Lista actualizada de cds (2ª parte)


    Picasso 2
    Fallen Angel

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Tauro

    MENSAJES : 48
    EDAD : 49

    Lista actualizada de cds (2ª parte)

    Mensaje por Picasso 2 el Dom 29 Dic 2013, 20:34

    Os adjunto mi lista de cds originales con bastantes novedades. Para pedidos de cierta importancia aplicaría los siguientes descuentos:
    - Para compras entre 30 y 50 euros: 15%
    - Para compras entre 50 y 100 euros: 20%
    - Para compras entre 100 y 150 euros: 25%
    - Para compras entre 150 y 200 euros: 30%
    - Para compras superiores a 200 euros: 35%
    Por último, al final de la lista hay unos singles que regalaría por pedidos superiores a 50 euros.
    También podría intercambiar en casos puntuales.
    Para cualquier cosa, podéis contactarme en : fernandogromanillos@gmail.com
    Un saludo

    ADX Live VIII sentence 8
    ANCARA Beyond the dark (hard Heavy Rock) 5
    ANDIRON Rock´n´roll killer 30
    ANTHEM Gypsy ways 15
    ANTHEM No smoke without fire 15
    ANTHEM Hunting time (1989, heavy rock from Japan) 12
    APOCALYPTICA Worlds collide 4
    ARMORED SAINT Raising fear 20
    BATTLEAXE Power from the Universe (1984) 8
    BATTLELORE Sword´s song (Epic metal) 6
    BATTLEROAR Battleroar (Heavy metal) 6
    BATTLEZONE Children of madness (Paul Dianno) 30
    BODINE Three times running (7 bonus tracks) 40
    BRAINSTORM Metus mortis 5
    BULLET Execution (Classic Heavy Rock, 1981, 2 extra tracks) 15
    BULLET No mercy (Classic Heavy Rock, 1983, 2 bonus tracks) 15
    CHINCHILLA Madness 3
    CIRCLE II CIRCLE Watching in silence (digibook) 8
    CIRCLE II CIRCLE Burden of truth 7
    CROSSFIRE Sharpshooter / Live attack (Heavy metal) 8
    DANGER Danger (Mausoleum Classix, 1981, Heavy Rock) 20
    DEDICATION Reflections of time (Heavy rock) 8
    DEJA VU Bullets to spare 6
    DESTROZANDO EL OLVIDO V.A. (2 cds Feat. Tarzen, Alcaudón, Craneo, Tritón,…) 15
    DORIAN GRAY Journey of mind (2) 15
    DORIAN GRAY Man in the dark 15
    DORIAN GRAY World of lies 15
    DR. SIN Shadows of light (with Mike Vescera on vocals) 6
    DRIVE Characters in time (heavy rock, 1988) 15
    DRIVEN Self inflicted (Tracy G, Mike Terrana) 4
    EARTHSHAKER The very best of (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    EARTHSHAKER Midnight flight (Japan cd) 15
    EMBARGO Panem et circenses (Heavy metal) 20
    ENCORE Free in chaos (Heavy Rock - Japan cd) 12
    EXCITER Unveiling the wicked 8
    FIREBIRD No. 3 6
    FIREBIRD Hot wings (Heavy Rock) 8
    FORGOTTEN METAL VOL. 13 Child Saint (1988) - Proud Existance (1984) - Shelder (1988) 15
    GALLOWS POLE Exorcism (Heavy rock) 8
    GRAND MAGUS Hammer of the north (Digipack cd + dvd) 12
    GRAVESTONE Creating a monster (4 bonus tracks) 12
    GRIM REAPER Fear no evil 12
    GRIM REAPER See you in hell 12
    HAWAII Loud wild and heavy / One nation underground 20
    HEADSTONE Wings of eternity (Heavy rock) 8
    HERMAN FRANK Loyal to none (Accept guitar) 8
    INNER SANCTUM 12 a.m. (1986, US Power Metal with Mike Portnoy) 20
    IRON MAIDEN Iron Maiden (2 cds EMI edition) 40
    IRON MAIDEN Powerslave (EMI Bonus cd edition) 40
    JUDAS PRIEST Priest, live & rare 20
    KILLER Broken silence 9
    KILLER Fatal attraction 8
    KILLER Shock waves (2) 8
    KILLING TOUCH One of a king (Heavy rock) 6
    KING DIAMOND & BLACK ROSE 20 years ago - A night of rehearsal 12
    KIRK The final dance (Heavy rock produced by Dennis Ward) 5
    LEATHERWOLF Leatherwolf (1987, Japan cd) 15
    LIGHTNIN´ TO THE NATIONS V.A. NWOBHM 25th Anniversary Collection (3 cds) 50
    LIZZY BORDEN Visual lies (4 extra tracks) 8
    LOUDNESS Spiritual canoe (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    LOUDNESS Live loud alive (2 cds - No back cover) 8
    MAIDEN AMERICA Iron Maiden tribute & American Metal compilation (2 cds) 15
    MANOWAR Into glory ride 5
    MARSHALL Pages from the past: tome 1 (Heavy metal) 4
    MARSHAL LAW Read em´n´weep 80
    MEANSTREAK Roadkill (1988, Heavy Metal) 20
    METAL CHURCH The weight of the world (Promo) 2
    METALLICA Some kind of monster 4
    METALLICA Rare double black digi pack cd called Saint Anger with classic tracks of the band 25
    MINORU NIIHARA One (Loudness singer - Japan cd) 30
    MP Bursting out (Classic Heavy Metal) 8
    MURO Grandes ésxitos (Spanish heavy metal) 8
    MURO El cuarto jinete 8
    NEAT RECORDS The flame burns on (NWOBHM, 2 cds) 8
    NECRONOMICON The devils tongue (1988, Heavy Metal) 12
    NITRO O.F.R. 12
    NO TROUBLE Looking for trouble (Heavy rock) 12
    NORTHWIND Seasons (Heavy Prog Rock) 5
    OBSESSION Methods of madness 8
    OCTOBER 31 Meet thy maker / Visions of the end (2 cds - Heavy Rock) 12
    ORDEAL, THE Kings of pain (Heavy Metal produced by Herman Frank) 8
    ORPHAN GYPSY Darkland director (Heavy Metal) 30
    OSTROGOTH - KILLER - DORO The official 20th anniversary concert album - Mausoleum 12
    PANDEMONIUM And the runes begin to pray 20
    PANZER Sábado negro (Spanish heavy metal, 1987) 15
    PARAGON Chalice of steel (Heavy metal) 12
    PEGAZUS Live! Thunder down under (2 cds) 9
    PHANTOM The best of the rest (All 3 Phantom albums in 2 cds, Heavy Metal like Judas Priest) 25
    PHOENIX Phoenix / In full view (Hard Heavy Rock feat John Verity - 2 albums) 5
    PICTURE Marathon (Strike Force Records) 20
    POISON SUN Virtual sin (Feat. Herman Frank) 6
    POWERGOD Bleed for the gods (Heavy rock) 6
    PYRAMAZE Immortal (Heavy metal) 6
    RACER X Snowball of doom - Live at the Whisky 6
    RAGE Trapped! 9
    RAGE Welcome to the other side 12
    REINCARNATION VOL. 1 NWOBHM Compilation 20
    REVENGE Under pressure (Heavy metal) 8
    REVOLUTION HARD-ROCK Volume 1-2 (Classic Heavy metal from France, 2 cds) 12
    RIOT The brethern of the long house (2cds) 30
    SABRE Roar to the core (Classic heavy metal) 8
    SAMURAI METAL Volume 1 (Heavy Metal bands from Japan - Japan cd) 30
    SAMURAI METAL Volume 2 (Heavy Metal bands from Japan - Japan cd) 30
    SAVALLION DAWN The charge (Heavy Metal) 5
    SAVATAGE From the gutter to the stage (2 cds) 12
    SAXON Lionheart (Limited edition) 8
    SAXON Wheels of steel (First EMI pressing) 8
    SAXON Rock the nations (First EMI pressing) 8
    SAXON BBC sessions / Live at reading Festival ´86 30
    SAXON The eagle has landed III (2 cds) 12
    SAXON Crusader (First EMI pressing) 8
    SAXON A collection of metal 5
    SAXON Anthology 5
    SAXON Hevay metal thunder (2 cds) 8
    SAXON The eagle has landed - Live (First pressing) 8
    SAXON Wheels of steel / Strong arm of the law (11 bonus tracks) 8
    SCANNER Terminal earth 30
    SCAVENGER Madness to our method 5
    SILVERDOLLAR Morte (Hard Heavy Rock) 8
    SILVER FIST Tears of blood (Spanish Heavy Metal) 20
    SIX POINT SIX Fallen angel (Classic heavy metal) 12
    SIXTY WATT SHAMAN Reason to live (metal) 4
    SON OF A BITCH Victim you 8
    SPIRALSEA Essence 5
    STEFAN ELMGREN´S FULL STRIKE We will rise (Heavy rock) 6
    STORMWITCH Dance with the witches 25
    STORMWITCH Eye of the storm (Heavy metal, 8 bonus tracks)) 8
    STORMWITCH The beauty and the beast (Heavy metal, 9 bonus tracks) 12
    STORMWITCH Walpurgis night (Heavy metal, 4 bonus tracks) 10
    TANK War machine 8
    THE MAIDEN YEARS Volume 1 - Tribute to Iron Maiden 8
    THE MAIDEN YEARS Volume 2 - Tribute to Iron Maiden 8
    THRASHER Burning at the speed of light (Digipack - Heavy Rock Feat. Carl Cannedy, Gary Borbonaro, Jack Starr,..) 8
    THRUSTOR Night of fire (Heavy metal) 8
    TORCH Fireraiser (Classic Heavy Rock - 1982) 15
    TRAMPLED UNDERFOOT Trampled Underfoot (Hard Heavy Rock) 8
    TRANCE Victory (Classic Heavy Metal) 20
    TRANCEMISSION Back in trance (Formerly Trance) 15
    TREASURE SEEKER A tribute to the past 30
    TYRAN PACE Long live metal / Watching you (2 lps in 1 cd - Classic Heavy Metal with Ralf Scheepers) 30
    UNITED No IQ 3
    UNREST Watch out (Heavy metal, like Accept) 12
    UNREST Bloody voodoo night (Heavy metal like Accept) 9
    UNREST Cold steel whisper (Heavy metal like Accept) 6
    V.A. Grandes baladas heavy vol. 1 5
    V.A. Grandes baladas heavy vol. 2 5
    V.A. Heavy Attack (Gravestone, Veto, Killer, Stormwitch, Tox, Tyran Pace,…) 8
    V.A. Rock out! (NWOBHM groups, 2 cds) 8
    VENGEANCE Arabia (2 cds edition) 30
    VETO Carthago 8
    VICIOUS RUMORS Welcome to hell 15
    VIRGIN STEELE The house of Atreus - Act 1 (Digipack) 8
    VIRGIN STEELE Noble savage (Russian edition with OBI) 8
    VIRGIN STEELE The house of Atreus - Act II (2 cds) 9
    VISION DIVINE Vision Divine 8
    VULCAIN Compilaction (Heavy Rock - Digipack) 12
    WARHEAD Speedway / The day after (Heavy metal) 8
    WARLORD Rising out of the ashes (Heavy metal) 6
    WITCHFYNDE Lords of sin / Anthems (Heavy rock) 12
    WOLF Wolf (Heavy Rock) 8
    WOLF Legion of bastards 8
    ZARPA El yunque contra el martillo (Spanish Heavy Metal) 12
    ZARPA Iberia (plus Live cd - Spanish Classic Heavy Rock) 15


