Cambio o vendo casi 700 cds originales


    Fallen Angel

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    Cambio o vendo casi 700 cds originales

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    Algunos de vosotros ya me conocéis. La inmensa mayoría están en perfecto estado. Como no me deja meter todo el listado en un topic, meteré un par de ellos. Como veréis, hay desde westcoast y lite AOR hasta heavy metal, pasando por AOR, hard rock, blues rock, progresivo, etc. Si tenéis lista de cambio, podéis enviármela. Si estáis interesados en comprar algo, los precios están al lado de cada cd. En función de la magnitud del pedido haré descuentos interesantes. Para cualquier cosa, podéis escribirme a:


    Muchas gracias y un saludo.

    10 CC Mirror mirror 4
    4 HIM Walk on 5
    4 HIM The basics of life 5
    4 HIM The ride 5
    4 HIM The message 5
    4 HIM Obvious 5
    ACES HIGH Ten´n out 15
    ACT Imaginary friends (special edition, 2 extra tracks) 8
    ACT Last epic (special edition, 4 extra tracks) 8
    ACT Silence (promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    ADRENALIN Dedicated 12
    AIDEAN Promises 12
    ALCATRAZZ Live sentence 30
    AL DENSON Do you know this man? 5
    AL DENSON From this day on 5
    AL DENSON Take me to the cross 5
    AL STEWART Year of the cat (with bonus tracks) 4
    ALAN FREW Hold on 4
    ALDO NOVA A portrait of 6
    ALIBI Misdemeanours 6
    ALLISON One 6
    AMANDA MARSHALL Amanda Marshall 4
    AMANDA MARSHALL Tuesday´s child 4
    AMERICA Harbor 4
    AMY GRANT Her greatest inspirational songs 5
    AMY GRANT Lead me on 5
    AMY GRANT My father´s eyes 5
    AMY GRANT Age to age 5
    AMY GRANT Never alone 5
    AMY SKY Burnt by the sun 5
    ANGEL WITCH Angel of death 8
    AQUILA Say Yeah 4
    ARCADE Arcade 5
    ARCANGEL Arcangel (Cannata, first pressing) 15
    ARCARA Arcara 5
    ARTICA As it should be (first pressing) 15
    ASHLEY CLEVELAND Bus named desire 5
    ASIA Archiva 1 5
    ASIA Archiva 2 5
    ASIA Live in Mockba 5
    ATOMIC ROOSTER Tomorrow night (2 cds) 8
    AVERAGE WHITE BAND Feel no fret (Jap with bonus tracks) 9
    AXEL RUDY PELL Diamonds unlocked (promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    AXEL RUDY PELL Kings and queens (promo) 2
    AXXIS Kingdom of the night 5
    AYREON Flight of the migrator 6
    AYREON The final experiment 6
    AYREON 1011001 (2 cds) 10
    AYREON Into the electric castle (2 cds) 10
    BACKBONE Backbone 4
    BADD BOYZ Badd Boyz (Japan cd with OBI) 30
    BAD MOON RISING Bad moon rising (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    BADLANDS Voodoo highway 25
    BALANCE Balance 12
    BALANCE In for the count 8
    BEARSFISH Sleeping in traffic: Part one (cardboard sleeve promo, I would trade 2 for 1) 2
    BEAU GESTE Beau Geste 9
    BEE GEES One 3
    BEE GEES Size 3
    BEN GLOVER 26 Letters 5
    BERNIE LABARGE Bargin´ in 15
    BETO VAZQUEZ INFINITY Beto Vazquez Infinity 6
    BIF NAKED Superbeautifulmonster (cardboard sleeve promo, I would trade 2 for 1) 2
    BIG BANG BABIES Black market (2) 30
    BIG COUNTRY Under cover 4
    BIG MONEY Moonraker 8
    BIG MOUTH Hands of time 8
    BIG TENT REVIVAL Amplifier 4
    BIGSTORM Living in exile 4
    BILL CHAMPLIN Burn down the night 6
    BILL CHAMPLIN He started to sing 6
    BILL CHAMPLIN Though it all 6
    BILLY C FARLOW Billy C and the sunshine / The lost 70´s tapes (2 cds) 9
