BOYSVOICE - Boysvoice (1990)


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    BOYSVOICE - Boysvoice (1990)

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    BOYSVOICE are a German Hard Rock band of the late 80’s/ early 90’s who in total have released three successful rock albums: ‚Boysvoice‘ (1990), ‚Dirty Talks‘ (1993) and ‚Serenity‘ (2005). Especially the self-titled debut album from 1990 (EMI/ Electrola) today is regarded as a classic in German Metal history. The four-piece from the South of Germany at the time has offered an up-to-date sound and also released two successful video clips for the songs ‘Love Stealer’ and ‘City Of Your Dreams” which both received good airplay on MTV. The band unfortunately split up in the year of 1993 after the release of their second album ‘Dirty Talks’ and returned in 2005 with one more album titled ‘Serenity’ in 2005.

    ‘Boysvoice’ today is regarded as one of the commercially most successful albums from the early days of German Hard Rock and a rare collector’s item. The album now will be re-released on YESTTERROCK in co-operation with Universal Music Germany and the band. The record also was remastered by singer/ guitar player Mani Gruber.

    01. Different Noises
    02. Love Stealer
    03. Munich Nightlife
    04. Boysvoice
    05. Bad Boys
    06. Searching For You
    07. Take It Or Leave
    08. City Of Your Dreams
    09. Chain Reaction
    10. Cold Summer Nights
    11. I Love Your Sex
    12. Herzel
    13. Rock You
    14. Happy Birthday

    Mani Gruber (vocals, guitar, keys)
    Peter Diezel (guitar)
    Jochen Mayer (bass)
    Alex Hötzinger (drums)

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