    5 BRIDGES The Thomas tracks (Prog) 15
    A.C.T. Today´s report 15
    ADAM WAKEMAN 100 years overtime 9
    AJALON This good place (Feat. Randy George) 8
    ALAN PARSONS Freudiana (2) 18
    ALTAIR Altair (Progressive) 15
    ANABIS Theater 12
    ANEKDOTEN From within (Prog) 12
    ARENA Pride (Prog) 12
    ARGENT In deep (1 bonus track) 6
    ARK Burn the sun 14
    ASCENSION THEORY Answers (Progressive Metal) 6
    ASFALTO ¡Al fin vivos! 2 cds (Autographed) 15
    ASIA Live in Mockba 5
    AUDIENCE The house on the hill 5
    AYREON Flight of the migrator 6
    AYREON Ayreonauts only 15
    AYREON Actual fantasy revisited (cd+dvd) 8
    AYREON The final experiment 6
    BEARSFISH Sleeping in traffic: Part one (cardboard sleeve promo, I would trade 2 for 1) 2
    BEGGARS OPERA Water of change (1971) 8
    BOLUS Delayed reaction 8
    BRIAN AUGER Here and now 5
    CAMEL The single factor (2009 pressing with 1 bonus track) 8
    CAP Robin delle stelle (Prog) 15
    CARL VERHEYEN Atlas overload 3
    CAST Nimbus (Prog Rock) 12
    CAST Beyond reality (Prog rock) 12
    CHILLIWACK Chilliwack (1972) 12
    CHRIS SQUIRE Fish out of water (Japan cd) 12
    CHROMA KEY You go now (Progressive metal with Kevin Moore) 9
    CIRCUS MAXIMUS Isolate (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    CITIZEN CAIN Somewhere but yesterday (Prog rock) 18
    CLASSIC ROCK SOCIETY Unprogged (John Wetton, Ezra, Clive Nolan,..) 5
    CLEPSYDRA Fears (Prog rock) 30
    CLEPSYDRA More grains of sand 30
    CLIVE NOLAN / OLIVER WAKEMAN The hound of the baskervilles 15
    COLIN BASS Live at Polskie Radio 3 (2 cds) 12
    COLLAGE Moonshine 7
    COLLAGE Safe 9
    COLOSSEUM The Reunion concerts 1994 5
    CONCEPTION Parallel minds (2) 18
    CONCEPTION In your multitude 20
    CONCEPTION Flow 20
    CONDITION RED II (Prog-metal) 5
    CYGNUS AND THE SEA MONSTERS One night in Chicago (with Mike Portnoy and Paul Gilbert) 25
    DEMIANS Mute 6
    DEREK SHERINIAN Mythology 6
    DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND, THE Synchestra (cd + dvd) 15
    DRACMA Limits (Prog rock) 15
    DRACMA A fine stormy weather (Prog rock) 15
    DREAM THEATER Master of puppets - Oficial bootleg 15
    DREAM THEATER Systematic chaos (Special edition - cd + dvd) 15
    DREAM THEATER Falling into infinity 5
    DREAM THEATER Score (3 cds) 8
    EARGASM DNA (Prog-Metal) 6
    ECHOPARK Pretty lies (Ex-Eloy, with Herman Frank and Zeno Roth) 5
    ELECTRIC SUN Earthquake (Uli Jon Roth) 6
    ELDRITCH Reverse 8
    EMERSON LAKE & PALMER Welcome back my friends.. (2 cds) 8
    EMPIRE Mark II (Featuring Peter Banks) 20
    ENCHANT A blueprint for the world 10
    ERIK NORLANDER Into the sunset 6
    ERIK NORLANDER Music machine (2 cds) 8
    FERRIGNO - LEAL - KUPRIJ Promised land 8
    FICTIONPLANE Left side of the brain 4
    FINISTERRE In limine (Prog) 8
    FISH Internal exile (digipack - 2 bonus tracks) 6
    FISH Suits 6
    FISH Fellini days 6
    FISH Yang (Marillion vocalist) 6
    FISH Yin (Marillion vocalist) 6
    FISH Suits 5
    FLOWER KINGS, THE Flower Power (2 cds) 12
    FLOWER KINGS, THE The rainmaker (2 cds) 9
    FLY LIKE AN EAGLE All star tribute to Steve Miller Band 7
    FOCUS Focus III 6
    FOCUS 8 8
    FOR ABSENT FRIENDS Faf out of hal (Prog Rock) 9
    FRANK ZAPPA Waka / Jawaka 9
    FROST Milliontown (Prog metal) 8
    GALAHAD Nothing is written (Prog rock) 12
    GALAHAD Sleepers (Prog rock) 12
    GALLAHAD Celtic Rock 5
    GALLEON Mind over matter (Prog rock) 15
    GENESIS Genesis (1983) 4
    GENESIS Three sides live (2 cds) 7
    GENESIS Selling England... / The lamb lies.. (Box set - 3 cds) 20
    GENESIS Trespass / Nursery cryme / Foxtrot (Box set - 3 cds) 30
    GENTLE GIANT Octopus (Repertoire - Digipack) 8
    GENTLE GIANT Civilian 12
    GEOFFREY DOWNES The collection 12
    GERARD Live in Marseille 5
    GRANADA Valle del pas 15
    GREENSLADE Greenslade (1973) 5
    GREENWALL Elektropuzzle (Prog) 12
    GREG LAKE King Biscuit (with Gary Moore) 8
    GTR GTR (Steve Howe & Steve Hackett) 18
    GUILT MACHINE On this perfect day (Feat. Arjen Lucassen - cd + dvd) 9
    GYPSY Gypsy (Prog rock - Japan cd with OBI) 20
    HAGEN Corridors of time (Prog rock-metal from Sweden) 6
    HAWKWIND Welcome to the future (2 cds) 8
    HOGGWASH The last horizon (Prog) 14
    ILUVATAR Children (Prog) 20
    IQ Ever 7
    IQ Subterranea (2 cds) 9
    IQ Tales from the lush attic 8
    JACK BRUCE Somethinelse (Feat. Eric Clapton) 6
    JADIS Understand 25
    JADIS Somersault 20
    JADIS More than meets the eye (Special edition - Bonus cd) 18
    JADIS More than meets the eye (2) 12
    JADIS Photoplay 7
    JAN AKKERMAN Heartware (8 bonus tracks) 12
    JAUGERNAUT Contra-Mantra 8
    JAUGERNAUT Take em there (20th Anniversary Edition) 20
    JOHNNY ENGSTROM BAND From birth to chaos (Prog metal) 20
    JOHN PETRUCCI Suspended animation 18
    JOHN WETTON Battle lines (Bonus acoustic track - Different cover) 20
    JOHN WETTON Sinister 8
    JUSTIN HAYWARD The view from the hill (Ex-Moddy Blues) 7
    JUSTIN HAYWARD Spirits of the western sky 6
    KARMA Inside the eyes (Prog metal like ARK, Conception, etc.) 8
    KAYAK Royal red bouncer (9 bonus tracks) 8
    KAYAK 3 Originals (2 cds including 3 classic albums and 5 bonus tracks) 16
    KAYAK Starlight dancer / Phantom of the night 9
    KEITH EMERSON The Christmas album 8
    KING CRIMSON Starless and bible black 5
    KING CRIMSON Sleepsless / The concise King Crimson 8
    LEGACY Where we go.. (Prog) 8
    LOCANDA DELLE FATE Forse Le Lucciole Non Si Amano Più (Italian prog) 5
    LOST INNOCENCE A tale never told (Prog metal) 12
    MAGNA CARTA Lord of the ages 8
    MANFRED MANN´S EARTH BAND Somewhere in Afrika 7
    MARBLE ARCH Another Sunday bright (Prog metal) 5
    MARILLION Singles box vol 2 89-95 (12 cds) 35
    MARILLION Seasons end (24 bit - 2 disc version) 40
    MARILLION Clutching at straws (24 bit - 2 disc version) 8
    MARILLION Afraid of sunlight (24 bit - 2 disc version) 8
    MARILLION Misplaced chilhood (24 bit - 2 disc version) 8
    MARILLION Real to reel / Brief encounter (2 cds) 8
    MARILLION Holydays in Eden (24 bit - 2 disc version) 8
    MARSUPILAMI Arena (Prog) 8
    MAY BLITZ May blitz / The 2nd of may 8
    MEDICINE MAN The journey (Prog rock) 8
    METAMORPHOSIS Then all was silent 5
    MIKE OLDFIELD The songs of distant earth 4
    MIKE OLDFIELD Ommadawn (2000 remastered edition) 4
    MIKE OLDFIELD Amarok 4
    MIKE OLDFIELD Tubular bells 4
    MIKE OLDFIELD Elements (4 cds box set) 40
    MINDFLOW Just the two of us… me and them 7
    MIND´S EYE A work of art 6
    MOSTLY AUTUMN Music inspired by the Lord of the Rings (Prog) 20
    MOSTLY AUTUMN The story so far… (cd + dvd) 18
    MUSIC STATION Shaping (Prog rock) 5
    MYTHOLOGIC Standing in stillness (Prog Metal) 8
    NEKTAR The prodigal son 12
    NEW CLEAR DAZE Selling diamonds on the edge of time (Prog) 8
    NOW Deep (Prog) 12
    N.R.G. No reasons given (Feat. Kevin Gilbert) 12
    OSI Office of strategic influence (Jim Matheos, Kevin Moore & Mike Portnoy) 8
    OSI Office of Strategic Influence (Limited edition bonus cd) 10
    OSI Free (Special edition bonus disc) 16
    OZRIC TENTACLES Swirly termination 6
    OZRIC TENTACLES Sunrise festival (Digibook - cd + dvd) 8
    OZRIC TENTACLES Waterfall cities 6
    OZRIC TENTACLES Strangeitude 6
    PAIN OF SALVATION Scarsick (Promo) 2
    PALLAS The dreams of men (Special edition - 2 cds) 20
    PALLAS The sentinel 14
    PALLAS Beat the drum 8
    PALLAS The cross & the crucible (Digibook) 8
    PENDRAGON Acoustically challenged 7
    PENDRAGON Believe 7
    PENDRAGON The World 7
    PENDRAGON Not of this world (2 bonus tracks) 7
    PENDRAGON The jewel (4 bonus tracks) 20
    PENDRAGON The jewel (2 bonus tracks) 12
    PENDRAGON Once upon a time in England - Volume 1 9
    PENDRAGON Once upon a time… in England - Volume 2 20
    PENDRAGON The world (digipack) 7
    PENDRAGON Kowtow 12
    PETER GABRIEL 2 (1978 - 2002 edition) 5
    PETER GABRIEL Security (1982 - 2002 edition) 5
    PETER GEE A vision of angels 15
    PHIL MANZANERA Southern cross 4
    PLANET P PROJECT Levittown (Go out dancing - Part II) 8
    PLATYPUS Ice cycles (Promo) 2
    PORCUPINE TREE The sky moves sideways 8
    PORCUPINE TREE In absentia (2 cds) 12
    POVERTY´S NO CRIME Synbiosis (Prog metal) 15
    PROCOL HARUM A whiter shade of pale (Digipack - 4 bonus tracks) 9
    PROTO-KAW Before became after (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    RAY WILSON Stiltskin 6
    RICOCHET Among the elements 15
    RIVERSIDE Rapid eye movement (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    RIVERSIDE Second life syndrome (Prog rock) (2) 8
    ROGER HODGSON Rites of passage 8
    ROINE STOLT The Flower King 12
    ROINE STOLT Hydrophonia (The Flower Kings) 8
    RUPERT HINE Waving not drowning 8
    SAGA The chapters - Live (2 cds) 15
    SAGA De Tours (2 cds) 8
    SAGA 10.000 days (promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    SAGITTARIUS Voice of doom / Loahpa jienat (2cds) (Prog - Rock) 6
    SED LEX Ab irato (Prog metal) 12
    SHADOW GALLERY Room V (Special edition - double cd) 15
    SI MUSIC LABEL INTRODUCTION A matter of perspective (2 cds) (Prog Rock) 9
    SLAVIOR Slavior (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    SOLSTICE Circles (Feat. Clive Bunker of Jethro Tull) 8
    SPOCK´S BEARD V (limited edition) 8
    STARCASTLE Citadel (Prog rock) 12
    STARCASTLE Song of times (Prog rock) 8
    STAR ONE Space metal (Limited edition - 2 cds) 8
    STAR ONE Live on earth (2 cds - Full promo) 6
    STEVE HOWE´S REMEDY Elements (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    STOCKHOLM SYNDROME Holy happy hour 4
    SUPER DRUMMING III Jon Lord, Brian Auger, Ian Paice, Hermann Rarebell,…) 12
    SUPERSISTER Pudding en Gisteren / Superstarshine 8
    SUPERSISTER Present from Nancy / To the highest bidder 8
    SUPERSISTER Iskander / Spriral staircase 8
    SUPPER´S READY A Magna Carta tribute to Genesis 6
    THE MARS VOLTA De-loused in the comatorium 6
    THRESHOLD The ravages of time (2 cds) 14
    TRANSATLANTIC Bridge across forever (Limited edition 2 cds) 20
    TRANSATLANTIC Live in America (2 cds) 8
    TRIBUTE TO YES Tales from yesterday (Magna Carta) 5
    TRIUMVIRAT Illusions on a double dimple 5
    ULI JON ROTH Transcendental sky guitar (2 cds) (Scorpions´ first lead guitar) 9
    ULI JON ROTH Metamorphosis 8
    ULI JON ROTH ELECTRIC SUN Beyond the astral skies 8
    UMPHREY´S McGEE Safety in numbers (cardboard sleeve) 3
    V.A. Progressive & Melodic Rock - The SI Music sampler vol. 1 6
    VANDEN PLAS The seraphic clockwork 8
    VISIBLE WIND Catharsis (Prog rock) 15
    WHITE WILLOW Ex tenebris (Prog) 20
    WITHOUT WARNING Making time 15
    WITHOUT WARNING Step beyond (Prog Metal) 5
    WOOLLY WOLSTENHOLME Maestoso (Prog) 8
    XEN 84.000 dharma doors (Promo) 2
    YELLOW MATTER CUSTARD One night in New York City (2 cds - Tribute to The Beatles feat. Mike Portnoy and Neal Morse) 30
    YES The Yes album (3 bonus tracks) 4
    YES Tales from topographic oceans (2 cds - Digipack - 2 bonus tracks) 12
    YES Relayer (Digipack - 3 bonus tracks) 8