    BILLY FALCON Pretty blue world 5
    BILLY SQUIER Tell the truth 5
    BLUE LAW Gonna getcha (feat. Andy Powell of Wishbine Ash) 5
    BLUE OYSTER CULT A long day´s night 5
    BLUE OYSTER CULT Agents of fortune (remastered with 4 bonus tracks) 5
    BLUE OYSTER CULT Extraterrestrial live 5
    BLUE RODEO Palace of gold 4
    BLUE RODEO Nowhere to here 4
    BOBBY KIMBALL All I ever needed 20
    BODY The Body Album (extra tracks) 8
    BONFIRE Hot & slow - The best of the ballads 5
    BOSTON Greatest hits 5
    BOYS CLUB Boys Club (Joe Pasquale, Dan Huff, Bruce Gaitsch, Michael Landau,..) 8
    BRASS KITTEN Across America 8
    BRAVE NEW WORLD Monsters 5
    BRAZEN ABBOT Live and learn (Japan cd with OBI - different cover) 12
    BRETT WALKER Lift off 5
    BRIAN HOWE Tangled in blue 8
    BRITISH LIONS Trouble with women (8 bonus tracks) 8
    BROKE´N´BLUE The waiting 6
    BRUCE GAITSCH Nightingale 6
    BRUCE GAITSCH Aphasia 6
    BRYAN ADAMS Live! Live! Live! 5
    BRYAN ADAMS Waking up the neighbours 5
    BUNNY BRUNEL L.A. ZOO Revisited (Vivian Campbell, Virgil Donati,…) 4
    BURN So far, so bad 12
    BURNING FOR BUDDY A tribute to the music of Buddy Rich (Produced by Neil Peart of Rush) 7
    BURNING FOR BUDDY VOL. II A tribute to the music of Buddy Rich (Produced by Neil Peart of Rush) 7
    BYSTANDER Not so innocent 50
    CAMEL Echoes (2 cds) 9
    CANNATA Watching the world (first pressing) 12
    CANNED HEAT Burnin´ live 4
    CANNED HEAT Internal combustion 4
    CANNED HEAT Reheated 4
    CAPTIVE HEART Home of the brave 6
    CARLY SIMON Coming around again 4
    CASANOVA Ticket to the moon 20
    CASINO LIGHTS st (with Al Jarreau, Randy Crawford, David Sanborn, Buzz Feiten..) 5
    CATS IN BOOTS Kicked & klawed 25
    CELL MATES Between two fires 9
    CHALICE Digital Bulevard 5
    CHAMPION featuring ALEX MACHINE st 15
    CHANGE OF HEART Continuum 6
    CHEAP TRICK Rockford (digipack) 5
    CHICAGO 18 5
    CHOIRBOYS Big bad noise 5
    CHRIS REA The road to hell part 2 4
    CITA Heat of emotion 6
    CLASSIC ROCK SOCIETY Unprogged (John Wetton, Ezra, Clive Nolan,..) 5
    COASTLINE BAND The Coastline Band 5
    COCO MONTOYA Ya think I´d know better (blues-rock) 5
    COLD CHISEL Last stand 12
    COLIN JAMES Then again 5
    COLORTONE Colortone (Hi-tech AOR-Pop-Rock, like Mr Mister) 5
    COMMANDER CODY AND HIS LOST PLANET AIRMEN The early years 1967-1970 (Digipack 2 cds) 10
    COMPANY OF WOLVES Company of wolves 6
    CONTAGIOUS The calling 8
    COREY HART Young man running 5
    COSMO Alien 6
    CRY WOLF Cry Wolf (Japan cd with OBI) 40
    CRYSTAL BALL Hard impact 15
    CURTIS STIGERS Brighter days 5
    CURTIS STIGERS Secret heart 5
    CUTTING CREW Broadcast 5
    D´MOLLS st (2) 25
    DAIZE SHAYNE Live your dreams 5
    DAKOTA Runaway 50
    DALTON Injection 15
    DAN HILL Love in the shadows 50
    DAN LUCAS 2000! 15
    DAN SEALS Rebel heart 25
    DAN PEEK All things are possible (Jap. With OBI) 18
    DANGER DANGER Screw it! 8
    DANGEROUS AGE Toubled times 5
    DANNY WILDE Any man´s hunger 20
    DARE Blood from stone 15
    DAVID BAERWALD Bedtime stories 4
    DAVID COVERDALE Into the light 6
    DAVID FOSTER The best of me (Jap. With OBI) 12
    DAVID MULLEN Revival 5
    DAVID READMAN st (cardboard sleeve promo. I would trade 2 for 1) 2
    DC DRIVE DC Drive 6
    DC LACROIX Crack of down / Livin´ by the sword 9
