LOUD LION - Die Tough (19.5.2014)


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    LOUD LION - Die Tough (19.5.2014)

    Mensaje por PeterGriffin el Jue 03 Abr 2014, 15:04

    01. Love Will Break Your Heart
    02. Lion's Den
    03. Lion Eyes
    04. Die Tuff
    05. Loud Lion Theme Song
    06. Dawn Of The Dead
    07. The Hills Have Eyes
    08. Sunset Slip
    09. None More Fast

    Loud Lion created a huge buzz several years back, but their album never appeared....until now! Loud Lion is the brain child of pop/rock icon Bleu who put together the project to pay homage to Mutt Lange and Def Leppard. The album includes 9 original songs "in the style of" classic Def Leppard and features Bleu along with Taylor Locke (Bleu's co-creator & main partner in LoudLion, most widely known as the lead guitarist for Rooney), Adam Ross (Rihanna's touring guitarist), Allison Robertson (The Donnas lead guitarist), Maclaine Diemer (Bang Camaro - keyboards, guitar), John Fields (uber producer), and Dylan Halacy (Bang Camaro - drums). All songs produced by Bleu.

    Bleu comments on the Loud Lion CD: "Def Leppard hasn't put anything as good as Loud Lion out in at least a decade! If you like Pyromania and Hysteria (and f**k you if you don't) then you'll love this record - and that's not even taking into account the brain-liquidating shred-fests. An homage has never (ever) sounded so majestic!"

    The tracks were fully remastered in LA by JK Northrup. The release features a booklet featuring all new artwork, lyrics and graphics.


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    Re: LOUD LION - Die Tough (19.5.2014)

    Mensaje por LOVEHUNTER el Jue 03 Abr 2014, 17:24

    Joder!!!!! plagio total
    Fallen Angel Diamond

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    Re: LOUD LION - Die Tough (19.5.2014)

    Mensaje por fabiolione el Jue 03 Abr 2014, 20:01

    Pues sí, suena leppard total pero con menos chispa y creatividad. Pasando, para eso escucho a los originales
    Fallen Angel Diamond

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    Re: LOUD LION - Die Tough (19.5.2014)

    Mensaje por kiquerocks el Vie 04 Abr 2014, 13:02

    Qué bien!! A mí el tema de la peli "Hills have eyes" me moló mucho en su día


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    Re: LOUD LION - Die Tough (19.5.2014)

    Mensaje por A.K.U. el Vie 04 Abr 2014, 21:38

    Tengo por ahí un par de discos de un grupo que se llama GRAND DESIGN que también sonaban a los LEPPARD cosa fina y que no estaban nada mal.

    A estos igual también les doy una oportunidad y les pego una oreja.
    Lo que he escuchado no está del todo mal.
    Ya veremos.
    Fallen Angel Diamond

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    Re: LOUD LION - Die Tough (19.5.2014)

    Mensaje por dallaszafando el Vie 04 Abr 2014, 21:51

    the hills have eyes es un temazo, me compre la banda sonora solo por ese tema Smile

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