    ALABAMA Pass it on down 4
    ALLMAN BROTHERS Hittin the note 6
    ANGELINA VINNIE Payback time (Blues, folk, country, rock,..) 6
    BOB SEGER Like a rock 9
    BOB SEGER The distance 5
    BO BICE The real thing (Southern rock) 4
    DICKEY BETTS BAND Let´s get together 4
    DICKEY BETTS & GREAT SOUTHERN Atlanta´s burning down (Southern rock) 15
    ERIC AMBEL & ROSCOES GANG Loud & Lonesome 8
    GENTLEMEN´S BLUES CLUB Red white and blue 8
    GOV´T MULE Deja Voodoo (2 cds) 8
    GOV´T MULE Gov´t Mule (1995) 6
    GOV´T MULE The deep end Vol 1 & Vol 2 (3 cds box) 8
    GRINGOS LOCOS Punch drunk 14
    HENRY PAUL Henry Paul (1982) 12
    HORSEPOWER Tall, terrific and trouble! (Hard southern rock) 8
    JIMMY SPACEK Sweet Texas soul (Southern Blues rock) 20
    JIMMY SPACEK No turning back (Southern blues rock) 20
    KEN McMAHAN Ball & chain (Blues rock) 15
    KEN McMAHAN & SLUMPY BOY St (Blues southern rock) 8
    KID ROCK Rock n roll Jesus (Southern rock) 5
    LOS LUNÁTICOS Con la música a otra parte (spanish southern rock) 4
    MAGGOT BRAIN Land (cd + dvd) 8
    M CLAN Coliseum (Spanish southern rock) 8
    MOLLY HATCHET Warriors of the rainbow bridge 6
    MOON DOG MANE Turn it up (Hard Southern Rock feat. Frank Hannon of Tesla) 6
    NIGHT HORSE Perdition hymns (Southern Hard Rock) 6
    OUTLAWS Playin´ to win / Ghost riders 30
    OUTLAWS Hurry sundown / Ghost riders (Digipack - Sealed) 20
    OUTLAWS Los hombres malo (Digipack) 15
    PAUL BARRERE If the phone don´t ring 6
    PEAR RATZ, THE Holier than you 8
    POCO All fired up (2013) 14
    POCO Blue and grey (1981) 20
    POINT BLANK Fight on! 12
    ROSE HILL DRIVE Rose Hill Drive (Hard Blues Rock) 6
    ROSSINGTON BAND, THE Love you man 8
    SOUTHERN EXPERIENCE BAND, THE Where I´m from (Southern rock) 7
    SUGAR MOUNTAIN In the raw (Spanish classic southern rock) 6
    THE BLACK CROWES The southern harmony and musical companion 5
    THE MARSHALL TUCKER BAND Tenth (Southern Country Rock) 5
    TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT Feed the fire 25
    TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT Tell me the truth 15
    TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT Playin´ it cool 12
    ULTRA Ultra (Classic Hard Southern rock recorded in 1975-77) 20
    V.A. New country giants (Delbert McClinton, Lyle Lovett,..) 3
    V.A. The best of new british country 3
    VAN ZANT Van Zant (1985 - AOR) 8