    DEADSOUL TRIBE A lullaby for the devil (promo in cardboard sleeve. I would trade 3 for 1) 2
    DEADSOUL TRIBE The dead word (promo in cardboard sleeve. I would trade 3 for 1) 2
    DEEP PURPLE Anthology (2 cds) 9
    DEF LEPPARD Euphoria 5
    DEN OF THIEVES Honour amongst thieves 8
    DENNIS DEYOUNG Anthology 6
    DEPARTURE Open your mind 6
    DEROSSO Ossimoro 5
    DEVIN TOWNSEND Ziltoid the omniscient (cardboard sleeve promo, I would trade 2 for 1) 3
    DIANE SCHUUR Love songs 4
    DIARY To the edge and beyond 15
    DOKKEN Dokken (Jap. With OBI) 30
    DOKKEN One live night - shadowlife (2 cds) 9
    DOMINICI O3 A trilogy - part 2 (cardboard sleeve promo, I would trade 2 for 1) 2
    DON FELDER Airborne 6
    DOOBIE BROTHERS Sibling rivalry 4
    DOUBLE Blue 5
    DREAM IN COLOUR The best of now & then records vol. 1 3
    DREAMS SO REAL Glory line 6
    DR JOHN Trader John´s crawfish soiree (2 cds) 6
    ECHOPARK Pretty lies 5
    EGDON HEATH Nebula 6
    EGYPT Hammer 6
    EIGHT SECONDS Almacantara 12
    ELECTRIC ANGELS Electric Angels 15
    ELECTRIC SANDWICH Electric Sandwich 5
    ELEKTRADRIVE Elektradrive (with full package) 15
    ELTON JOHN Rare masters (2 cds) 9
    ELVIS PRESLEY Good rockin´ tonight (3 cds live - rare collector item) 8
    EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER The return of the Manticore (box 4 cds) 25
    ENCORES, LEGENDS & PARADOX A tribute to the music of Emerson, Lake & Palmer 5
    ERIC BURDON My secret life (promotional. I would trade 2 for 1) 2
    ERIC MARTIN Eric Martin 15
    ESCAPE MUSIC Millenium collection (sampler) 3
    ESCAPE MUSIC Millenium collection 2 (2 cds sampler) 5
    EVERON Bridge 6
    EXPLORERS We always want 30
    FAIR WARNING Fair Warning (Japan cd) 15
    FAIRIES WELCOME Love sweat 5
    FAR NORTH What? (first pressing) 12
    FATES WARNING A pleasant shade of grey (special edition + DVD) 8
    FATES WARNING Disconnected / Inside out (2 cds, 6 extra tracks) 8
    FERDY DOERNBERG Just a piano and a handful of dreams 15
    FINAL FRONTIER The first wave 15
    FIORE Today till tomorrow 5
    FIREHOUSE Firehouse 6
    FIREWORKS MAGAZINE (all with promo cds) 1, 2 5
    FISH Yang 6
    FISH Yin 6
    FLESH & BLOOD Blues for daze 30
    FM Indiscreet (first pressing) 15
    FM Only the strong (1984-1994 the very best of) 9
    FOR ABSENT FRIENDS Faf out of hal 9
    FRANK GAMBALE Thinking out loud 6
    FREIHEIT Love is no science 40
    FUNDERBURKMINER The dwelling place 20
    GARY HUGHES Once and future king part I 6
    GARY HUGHES once and future king part II 6
    GARY MOORE Blues alive 5
    GARY MYRICK Stand for love 6
    GIRL Wasted youth 15
    GLEN BURTNICK Palookaville 15
    GLENN HUGHES From now on 15
    GLENN HUGHES Return of crystal karma (+ bonus live cd) 9
    GLENN SHORROCK Villain of the peace 50
    GOWAN Strange animal 8
    GRAN JEFE Bip..bip..aquí la tierra (spanish melodic rock) 4
    GRAND FUNK RAILROAD Bosnia (2 cds) 8
    GRAND ILLUSION The book of how to make it 8
    GRAND PRIX Samurai 50
    GRATEFUL DEAD The Arista years (2 cds) 12
    GREAT WHITE Live in London (Jap. Cd with OBI) 20
    GREAT WHITE The gold collection 4
    GREENHOUZE Greenhouze 6
    GREG KOCH 13 X 12 (2 CD´S) 6
    GREY LADY DOWN Forces 5
    GRIP INC. Incorporated 5
    GRIP INC. Nemesis 5
    GRIP INC. Power of inner strength 5
    GTR GTR 20
    HAMISH THE MAC River of hope 6
