO FALL Everything I touch falls to pieces 3
    HIGH ON FIRE Death is this communion 3
    VENOM Cast in stone 3
    VENOM Resurrection 3
    IN FLAMES Come clarity 5
    RISE TO ADDICTION A new shade of black for the soul 5

    ERIC BURDON My secret life (promotional. I would trade 2 for 1) 2
    BRYAN ADAMS You want it you got it 3
    BRYAN ADAMS 18 til I die 3
    BRYAN ADAMS Unplugged 3
    CHRIS ISAAK San Francisco days 3
    EDGAR WINTER The real deal 3
    O.S.T. Leaving Las Vegas 3
    SHAWN MULLINS Beneath the velvet 3
    SOPHIE B. HAWKINS Tongues and tails 3
    STRAY CATS Back to the alley 3
    THE CHRISTIANS The Christians 3
    THE HOOTERS Hooterization: A retrospective 3
    V.A. New american music (Vince Gill, Reba McEntire, etc.) 3
    WILLY DeVILLE Live 3
    ZERO Zero (1997, Jam Band) 3
    BLUE OYSTER CULT Fire of unknown origin 3
    BRYAN ADAMS 11 3
    CHRIS ISAAK Chris Isaak 3
    CHRIS REA The road to hell part 2 3
    CHRIS REA The blue jukebox 3
    CHRIS REA Deltics 3
    DUDES TERRIFIC, THE Born yesterday 3
    ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Secret messages 3
    ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Time (3 bonus tracks) 3
    ELECTRIC LIGHT OTCHESTRA Eldorado (2 bonus tracks) 3
    ELTON JOHN The fox 3
    ELTON JOHN 21AT33 3
    ELTON JOHN The one 3
    ERIC CLAPTON 461 Ocean Boulevard 3
    ERIC CLAPTON Slowhand 3
    GARTH BROOKS The hits 3
    JEFF BECK Blow by blow 3
    JOE COCKER One night of sin 3
    JON ANDERSON Change we must (Yes vocalist) 3
    LEE ROCKER Blue suede nights (ex-Stray Cats) 3
    LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM Go insane (1984) 3
    MIGUEL RIOS Como si fuera la primera vez 3
    PALADINS, THE The Paladins (Classic Bluesy Rock & Roll) 3
    PAUL SIMON One trick pony (with Tony Levin, Hiram Bullock, Steve Gadd, etc.) 3
    PAUL YOUNG No parlez 3
    PETER COX Peter Cox (With Peter John-Vetesse, Jeff Pescetto, James Harrah, etc.) 3
    PETER GABRIEL Shaking the tree 3
    PETER WOLF Come as you are (1987) 3
    RENAISSANCE Camera camera 3
    RENAISSANCE The other woman 3
    RENAISSANCE Time - Line 3
    ROXY MUSIC Avalon 3
    ROXY MUSIC Flesh + blood 3
    STEVE MARRIOTT 30 seconds to midnite 3
    STEVE WINWOOD Roll with it 3
    THE BLACK VELVET BAND King of myself (Bluesy Rock) 3
    THE CASBAH CLUB Eastworld 3
    THE CHIEFTAINS Tears of stone 3
    THE WHO Tommy 3
    THOMAS DOLBY Aliens ate my Buick 3
    TODD RUNDGREN With a twist 3
    V.A. The Now generation - The legendary Spar recordings 3
    VONDA SHEPARD Heart and soul 3
    VONDA SHEPARD Songs from Ally McBeal 3
    VONDA SHEPARD Vonda Shepard 3
    WARPIPES Holes in the heavens (Billy Trudel, Guy Babylon, Davey Johnstone, ..) 3
    WIDESPREAD PANIC Don´t tell the band 3
    WOODENHEAD Perseverance (Jam Band) 3
    YARBIRDS, THE For your love (Autographed) 3
    YARBIRDS, THE The Yarbirds (Autographed) 3
    AL STEWART Last days of the century 3
    AUDIENCE The house on the hill 3
    BOB SEGER The distance 3
    CHEAP TRICK Rockford (digipack) 3
    ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA A new world record 3
    ELKIE BROOKS No more the fool 3
    FREE Highway (remastered + 6 bonus tracks) 3
    HOME Paude for a hoarse horse / Home (Classic Rock) 3
    JGB Welcome to our world (Jam Band) 3
    PAUL BRADY Trick or treat (Michael Landau, Jeff Porcaro, etc.) 3
    PAUL CARRACK Beautiful world 3
    PETE HAYCOCK Guitar and son 3
    PETER FRAMPTON Now (2003) 3
    PETER GABRIEL 2 (1978 - 2002 edition) 3
    PETER GABRIEL Security (1982 - 2002 edition) 3
    POWER STATION, THE Living in fear 3
    RICK DERRINGER Rock and roll hoochie koo - The best of 3
    SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY The best of 3
    STEVE MILLER BAND, THE Abracadabra 3
    THE BROKEN HOMES Wing and a prayer (1990) 3
    THE POWER STATION The Power Station 3
    TO CRY YOU A SONG V.A. A collection of Tull songs 3
    TUBES Of America 3
    ANGELINA VINNIE Payback time (Blues, folk, country, rock,..) 5
    BLUE OYSTER CULT Heaven forbid 5
    DERRINGER BOGERT & APPICE Doin´ business as… 5
    JACK BRUCE Somethinelse (Feat. Eric Clapton) 5
    JEFF BECK Truth & Beck-ola 5
    JUSTIN HAYWARD Spirits of the western sky 5
    PHIL CARMEN No sweat 5
    STEVE MILLER BAND, THE Let your hair down (2011) 5
    SWEET Live at the Marquee 5
    TODD RUNGREN Hello, it´s me and my friends (Steve Lukather, Vivian Campbell,..) 5
    V.A. The history of Punk Rock (2 cds) 5
    CACTUS Cactus (1970) 5
    JUSTIN HAYWARD The view from the hill (Ex-Moddy Blues) 5
    LED ZEPPELIN The song remains the same (2 cds, digipack) 5
    MICK COX Compose yerself 5
    ROBERT HUNTER Rock Columbia (1984) 5