    AL STEWART Last days of the century 5
    AMANDA MARSHALL Tuesday´s child (With Richie Sambora, Paul Jackson Jr., Dean Parks,..) 4
    BARDEUX Bold as love (Japan cd with OBI) 9
    BARRY GIBB Hawks (OST) 18
    BEE GEES Living eyes (1981 - Japan cd with OBI) 15
    BEE GEES Mr. Natural (1974) 20
    BEE GEES Main course (1975) 5
    BERLIN Count three & pray 3
    BILLY JOEL 12 Gardens Live (2 cds) 8
    BILLY JOEL Live in Leningrad (1987) 4
    BILLY OCEAN Time to move on 4
    BONNIE TYLER Wings 12
    BONNIE TYLER Bitterblue 12
    CELINE DION A new day has come 3
    CHRIS DE BURGH The getaway 3
    CHRIS DE BURGH At the end of a perfect day (1977) 4
    COCK ROBIN Cock Robin 3
    COCK ROBIN After here through midland 3
    COCK ROBIN First love last rites 3
    CRETU Die chinesische mauer 6
    DAVID + DAVID Boomtown 5
    DAVID BOWIE Tonight 4
    DAVID BOWIE The platinum collection (3 cds) 12
    ELISA Pipes & flowers (Produced by Corrado Rustici) 4
    ESCAPE CLUB, THE Wild wild west 3
    EVERYDAY PEOPLE You wash I´ll dry 3
    FAITH HILL Cry 3
    FALCO 3 (1985) 4
    FALCO Emotional (1986) 4
    HUE AND CRY Seduced and abandoned (Lite AOR) 4
    INDECENT OBSESSION Relativity (Lite AOR) 6
    INDIA Breaking night (Japan cd with OBI) 14
    JELLYBEAN Spillin´ the beans 4
    JELLYBEAN Rocks the house! 4
    JELLYBEAN Just visiting this planet 4
    KASPER Nº 5 9
    LARA FABIAN Lara Fabian 3
    LARA FABIAN A wonderful life 3
    LEANN RIMES Family 3
    LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM Go insane (1984) 4
    MANZANERA & MACKAY Manzanera & Mackay 5
    MIC MURPHY Touch 4
    MYLO FREEMAN Mylo Freeman 4
    NIA PEEPLES Nothin´ but trouble 8
    NIA PEEPLES Nia Peeples 4
    NICKY HOLLAND Sense and sensuality 3
    PHILIP OAKEY & GIORGIO MORODER St (7 bonus tracks) 9
    PHIL MANZANERA Southern cross 4
    PINK MARTINI Hang on little tomato 6
    ROBBIE NEVIL A place like this (Japan cd with OBI) 14
    SALLY OLDFIELD Instincts 15
    SALLY OLDFIELD Strange day in Berlin 15
    SHANIA TWAIN (with Paul Sabu) The complete limelight sessions 5
    SHEILA E In romance 1600 5
    SHEILA E Sheila E 30
    SHEILA E Sex cymbal 3
    SIMPLY RED Men and women 3
    SO Horseshoe in the glove (Pop - AOR) 3
    SPANDAU BALLET Journeys to glory (Special edition - 2 cds digipack) 9
    SYLVAIN STABILE Carte blanche 20
    TAYLOR DAYNE Tell it to my heart (1987) 4
    TAYLOR DAYNE Soul dancing 3
    THEN JERICO The big area 5
    TEN SHARP The fire inside 3
    TEN SHARP Shop of memories 3
    TIA CARRERE Dream 3
    TIFFANY Tyffany (1987 - Feat. Dan Huff) 3
    TIFFANY Hold an old friend´s hand (1988 - feat. Michael Thompson) 3
    TIFFANY New inside (1990) 3
    TONY HADLEY Debut 4
    WARD BROTHERS, THE Madness of it all (Lite AOR) 40


    ARTHEMIS Golden dawn (Power metal) 6
    AT VANCE Only human (Bonus track) 8
    BACKSLASH Insanity (Female fronted Heavy-Power Metal) 8
    CONCERTO MOON Rain forest 8
    CONCERTO MOON From father to son 8
    DRAGONLAND The battle of the ivory plains (Symphonic/Power Metal from Sweden) 8
    DRAGONLAND Holy war (Symphonic/Power Metal from Sweden) 8
    DREAMTALE Difference (Power metal) 8
    FREEDOM CALL Eternity (Promo, Autographed) 2
    LIAR SYMPHONY Affair of honour (Power Heavy Metal) 12
    LIGHTMARE The fool (Power metal) 12
    LOGAR´S DIARY Book 1: Jostros 15
    LUCA TURILLI Prophet of the last eclipse (Limited edition digibook) 12
    MASTERPIECE Colors of conflict (Symphonic Power / Speed metal) 15
    MOB RULES Hollowed by the name 4
    POWER QUEST Neverworld (Power metal - cd + dvd) 30
    SEVEN GATES Unreality (Power metal) 20
    SHAMAN Ritual (Digipack) 6
    SKY LARK Gate of hell - Divine gates part I (Power metal) 8
    SKY LARK Gate of heaven - Divine gates part II (Power metal) 8
    STORMHAMMER Lord of darkness 6
    THE DOGMA A good day to die (cardboard sleeve promo. I would trade 2 for 1) 2
    VISION DIVINE Vision Divine 8
    VITALIJ KUPRIJ Promised land (instrumental, Neo-Classical) 5
    WIZ Shattered-mind-theraphy 3
    WIZARDS The kingdom (2) 6