    HARD RAIN When the good times come 6
    HAVEN The road 6
    HAWAII Loud wild and heavy / One nation underground 40
    HEARTLAND As it comes 8
    HEAVEN & HELL Radio City Music Hall Live 2007 (2 cds) 9
    HEAVEN´S FIRE The outside 7
    HEAVY PETTIN Rock ain´t dead 20
    HERICANE ALICE Tear the house down (first pressing) 15
    HIGHER GROUND A thousand pieces 6
    HIRAM BULLOCK Carrasco 6
    HIRAM BULLOCK Color me 6
    HIRAM BULLOCK Try livin it 6
    HIRSH GARDNER Wasteland for broken hearts 6
    HOLLYWOOD UNDERGROUND st (With Jeff Scott Soto - Japan cd with OBI) 30
    HOME Paude for a hoarse horse / Home 5
    HOUSE OF SHAKIRA First class (2) 6
    HURRICANE Take what you want 9
    HURRICANE Slave to the thrill 9
    HYBRID ICE st 20
    IAIN ASHLEY HERSEY Fallen Angel 5
    IAN ANDERSON The secret language of birds 5
    IAN PARRY Symphony of dreams 15
    ICE TIGER Love´n´crime 25
    ICON 1984: Live bootleg 30
    IDLE CURE Eclipse 6
    IGNITION Ignition 5
    IN FLAMES Come clarity - The jester race black ash inheritance 6
    IN FLAMES Whoracle 6
    INTRUDER Believer 6
    IQ Dark matter 5
    IRON MAIDEN No prayer for the dying 5
    IRON MAIDEN Seventh son of a seventh son 5
    IRON MAIDEN Brave new world 5
    I-TEN Taking a cold look 50
    IVORY TOWER Ivory tower 5
    JACK BLADES Jack Blades (promo in cardboard sleeve. I will trade 2 or 3 for 1 of yours) 2
    JADED HEART Helluva time (promo in cardboard sleeve - I would trade 2 of these for 1) 2
    JADED HEART Inside out (2) 30
    JADED HEART Trust 8
    JADIS Photo play (promo in cardboard sleeve. I will trade 2 or 3 for 1 of yours) 2
    JAILHOUSE Jailhouse 9
    JAMES LABRIE Elements of persuasion (promo in cardboard sleeve - I will trade 2 or 3 for 1 of yours) 2
    JANEY CLEWER Janey (Japan cd) 8
    JAY HOOKS Red line 3
    JEAN BEAUVOIR Chameleon (promo in cardboard sleeve. I will trade 2 or 3 for 1 of yours) 2
    JEFF HEALEY Cover to cover 4
    JEFF PARIS Wire up 15
    JEROME OLDS Eyes of a common man 4
    JERUSALEM SLIM Jerusalem slim (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    JETHRO TULL 20 years of 5
    JETHRO TULL Nightcap (2 cds) 8
    JETHRO TULL The best of. The anniversary collection 5
    JGB Welcome to our world 5
    JIMMY BARNES Love and fear 6
    JIMMY PAGE & ALBERT LEE Everything I do is wrong 4
    JIMMY RYSER Jimmy Ryser 5
    JOAN ARMATRADING Into the blues 4
    JOE LOUIS WALKER New direction 4
    JOE LYNN TURNER Hurry up and wait 6
    JOE LYNN TURNER Undercover 2 20
    JOE PASQUALE Prey 20
    JOE PASQUALE Prey (Japan cd with OBI) 30
    JOE SATRIANI Time machine (2 cds) 10
    JOHN BRANNEN Mystery street 6
    JOHN FARNHAM Chain reaction 5
    JOHN GREGORY Pictures from home 5
    JOHN LEE HOOKER Boom boom (remastered with bonus tracks) 4
    JOHN LEE HOOKER Don´t look back (remastered with bonus tracks) 4
    JOHN NORUM Another destination 8
    JOHN PATITUCCI Another world 5
    JOHNNY CRASH Neighborhood threat 30
    JOHNNY LEE MICHAELS REVENGE United states of mind 40
    JOHN WAITE Figure in a landscape 5
    JON ANDERSON Change we must 4
    JON OLIVA´S PAIN Tage Mahal (promo) 3
    JORDAN RUDESS Feeding the wheel 6
    JORN Live in America (2 cds) 8
    JOSEPH LEE WOOD Joseph Lee Wood 20
    JOSEPH WILLIAMS 3 (Japan cd with OBI) 40
    JOSEPH WILLIAMS I am alive (Japan cd with OBI) 40

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