Sideburn - Cherry Red (2008)

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    Sideburn - Cherry Red (2008)

    Mensaje por Keykey el Vie 14 Nov 2008, 22:26

    Nuevo trabajo de estos veranos suizos. Muy en su onda, es decir, influencias AC/DC a tope cheers

    Muy recomendado bounce


    Roland Pierrehumbert Vocals
    David Pariat Lead Guitar
    Fred Gudit Rhythm Guitar
    Michel Demierre Bass
    Lionel Blanc Drums

    Tracks :
    1. Gimme the Way
    2. Hurricane Race
    3. Six Feet Under
    4. Cherry Red
    5. Lane
    6. Rock and Roll Queen
    7. Down and Dirty
    8. Bring the Hammer Down
    9. Ghost of 1980 (to Bon Scott)
    10. Lipstick Lady
    11. Wild Boy
    12. Stand your Ground

    Recorded at Dinemec Studio, Side Studio & Pink, Bild + Ton Studio
    Produced by Sideburn & Juerg Naegeli
    Mixed by Chris Diggelmann & Serge Christen at Mazzive Sound


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