    ALASTAIR GREENE A little wiser (Blues rock) 8
    AMAR SUNDY Najma 7
    ANGELINA VINNIE Payback time (Blues, folk, country, rock,..) 6
    ANTHONY PAULE Hiding in plain sight (Blues rock) 6
    ANTHONY PAULE Big guitar (Blues rock) 6
    BACKSLIDER B.C. and U. (Blues rock) 8
    BAKER GURVITZ ARMY Live (Digipack - Deluxe edition) 20
    BB AND THE STINGERS B.B. and the stingers (Blues rock) 6
    BB AND THE STINGERS 1st blues band on Venus (Blues rock) 6
    BENNY VALERIO AND TEXAS THUNDER Sorrounded by the blues (Blues rock) 4
    BERLIN BLUES En la estación (spanish blues rock) 5
    BERNIE MARSDEN Green and blues 20
    BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND Blindside Blues Band (Feat. M. Onesko, Jeff martin,..) 15
    BLUE LAW Gonna getcha (feat. Andy Powell of Wishbone Ash) 5
    BOBBY MACK & NIGHT TRAIN Red hot and humid (Blues rock) 8
    BOBBY MESANO Holdin´ ground 12
    BONNIE RAITT Green light (1982) 8
    BRITISH LIONS Trouble with women (8 bonus tracks) (1982, British hard blues rock) 8
    BUGS HENDERSON Blue music (Blues Rock) 12
    CADILLAC BLUES BAND Starting out 8
    CADILLAC BLUES BAND Poison booze 20
    CHRIS DUARTE Love is greater than me (Blues rock) 8
    COCO MONTOYA Ya think I´d know better (blues-rock) 5
    COLIN JAMES Then again (Blues-rock) 5
    COMMANDER CODY AND HIS LOST PLANET AIRMEN The early years 1967-1970 (Digipack 2 cds) (Blues Rock) 10
    CRAIG ERICKSON Two sides of the blues 12
    DAVID GOGO Dine under the stars 7
    DAVID GOGO Different views 7
    DAVID GOGO David Gogo 9
    DELTA CROSS BAND Tough times 50
    DOYLE BRAMHALL II Welcome (Blues rock) 5
    ELIZABETH LEE You got that right (Blues rock) 8
    ERIC JERARDI BAND Had enough 3
    ERIC JERARDI BAND Restless (Blues rock) 12
    ERIC JERARDI BAND Virtual virtue (Blues rock) 5
    FERROBLUES Mondongo (Spanish blues rock) 5
    GALAXY Very 1st stone (Blues rock - Mini LP-cd) 30
    GENTLEMEN´S BLUES CLUB Red white and blue 8
    GENUINE HOUSEROCKIN´ MUSIC Alligator Sampler 3
    GRAHAM FOSTER The bassman tapes 8
    GRANT LYLE Traces (Blues rock) 6
    GREG KOCH 4 days in the south (full promo) 3
    HAMILTON Just gimme one night (Blues rock) 20
    HUMAN PROJECT, THE Last train out (Autographed - Digipack) 6
    INNES SIBUN Stardust (Blues rock) 8
    JACK BRUCE Somethinelse (Feat. Eric Clapton) 6
    JEFF CHAZ Tired of being lonely (Blues rock) 20
    JIM SUHLER AND MONKEY BEAT Shake (Blues rock) 8
    JOE TURNER Live: Shake, rattle and roll (with Mike Bloomfield on guitar) 3
    J. TEIXI BAND Voodo bar (cd + dvd) 8
    JUICY LUCY Juicy Lucy / Lie back and enjoy it (Blues rock) 10
    JULIAN SAS Where will it end? (Blues Rock) 6
    KEITH SCOTT Heavy blues (Blues rock) 30
    KID JONNY LANG & THE BIG BAND St (Blues rock) 3
    KIN PING MEH Kin Ping Meh (1972, Hard Blues Rock - Digi pack) 18
    LAZY POKER BLUES BAND Halsted sessions (Blues rock) 8
    LEE SANKEY My day is just beginning (Blues Rock, 2 cds) 6
    LUCKY PETERSON Lucky strikes (Blues rock) 5
    LUCKY PETERSON Ridin (Blues rock) 6
    MAJOR BLUES Solid 8
    MATT LEDDY & MEAT CUTTERS Prime cuts (Blues Rock) 6
    MAURICE JOHN VAUGHN In the shadow of the city (Blues rock) 8
    MICHAEL HILL BLUES MOB Larger than life (Blues Rock) 8
    MICHAEL HOLLOWAY Ridin´ this train (Blues rock) 8
    MICHAEL KATON Bad machine (Blues rock) 5
    MICHAEL KATON MK (Full promo) 3
    MICHAEL KATON The rage called Rock´n´Roll (Blues rock) 12
    MICHAEL KATON Live & on the prowl! (Blues rock - Full promo) 3
    MICK ABRAHAMS´ BLODWYN PIG All tore down - Live 6
    MICK CLARKE Solid ground (Blues Rock) 12
    MIKE ONESKO´S BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND To the station (Blues rock) 15
    MONTE MONTGOMERY St (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    MOUNTAIN OF POWER Mountain of power (Feat. Janne Stark, Tommy Denander,..) 8
    OUT OF THE BLUE V.A. (Blues rock, Ryko) 5
    PAPPO WITH DEACON JONES July 93 Los Angeles (Blues rock) 5
    PAUL JONES & DAVE KELLY Live at the Ram Jam Club (vol. 2) (Blues Rock) 8
    POPA CHUBBY Flashed back (Blues rock) 6
    POPPY & THE USUAL SUSPECTS Celestial love jones (hard rock) 6
    RED HOUSE Hold on!! (Blues rock) 8
    REX CARROLL BAND, THE That was then, this is now 8
    ROCK THE BLUES AWAY Sampler with Glenn Hughes, Pat Travers, Craig Erickson… 5
    SCOTT ELLISON Bad case of the blues (Blues rock) 6
    SEAN COSTELLO Sean Costello (Blues rock) 6
    SHANE HENRY Deliverance (Blues rock) 4
    SHUGGIE OTIS Here comes / Freedom flight (Classic Blues Rock) 8
    SKY HIGH Sky High (Blues Rock) 6
    SMOKIN´ JOE KUBEK BAND, THE Cryin´ for the moon (Modern Blues) 8
    SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON Bye bye Sonny (Digipack deluxe 2 cds) 12
    STONEY CURTIS BAND Acid blues experience (Full promo) 3
    STRAY Dangerous games (Blues rock, 2 cds) 6
    TELECATS 1 Feat. Frank Diez, Tom Principato, Karl Ratzer and Dieter Vebler 5
    THE AYNSLEY DUNBAR RETALIATION The Aynsley Dunbar Retliation / Doctor Dunbar´s Prescription (2 cds digipack) (Classic Blues Rock) 9
    THE AYNSLEY DUNBAR RETALIATION To mum from Aynsley and the boys / Remains to be heard (2 cds digipack) (Classic Blues Rock) 9
    THE GRAPES High or low (Blues Rock) 3
    THE GREASE BAND The Grease Band / Amazing grease 8
    THE SAM LAY BLUES BAND Feelin´ good (Blues Rock) 4
    THUNDER BLOOZE EXPRESS, THE Smoke um project (Blues Jazz Rock) 6
    TINSLEY ELLIS The hard way 4
    TINSLEY ELLIS Fire it up (Blues Rock) 5
    TINSLEY ELLIS The hard way (Hard Blues) 5
    TONY MONTANA Tombstone shuffle (Hard Blues Rock) 4
    V.A. Genuine Houserockin´Music V (Alligator) 5
    V.A. L.A. Blues Authority volume V - Cream of the crop 15
    V.A. The Alligator Records - 20th Anniversary Collection (2 cds) (Fantastic Blues-Rock) 8
    V.A. Where blues meets rock V (Provogue) 4
    VARGAS BLUES BAND All around blues 12
    VARGAS BLUES BAND Lost & found (Bonus live DVD) 8
    VICTOR URIS De lado a lado (Spanish blues rock) 6
    WALTER TROUT BAND Tellin´ stories (Blues rock) 8
    WALTER TROUT BAND Prisoner of a dream (Blues rock) 8
    WHOLE LOTTA BLUES Songs of Led Zeppelin 4
    WIDE MOUTH MASON Wide Mouth Mason (Blues Rock) 4