    BLUE JUICE 3 Various artists (Blue Note) 3
    CASSANDRA REED Cassandra Reed 3
    DIANA KRALL When I look in your eyes 3
    DIANA KRALL Love scenes 3
    DOLPHINS, THE Malayan breeze 3
    JESSE COOK Vertigo 3
    SAMANTHA SIVA Identity (Fussion - Pop) 3
    V.A. Take up the trail (Inak) 3
    V.A. Blue Orleans - Blue notes from basin Street 3
    V.A. Timeless - 15th anniversary sampler - In case you missed it 3
    V.A. Fall into winter - MCA Jazz sampler ´88 3
    V.A. Life made me beautiful at forty - A collection of incredibñy tight songs 3
    V.A. Jump blue - Rockin´ the jooks (Blue Note) 3
    V.A. Drive - the best of Nova Records 3
    V.A. Canned Jazz (Philip Bailey, Will Lee, Chuck Loeb,…) 3
    AL DI MEOLA & FRIENDS Vocal rendezvous 3
    ALLAN HARRIS It´s a wonderful world (Feat. Mark Whitfield, Jeff Hamilton,..) 3
    BILL EVANS Push (Fusion) 3
    BONA FIDE feat. Slim Man The Poe house 3
    GENERATION BAND Soft shoulder 3
    GINO VANNELLI Inconsolable man 3
    JONATHAN BUTLER Head to head 3
    KIRK WHALUM Into my soul 3
    SKY Vol. 1 3
    SKY Vol. 4 3
    SOFTWARE Software (1981 - Headfirst) 3
    STANLEY CLARKE Passenger 57 3
    STRING ATTACK Tacos for the beast 3
    WILL & RAINBOW Over crystal green 3
    WILTON FELDER Let´s spend some time 3
    JEANNIE BRYSON I love beeing here with you (Jazz vocal) 3
    JEFF BERLIN Crossroads (with Jeff Porcaro, Frank Gambale, Neil Peart,..) 3
    MARK WHITFIELD Forever love 3
    PETER WHITE Songs of the season 3
    RAIN-BO TRIBE What they don´t tell you 3
    SKIPPER WISE Walking on a wire (Feat. Peter White) 3
    BRIAN TARQUIN Fretworx (Feat. Steve Morse, Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan,..) 5
    CAROL KNAUBER Now you´re talking (Fusion feat. Steve Smith, Steve Tavaglione,..) 5
    CLEMENTINE Couleur café 5
    FRANK NIMSGERN Feat. Chaka Khan & Billy Cobham 5
    HENRY JOHNSON Organic (Fusion, with Nancy Wilson) 5
    LARRY CORYELL I´ll be over you (Feat. Peabo Bryson, Will Lee, Chuck Loeb, Grover Washington Jr,..) 5
    LARRY CORYELL Fallen angel (Feat. Richard Elliot, Don Sebesky,..) 5
    METRO Express 5
    NESTOR TORRES Talk to me..(Feat. Brad Cole, John Peña. Abe Laboriel,..) 5
    NIGEL MARTINEZ So good (Fusion - soul) 5
    PETER KATER Roof tops 5
    PETER KATER Moments dreams & visions 5
    PRIME CRIME Animal rites 5
    V.A. Área reservada - 10 años Go Jazz 5
    BURNING FOR BUDDY A tribute to the music of Buddy Rich (Produced by Neil Peart of Rush) 5
    BURNING FOR BUDDY VOL. II A tribute to the music of Buddy Rich (Produced by Neil Peart of Rush) 5
    JEFF LORBER Private passion (1986) 5

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