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    Por fin!!! What a Face

    Released 2008 (Suncity Records)

    Track List:
    01. Damnation Alley
    02. Monkey See Monkey Do
    03. Mama Don't Care (What She Don't See)
    04. Renegade
    05. In The Groove
    06. Rock 'N' Roll Suicide
    07. Summer Daze
    08. Ditch The pregnant dog
    09. When It Gets Hard
    10. Livin' Above The Law
    11. No Parole

    Vicki James Wright - vocals
    Christopher Stewart - guitar
    JJ Bolt - guitar
    Andy Rogers - bass
    Matt Sorum - drums

    Additional Musicians:
    Dizzy Reed - guitar

    Re-mastered by Chris Fatouros.

    All I can say about this CD is...it's about f**king time! For over fifteen years these recordings have been collecting dust in some lame record company's vault as the 'suite and tie guys' began signing boredom inducing bands to major contracts in the early 90s. Whoever was behind the shelving of Unfinished Business should be brought before a jury of headbangers and tried for crimes against humanity - as the band states, "there's no parole for rock 'n' roll."
    Everyone who reads Sleaze Roxx should know by now who Johnny Crash is, but for those of you who may have missed out I'll bring you up to date. The band was formed by a handful of Sunset Strip misfits and a European singer who had tasted success with Tokyo Blade. Together they released 1990's underrated classic Neighborhood Threat, a flawless collection of AC/DC inspired rock. From there things began to unravel and the recordings represented on this disc are what the band was able to produce before the straw broke the camel's back.
    If you want unrelenting songs like those found on the band's debut, you got it. "d**nation Alley", "Monkey See Monkey Do" (in which singer Vicki James Wright sounds more like Brian Johnson than ever), "Mama Don't Care", "Ditch The pregnant dog" and "No Parole" are all great hard rock songs that have the same feel and attitude as the debut album. Unfinished Business also has more diversity than the debut on songs such as "Rock 'N' Roll Suicide", the countrified swamp-boogie of "Summer Love" and the ballad-like "When It Gets Hard" (get your minds out of the gutter, its not about THAT!).
    As you can tell, I love this CD - and to be honest I've had the demos of these songs for years now. But what impressed me is how much better these songs sound then those old demos I had. The re-mastering on this disc is top-notch, as are the songs. Rumor has it Axl Rose threatened legal action if this CD got released, due to the involment of Matt Sorum and Dizzy Reed (who were Guns N'Roses members at the time), but unlike his own material he couldn't keep this one under wraps forever!

    Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, May 2008.


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