    101 NORTH Forever yours 4
    A TASTE OF STATE Volume one (Soul and disco) 6
    ALEXANDER O´NEAL Alexander O´Neal (1985) 15
    ALEXANDER O´NEAL Love makes no sense 7
    AL JARREAU This time (1980. Feat. Jay Graydon, David Foster,…) 4
    ALEXANDER O´NEAL Hearsay (1987) 8
    ANTHONY & THE CAMP Suspense 15
    ARETHA FRANKLIN Love all the hurt away (1981) 6
    ARETHA FRANFLIN Junp to it (1982) 6
    ARETHA FRANFLIN Get it right (1983) 6
    ARETHA FRANKLIN Who´s zoomin´ who (1985) 8
    AURRA A little love (1982 - 3 bonus tracks) 8
    AURRA Live and let live (1983 - 3 bonus tracks) 15
    BEBE & CECE WINANS Relationships 4
    BEBE & CECE WINANS Heaven (2) 5
    BERNARD EDWARDS Glad to be here 7
    BERNARD OATTES Soul detective 12
    BERNARD OATTES Frame by frame 6
    BERNARD WRIGHT ´Nard (Japan cd) 20
    BILLY AND SARAH GAINES Come on back (Full promo) 2
    BILLY OCEAN Love zone (1986) 4
    BILLY OCEAN Suddenly (1984) 4
    BILLY OCEAN Tear down these walls 4
    BILLY OCEAN Time to move on 4
    BLUE MAGIC Magic (1983) 6
    BOBBY WOMACK Someday we´ll all be free (2 bonus tracks) 15
    BONNIE POINTER If the price is right (9 bonus tracks. 1984 - Feat. Tom Keane, M. Landau, Tim Pierce,..) 9
    BREAKFAST CLUB Breakfast Club (1987) 8
    BROTHERS JOHNSON, THE Winners (Surface Records) 8
    BROTHERS JOHNSON Blam!! (Japan cd with OBI) 30
    BROTHERS JOHNSON Look out for # 1 (Japan cd) 12
    CARL ANDERSON Pieces of a heart (1990) 15
    CARL ANDERSON Fantasy hotel (1992) 6
    CHAKA KHAN The woman I am 4
    CHANTÉ MOORE A love supreme 3
    CHARMAINE NEVILLE BAND It´s about time 8
    CHRIS JASPER Superbad 12
    CHRIS WALKER First time (1991) 5
    CHRISTOPHER MAX More than physical 3
    CHUCKII BROOKER Niice ´n wiild 6
    CLARENCE CLEMONS Hero (1985) 8
    CLARENCE CLEMONS A night with Mr. C 4
    CLARENCE CLEMONS Rescue / Hero 5
    COMMODORES Machine gun 3
    CRYSTAL NIGHT Sweet melodies 7
    CURIO Special feeling (1990 - Motown) 3
    DARYL HALL Soul alone 5
    DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES Beauty on a back street (1977) 7
    DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES Along the red ledge (1978) 5
    DAYTON Hot fun (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    DeBARGE In a special way 8
    DeBARGE All this love 18
    DeBARGE Rhythm of the night (Japan cd - Feat. Jay Graydon) 15
    DEEP BANANA BLACKOUT Rowdy duty (Funky - 2 cds) 6
    DENIECE WILLIAMS Lullabies to dreamland 8
    DIANA ROSS Baby it´s me (1977) 40
    DIANA ROSS Why do fools fall in love (1981) 3
    DIONNE WARWICK Heartbreaker (1983) 12
    DIONNE WARWICK Friends (1985) 8
    DIONNE WARWICK Friends in love (Japan cd with OBI) 30
    DIONNE WARWICK Aquarela do Brasil 3
    DOC POWELL Inner city blues 15
    DONNA SUMMER All systems go (1987 - Feat. Harold Faltermeyer, Dan Huff,..) (2) 15
    DONNA SUMMER She works hard for the money (1983. Feat. Jay Graydin, M. Omartian,..) 20
    D TRAIN Music 9
    EARLAND Earland´s Jam (expanded edition) 6
    EVELYN KING Get loose (1982 - 4 bonus tracks) 6
    FUNK INC. Funk Inc. / Chicken lickin´ 8
    GAP BAND, THE Round trip 5
    GARY TAYLOR Under the nightlight 5
    GARY TAYLOR Eclectic bohemian 5
    GENE RICE Just for you 4
    GENE VAN BUREN What´s your pleasure (1 bonus track) 6
    GEORGE BENSON 20/20 (Feat. Michael Sembello, Cliff Magness, Dan Huff,..) 6
    GEORGE BENSON In your eyes (feat. Jeff Porcaro, David Paich,..) 6
    GEORGE DUKE George Duke (1986) 8
    GEORGE DUKE Thief in the night (1985) 5
    GIORGE PETTUS Giorge Pettus (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    GLADYS KNIGHT Just for you 5
    GLENN JONES Here I go again 4
    GLENN JONES Feels good 3
    GREGORY ABBOTT Shake you down (1986) 7
    GREG PHILLINGANES Pulse (Japan Mini-LP cd with OBI) 50
    GWEN GUTHRIE Hot times 4
    HOWARD HEWETT Forever and ever (1988) 7
    HOWARD HEWETT I commit to love 8
    HOWARD HEWETT Alleigance 4
    INCOGNITO 100º and rising 4
    INDIA Breaking night (Japan cd with OBI) 14
    ISLEY JASPER ISLEY Broadway´s closer to Sunset Blvd. (Bonus track) 7
    ISLEY JASPER ISLEY Different drummer 3
    JACKSONS Victory (Feat. David Paich, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Lukather,..) (2) 4
    JACKSONS 2300 Jackson st (Feat. Michael Omartian, Paul Jackson Jr,..) 4
    JACKSONS Triumph (Feat. Michael Sembello, Greg Phillinganes,…) 4
    JACKSONS Destiny (Feat. Michael Sembello, Greg Philliganes,…) 4
    JAMAICA BOYS, THE The Jamaica Boys (Marcus Miller, Lenny White,..) (2) 20
    JAMES INGRAM Always you 4
    JAMES INGRAM It´s real 4
    JAMES J.T. TAYLOR Master of the game (Japan cd) 8
    JANET JACKSON Janet Jackson (1982 - Japan cd) 8
    JANET JACKSON Dream street (1984) 18
    JANET JACKSON Control (1986) 3
    JELLYBEAN Spillin´ the beans 4
    JELLYBEAN Rocks the house! 4
    JELLYBEAN Just visiting this planet 4
    JENNIFER WARNES The hunter (Feat. Robben Ford, Michael Landau,..) 4
    JENNIFER HOLLIDAY I´m on your side 2
    JERMAINE JACKSON don´t take it personal (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    JERMAINE JACKSON Jermaine Jackson (Japan cd with OBI - 2 bonus tracks) 20
    JETS, THE The Jets (1985) 5
    JODY WATLEY Jody Watley 3
    JOE McBRIDE Grace 4
    JOHN LEGEND Once again 3
    JOHNNY KEMP Secrets of flying 6
    JOHNNY MATHIS Because you loved me (The songs of Diane Warren with Michael Landau, Dean Parks, ..) 6
    JOHNNY MATHIS Because you loved me 4
    JOHNNY MATHIS Better together - The duets album 6
    JONATHAN BUTLER Head to head 4
    KASHIF Who loves you? 20
    KASHIF Kashif (2 bonus tracks) 8
    KENI STEVENS Living on the edge (1989 - 1 bonus track) 7
    KENNY BURKE Changes (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    KOOL & THE GANG State of affairs 4
    LA LA La La (1988 - Japan cd) 20
    LOOSE ENDS Zagora (1986) 7
    LOOSE ENDS The real chuckeeboo (1988) 4
    LUTHER VANDROSS Give me the reason 4
    LUTHER VANDROSS Power of love 4
    MAIN INGREDIENT, THE I just wanna love you 6
    MARCUS MILLER Suddenly (1983 - Japan cd with OBI) 20
    MARCUS MILLER Marcus Miller (1984) 5
    MAURICE WHITE Maurice White (Japan cd, 1985, Westcoast with Robbie Buchanan, Paul Jackson Jr., ..) 15
    MAURICE WHITE Maurice White (1985 - 4 bonus tracks) 5
    MAYSA Maysa (GRP, 1995) 6
    MELI´SA MORGAN Good love 8
    MICA PARIS Whisper a prayer 3
    MIC MURPHY Touch 4
    MOTOWN 50 Yesterday - Today - Forever (3 cds) 8
    NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN The dance of life (1979) 15
    NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN Awakening (1979. Feat. Jay Graydon, Santana, Hiram Bullock..) 15
    NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN looking at you, looking at me (1983, Feat. Randy Jackson, David Sancious..) 15
    NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN The nature of things (1985) 15
    NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN Confidence (1982) 15
    NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN Victory (1980) 35
    NIA PEEPLES Nothin´ but trouble 8
    NIA PEEPLES Nia Peeples 4
    NILE RODGERS B-Movie matinee (1985) 30
    NILE RODGERS Adventures in the land of the good groove 40
    OLETA ADAMS Moving on 4
    OLETA ADAMS Evolution (With Michael Landau, Ray Fuller, Tom Scott, ..) 4
    OLETA ADAMS Evolution (Japan cd, Feat. Michael Landau, Ray Fuller,..) 8
    PATTI AUSTIN Street of dreams (2) 4
    PATTI AUSTIN The best of 4
    PATTI LaBELLE Be yourself (1989. Feat. Michael Landau, Corado Rustici,..) 4
    PATTI LaBELLE Burnin´ 4
    PATTI LABELLE Be yourself 4
    PEABO BRYSON Missing you 3
    PEABO BRYSON Quiet storm 8
    PHIL PERRY Pure pleasure 4
    PHIL PERRY The heart of the man (Feat. Lee Ritenour, Paul Jackson,..) 4
    PHYLLIS HYMAN Living all alone (1986) 8
    POINTER SISTERS Break out (Feat. Lee Ritenour, John Robinson,..) 5
    POINTER SISTERS Contact (1985 - Feat. Jeff Lorber, Michael Landau,…) (2) 5
    PRESUNTOS IMPLICADOS Danzad, danzad malditos 18
    PRESUNTOS IMPLICADOS La noche (Spanish Westcoast / Soul - 2 cds) 8
    PRINCESS Princess (1986) 6
    RANDY CRAWFORD Nightline 4
    RANDY CRAWFORD Rich and poor (1989) 4
    RANDY CRAWFORD Secret combination (1981. Feat. Steve Lukather, Jeff Porcaro,..) 4
    RANDY CRAWFORD Play mode 5
    RANDY CRAWFORD Nightline (Feat. Robbie Buchanan, Steve Lukather,…) 8
    RAY PARKER JR. I love you like you are 4
    READY FOR THE WORLD RFTW - Ready For The World (1985) 4
    REEL PEOPLE Seven ways to wonder (Modern soul) 8
    REGINA BELLE Passion 3
    RENÉ AND ANGELA Street called desire… and more 5
    RICKY PETERSON Smile blue 5
    ROBERTA FLACK Set the night to music 3
    ROBERT BROOKINS In the night (2 bonus tracks) 8
    RUFUS feat. CHAKA KHAN Street player 18
    SCOTT WHITE Success never ends 60
    SHEILA E In romance 1600 5
    SHEILA E Sheila E 30
    SHEILA E Sex cymbal 3
    SINCLAIR I want you back 3
    SIRIUS B PROJECT Sirius B Project 12
    SLAVE Stone jam (1980) 4
    SOLE GIMÉNEZ Ojalá 5
    STACY LATTISAW I´m not the same girl (1985. Feat. Robbie Buchanan, Dan Huff…) 7
    STACY LATTISAW What you need 4
    SURFACE 3 deep (1990) 3
    TAMIKO JONES Love trip 5
    TIA CARRERE Dream 3
    TIME, THE Pandemonium 3
    TOK TOK TOK From soul to soul (Soul / Jazz) 6
    TONY DeWAYNE Midnight soul 12
    TONY REMY & BLUEY First protocol (Incognito guitars) 9
    TOWER OF POWER Urban renewal (1974) 5
    TOWER OF POWER Ain´t nothin´ stoppin´ us now (1976) 5
    TOWER OF POWER Souled out (1995) 5
    TRACIE SPENCER Make the difference (1990) 3
    TRUTH INC. Truth Inc. (Japan cd) 6
    T.S. MONK House of music (2 bonus tracks) 8
    UN-CUT The un-calculated some 6
    VESTA Special 5
    WENDY MOTEN Wendy Moten 3
    WILL DOWNING Moods 3
    WILL DOWNING Will Downing 3
    WILL DOWNING A dream fulfilled 3
    WILL DOWNING Love´s the place to be 3
    WORKING WEEK Working nights 8
    YAMAMA´NYM Due time 8


    BLOOD RED THRONE Altered genesis (promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    CANDLEMASS Ancient dreams (2 cds) 12
    DEAD TO FALL Everything I touch falls to pieces 5
    DIMMU BORGIR In sorte diaboli (cd + dvd) 8
    DIMMU BORGIR World misanthropy (2 dvd + cd) 15
    ETHEREAL The dreams of yearning (like Paradise Lost or Sentenced) 12
    EXMORTEM Nihilistic contentment (pormo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    FLAMETAL Master of the aire (Flamenco-Metal. Japan cd with OBI) 12
    HIGH ON FIRE Death is this communion 5
    IN EXTREMO 7 12
    IN EXTREMO Saengerkrieg (Digi pack cd+dvd) 15
    IN FLAMES Come clarity 6
    LOST SOUL Chaostream (promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    NEAERA Armamentarium 3
    RISE TO ADDICTION A new shade of black for the soul 6
    SOULBREACH My dividing line 4
    VENOM Cast in stone 5


    AL STEWART Last days of the century 5
    ANGELINA VINNIE Payback time (Blues, folk, country, rock,..) 6
    AUDIENCE The house on the hill 5
    BAKER GURVITZ ARMY Live (Digipack - Deluxe edition) 20
    BILL WYMAN The solo anthology 1974-2002 (2 cds) 8
    BLUE OYSTER CULT Heaven forbid 6
    BOB SEGER Like a rock 9
    BOB SEGER The distance 5
    BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Born to run (Mini LP replica) 8
    BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Born in the USA (Mini LP replica) 8
    BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Tunnel of love (Mini LP replica) 8
    BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Lucky town (Mini LP replica) 8
    BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Human touch (Mini LP replica) 8
    BURNING Desnudo en el Joy (2cds + dvd) 15
    CHEAP TRICK Rockford (digipack) 5
    CHRIS FARLOWE Farlowe (Also known as "Waiting in the wings" Feat. Micky Moody, Alvin Lee,..) 12
    CHRIS ISAAK Chris Isaak 4
    CHRIS ISAAK San Francisco days 3
    CHRIS REA The road to hell part 2 4
    CHRIS REA The blue jukebox 4
    CHRIS REA Deltics 4
    DERRINGER BOGERT & APPICE Doin´ business as… 6
    DUDES TERRIFIC, THE Born yesterday 4
    EAGLES The complete greatest hits (2 cds + dvd) 12
    EDDIE HARDIN You can´t teach an old dog new tracks (1977. With Ian Paice, Roger Glover, etc.) 15
    EDGAR WINTER The real deal 3
    ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Secret messages 4
    ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Time (3 bonus tracks) 4
    ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA A new world record 5
    ELECTRIC LIGHT OTCHESTRA Eldorado (2 bonus tracks) 4
    ELKIE BROOKS No more the fool 5
    ELTON JOHN The fox 4
    ELTON JOHN 21AT33 4
    ELTON JOHN The one 4
    ELVIS PRESLEY Elvis (The fool) 12
    ELVIS PRESLEY Today 12
    FRANK MARINO MAHOGANY RUSH Full circle (Digipack - 1 bonus track) 9
    GARTH BROOKS The hits 4
    GRAHAM NASH Earth & sky (Magic Records - 24 bit remastered) 20
    GRAND FUNK Shinin´ on (2 bonus tracks) 5
    GRAND FUNK RAILROAD The collection 6
    GRATEFUL DEAD The Arista years (2 cds) 8
    HION MARTELL Will cure any disease 6
    HOME Paude for a hoarse horse / Home (Classic Rock) 5
    IAN ANDERSON Walk into light 8
    JACK BRUCE Somethinelse (Feat. Eric Clapton) 6
    JAMES GANG Straight shooter / Passin´ thru 9
    JAMES GANG Newborn / Jesse come home 30
    JEFF BECK Truth & Beck-ola 6
    JEFF BECK Blow by blow 4
    JEFFERSON STARSHIP Freedom at point zero (Rock Candy) 9
    JEFFERSON STARSHIP Modern times (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    JGB Welcome to our world (Jam Band) 5
    JIM STEINMAN Bad for good 4
    JOE COCKER Luxury you can afford (1978) 18
    JOE COCKER One night of sin 4
    JOHN ILLSLEY Never told a soul (Dire Straits) 12
    JON ANDERSON Change we must (Yes vocalist) 4
    J. TEIXI BAND Voodo bar (cd + dvd) 8
    JUSTIN HAYWARD The view from the hill (Ex-Moddy Blues) 7
    JUSTIN HAYWARD Spirits of the western sky 6
    LED ZEPPELIN The song remains the same (2 cds, digipack) 7
    LED ZEPPELIN Boxed set 2 (2 cds) 20
    LEE ROCKER Blue suede nights (ex-Stray Cats) 4
    LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM Go insane (1984) 4
    LOVE Love (Mono mix + stereo mix + 2 bonus tracks) 12
    O.S.T. Leaving Las Vegas 3
    MANZANERA & MACKAY Manzanera & Mackay 5
    MICK COX Compose yerself 7
    MIGUEL RIOS Como si fuera la primera vez 4
    MONTROSE Jump on it (1976) 20
    MOTT THE HOOPLE Drive on (1975) 35
    PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC Are you ready / Pacific Gas & Electric (2 cds) 15
    PALADINS, THE The Paladins (Classic Bluesy Rock & Roll) 4
    PANDORA´S BOX Original sin 5
    PAUL BRADY Trick or treat (Michael Landau, Jeff Porcaro, etc.) 5
    PAUL CARRACK Beautiful world 5
    PAUL SIMON One trick pony (with Tony Levin, Hiram Bullock, Steve Gadd, etc.) 4
    PAUL YOUNG No parlez 4
    PETE HAYCOCK Guitar and son 5
    PETER COX Peter Cox (With Peter John-Vetesse, Jeff Pescetto, James Harrah, etc.) 4
    PETER FRAMPTON Now (2003) 5
    PETER GABRIEL 2 (1978 - 2002 edition) 5
    PETER GABRIEL Security (1982 - 2002 edition) 5
    PETER GABRIEL Shaking the tree 4
    PETER WOLF Come as you are (1987) 4
    PHIL CARMEN No sweat 6
    PHIL COLLINS Going back (cd + dvd) 8
    PHIL MANZANERA Southern cross 4
    POCO All fired up (2013) 14
    POCO Blue and grey (1981) 20
    POWER STATION, THE Living in fear 5
    QUEEN A night at the opera (30th anniversary - cd+dvd) 10
    QUEEN Absolutely enthusiastic (Workoholic extasy in Montreal, 1981) 20
    QUEEN Queen (Japan mini LP-cd) 8
    RENAISSANCE Camera camera 4
    RENAISSANCE The other woman 4
    RENAISSANCE Time - Line 4
    RENDICIÓN DE BREDA, LA Malos entendidos 5
    RICK DERRINGER Spring fever / Sweet evil 8
    ROXY MUSIC Avalon 4
    ROXY MUSIC Flesh + blood 4
    SEEDS, THE The Seeds & A web of sound 12
    SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND, THE The impossible dream / Tomorrow belongs to me 8
    SHADOWS, THE Specs appeal plus 20
    SHAWN MULLINS Beneath the velvet 3
    SOPHIE B. HAWKINS Tongues and tails 3
    SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY The best of 5
    SPOOKY TOOTH The last puff (Digipack) 9
    STEPHEN STILLS MANASSAS Down the road 25
    STEVE MARRIOTT 30 seconds to midnite 4
    STEVE WINWOOD Roll with it 4
    STORIES Stories / About us (Ian Lloyd) 12
    STRAY CATS Back to the alley 3
    SWEET Live at the Marquee 6
    TEN YEARS AFTER About time (1989) 8
    THE BLACK VELVET BAND King of myself (Bluesy Rock) 4
    THE BROKEN HOMES Wing and a prayer (1990) 5
    THE CASBAH CLUB Eastworld 4
    THE CHIEFTAINS Tears of stone 4
    THE CHRISTIANS The Christians 3
    THE HOOTERS Hooterization: A retrospective 3
    THE POWER STATION The Power Station 5
    THE WHO Tommy 4
    THOMAS DOLBY Aliens ate my Buick 4
    TO CRY YOU A SONG V.A. A collection of Tull songs 5
    TODD RUNDGREN With a twist 4
    TUBES Of America 5
    U2 The unforgettable fire (Deluxe edition 2 cds + dvd) 15
    UTOPIA Oblivion, pov & some trivia (2 cds) 20
    UTOPIA Swing to the right 12
    V.A. New american music (Vince Gill, Reba McEntire, etc.) 3
    V.A. The Now generation - The legendary Spar recordings 4
    V.A. The history of Punk Rock (2 cds) 6
    V.A. ¡Viva el rollo! Toda la bronca de los 70 (2 cds, 41 spanish bands of the 70´s) 10
    VONDA SHEPARD Heart and soul 4
    VONDA SHEPARD Songs from Ally McBeal 4
    VONDA SHEPARD Vonda Shepard 4
    WARPIPES Holes in the heavens (Billy Trudel, Guy Babylon, Davey Johnstone, ..) 4
    WIDESPREAD PANIC Don´t tell the band 4
    WILLY DeVILLE Live 3
    WOODENHEAD Perseverance (Jam Band) 4
    YARBIRDS, THE For your love (Autographed) 4
    YARBIRDS, THE The Yarbirds (Autographed) 4
    YELLOW MATTER CUSTARD One night in New York City (2 cds - Tribute to The Beatles feat. Mike Portnoy and Neal Morse) 30
    ZERO Zero (1997, Jam Band) 3


    ALLAN HARRIS It´s a wonderful world (Feat. Mark Whitfield, Jeff Hamilton,..) 4
    BLUE JUICE 3 Various artists (Blue Note) 3
    BONA FIDE feat. Slim Man The Poe house 4
    BRIAN TARQUIN Fretworx (Feat. Steve Morse, Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan,..) 6
    BURNING FOR BUDDY A tribute to the music of Buddy Rich (Produced by Neil Peart of Rush) 7
    BURNING FOR BUDDY VOL. II A tribute to the music of Buddy Rich (Produced by Neil Peart of Rush) 7
    CAROL KNAUBER Now you´re talking (Fusion feat. Steve Smith, Steve Tavaglione,..) 6
    CASIOPEA Euphony (Japan cd) 20
    CASIOPEA Thunder live (Japan cd) 20
    CASIOPEA Live (1985 - Japan cd) 20
    CASIOPEA Make up city (Japan cd) 25
    CASIOPEA Landing to summer (Japan cd) 25
    CASIOPEA Full colors (Japan cd) 25
    CASIOPEA Wind & quiet storm (2 cds - Japan cd) 20
    CASIOPEA Eyes of the mind (Japan cd) 25
    CASIOPEA The party (Japan cd) 20
    CASSANDRA REED Cassandra Reed 3
    CLEMENTINE Couleur café 6
    DAN SIEGEL On the edge (Feat. Tom Scott, Alex Acuña,..) 8
    DOC POWELL Inner city blues 15
    DOLPHINS, THE Malayan breeze 3
    FRANK NIMSGERN Street stories (Feat. Gino Vannelli) 3
    FRANK NIMSGERN Feat. Chaka Khan & Billy Cobham 6
    GARSED & HELMERICH Exempt 40
    GENERATION BAND Soft shoulder 4
    GINO VANNELLI Nightwalker 8
    GINO VANNELLI Inconsolable man 4
    GINO VANNELLI Black cars 8
    GREG MATHIESON For my friends (Feat. Michael Landau, Carlos Vega,..) 8
    HENRY JOHNSON Organic (Fusion, with Nancy Wilson) 6
    HERB ALPERT Magic man (1981) 65
    JEANNIE BRYSON I love beeing here with you (Jazz vocal) 5
    JEFF BERLIN Crossroads (with Jeff Porcaro, Frank Gambale, Neil Peart,..) 5
    JEFF LORBER Step by step 15
    JEFF LORBER Private passion (1986) 7
    JONATHAN BUTLER Head to head 4
    KIRK WHALUM Into my soul 4
    LARRY CORYELL I´ll be over you (Feat. Peabo Bryson, Will Lee, Chuck Loeb, Grover Washington Jr,..) 6
    LARRY CORYELL Fallen angel (Feat. Richard Elliot, Don Sebesky,..) 6
    MARK WHITFIELD Forever love 5
    MARK WINKLER Ebony rain (1987 - Japan cd) 15
    MATALEX Proud 15
    NEAL SCHON Voice 8
    NESTOR TORRES Talk to me..(Feat. Brad Cole, John Peña. Abe Laboriel,..) 6
    NIGEL MARTINEZ So good (Fusion - soul) 6
    PAUL HARDCASTLE The jazz masters II 4
    PETER KATER Roof tops 6
    PETER WHITE Songs of the season 5
    PRIME CRIME Animal rites 6
    RAIN-BO TRIBE What they don´t tell you 5
    SAMANTHA SIVA Identity (Fussion - Pop) 3
    SCOTT JARRETT Without rhyme or reason (Feat. Dave Grusin, Marcus Miller,..) 25
    SKIPPER WISE Walking on a wire (Feat. Peter White) 5
    SKY Vol. 1 4
    SKY Vol. 4 4
    SOFTWARE Software (1981 - Headfirst) 4
    SPIES Music of espionage (1988) 8
    SPIRIT TRAVELLER Playing the hits from the Motor City (Phil Upchurch, David T, Walker,..) 8
    STRING ATTACK Tacos for the beast 4
    TOM SCOTT Keep this love alive (Feat. Bill Champlin, David Pack, David Paich,…) 4
    V.A. Área reservada - 10 años Go Jazz 6
    V.A. Take up the trail (Inak) 3
    V.A. Blue Orleans - Blue notes from basin Street 3
    V.A. Timeless - 15th anniversary sampler - In case you missed it 3
    V.A. Fall into winter - MCA Jazz sampler ´88 3
    V.A. Life made me beautiful at forty - A collection of incredibñy tight songs 3
    V.A. Jump blue - Rockin´ the jooks (Blue Note) 3
    V.A. Drive - the best of Nova Records 3
    V.A. Canned Jazz (Philip Bailey, Will Lee, Chuck Loeb,…) 3
    WENDY CARLOS Switched-on Bach 40
    WES MONTGOMERY Movin´ - The complete Verve Recordings (5 cds box - new!) 35
    WILL & RAINBOW Over crystal green 4
    WILTON FELDER Let´s spend some time 4
    XIMO TEBAR Son Mediterraneo 8
    YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA After service (2 cds) 15
    ZIGURAT Ailama 15

    SINGLES (Regalo uno por cada 50 euros pedidos)

    KOTIPELTO Beginning (3 tracks)
    MOTORHEAD Whorehouse blues (still sealed)
    PRIMAL FEAR Seven seals (autografiado)
    RHAPSODY OF FIRE Triumph or agony
    SAVATAGE Comissar (3 tracks, autografiado)
    SONATA ARTICA don´t say a word (4 tracks)
    VENGEANCE Crazy horses (4 tracks)
    PROG - BRAVE NEW WORLD Astounding sounds - Amazing music

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